Harper 9 Month Update

Kailee-Wright-spoonful-one 35

stripe top jeans + here  ||  houston top + pants  ||  harper headband + pj’s + bib  ||  highchair

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First of all how is time flying by and this little girl is already NINE months old?! Can you believe it?! I swear I blinked and we got to this point! She is such a happy baby, and we can’t imagine our lives without her. We still fight over who gets to hold her, feed her, and all things Harper. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love sharing updates with you guys and hearing how you relate with your own babes, so here is whats new with chunky girl!

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Hunter’s Invisalign


tee  |  jeans + here  |  tennies  |  watch  |  lipstick  ||  hunters tank top  |  bow  |  shorts

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Somehow time has just flown by, and Hunter is already old enough to be in the stage of life where it is time for braces! (I know…I can barely talk about it) My cousin is the orthodontist for Beckstrom Orthodontics in St. George so we headed down and got Hunter all set up!

I always dreaded putting my kids through the torture of wearing braces, but am totally feeling like she is lucking out, because she gets to do Invisalign instead and miss out on all of the embarrassing photos! ha! You can hardly tell she is wearing them, and she says they aren’t too uncomfortable either. I love them for the simplicity and how easy they are to use. All we have to remember is to switch out the tray once a week , and we don’t have to go in for monthly appointments, which you know I love! 

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Halloween Costumes . . . Already

Kailee Wright_Disney Rapunzel Princess

striped dress (similar + here)  |  bedding  |  tree  |  mirror  |  hayden bow  |  rapunzel dress up  |  doll

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I don’t know how it happened, but Halloween is already just around the corner and it is ALL this girl can talk about. She changes what she wants to be every other day, and her obsession with all things dogs + princess not to mention ninja turtles is making narrowing it down quite the hard choice! Haha!

I also noticed I may have passed on my love for twinning right on down to her. She has an overwhelming amount of stuffed animals, and when she found out she could match them to her dress, she about died with excitement!

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8 Tips for Constipation in Kids


ruffle top + similar here  |  high waist jeans + here  |  wedges  |  sunnies  |  purse  ||  houston sandals + here


You guys… I have to start off by saying a huge thank you! I don’t know why I am still surprised, but every single time I reach out with a question, whether it be about parenting, home design, something personal, or in this case constipation, no matter what you guys always come out in full force with sooo much helpful advice and I could not be more grateful for you taking the time to support not only me, but the little community we’ve built here.

So as some of you may know, my Houston (2 years old) has always kind of struggled in the poop department. The poor little guy is constantly struggling with constipation, and I was feeling at my wits end like we had tried just about everything out there! So like I always do when I need some advice, I turned to you guys and oh my did you come through!!

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My Thoughts on Five

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom_Kids Black Outfits

my dress here  |  sandals  |  necklace  |  bracelets

girls:  hunter dress  (sold out) + converse  |  harper headband + dress  |  hayden dress sandals  ||  boys:  hudson shirt tennies  |  houston t-shirt + joggers tennies

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I’ve been getting a lot of emails (since having Harper) asking how life with five little people is. To be honest it’s not much different than four. (but we were already crazy at that point) haha. Things are still crazy + busy but adding our sweet little Harper has helped us all slow down for a second, and enjoy her sweet spirit.

The older kids have really stepped up and helped out SOOO much since Harper was born. Hunter can fully feed, make a bottle, change bums, and put both babies to bed. (not by herself) but if Hudson is there to help – those two have been my lifesavers!! Really I don’t know what I would have done without…

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Family Pictures + a Few Tips For Making Them Easier

Wright Family_Laguna Beach 2017-92

dress (similar here)  |  cardigan  |  bracelets  ||  girls dresses  |  harper headband  ||  hudson shirt shorts  ||  houston shirt + shorts  ||  joe outfit

a few favorite maxi dresses HERE .  HERE . HERE

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So I’m finally getting around to sharing our family pics we took before we left Cali . I’ve wanted to take family pictures at the beach for years and we could never make it work. We had a date planned and one of the kids got super sick. So we drove all the way back home. We finally got them done just a week before we officially moved out of the state. My dear friend Corissa took these amazing photos and I will forever be grateful to have these amazing keepsakes!

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Back to School Shopping


 me:  hat  |  shirt  |  jeans  |  shoes  ||  hayden:  dress  |  shoes
boys – hudson:  hat  |  shirt  |  shorts  |  shoes  |  backpack   ||  houston:  shirt  |  shorts  |  shoes  |  lunch box
girls – hunter:  tank top  |  shorts – similar  |  shoes  |  backpack  ||  harper:  headband  |  dress  |  shoes


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How is it that summer is almost over?! It always seems to fly by, but with our move and allll our craziness we have going on, I feel like this year flew by even faster! As much as I hate to see it end, I am a lover of structure and routine, and I’m ready to get us back on somewhat of a schedule again! But I will miss the little people being around all day!!

When it comes to back to school shopping, the kids all time favorite thing to pick out is by far their backpacks + shoes! Our one stop shop for shoes for the whole fam is always Rack Room Shoes! We worked with them last year and their stuff is amazing, so we were thrilled to see they carry backpacks now too! 

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3 On The Go Summer Survival Tips

Kailee Wright_GoGo Squeeze

dresssimilar  |  sandals  |  sunnies  |  bag  |  GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce |  Hayden: dress + bow  |  Houston: tee + shorts  |  carseat

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I don’t know about you guys, but for us ever since we hit the last day of school things have been non-stop!! Whether it’s family vacations, kids sports games + practices, or play dates with friends, summer is BUSY with five little people!

I’ve been getting asked a lot lately how we fit in all of the fun (and sometimes not so fun) things in our schedule with 5 little people, without losing our minds or patience. So today I’m sharing my Top 3 On the Go Summer Survival Tips that will help you get through the craziness and still keep a smile on everyone’s face!

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50 Summer Bucket List Items for the Whole Family

Kailee Wright_Neutrogena Sunscreen

hat  |  bag  |  dress (sold out) – similar + here |  sunnies  |  flip flops

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Summer is in fullll swing and its kind of taking me for a ride! Ha! If you know me, you know I love a good routine and structure. So this big move + the kids being out of school has kind of thrown me through a loop! As crazy as it can be, I absolutely love these few months I get to spend with all my little people out of school, and after being so busy this last month we are ready to live it up!!

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Matching my Little People + The Amount of Time it has Saved

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom_Kids Black Outfits

my dress + here  |  sandals  |  necklace  |  bracelets

girls:  hunter dress + converse  |  harper headband + dress + moccs  |  hayden dress + sandals 

boys:  hudson shirt + shorts + tennies  |  houston t-shirt + joggers + tennies

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As a mom of five little people you can image the loads of laundry I end up washing!! Not to mention packing for trips can be a bit overwhelming with everyones clothes + shoes and trying to pack “light” for a family of seven is crazy. So I take every chance I can get to match them all and the biggest reason why…

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