Harper’s First Birthday


harper headband  |  dress(sold out) –  similar + here  |  top jeans  ||  harper shoes + here  ||   joe shirt


You guys…its official. This past weekend we celebrated Harper’s First Birthday! I am having allllll the feels about it. How did she grow up so fast?! I swear I blinked and here we are! Things have been so crazy  around here I wasn’t really sure what to do for a party. Of course she is only 1 and will never remember it, but she is my last one, so I just HAD to do something! Plus who doesn’t love the chance to do something special with the ones you love most?!

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Harper 11 Month Update

Kailee-Wright Family pics-3

headband cardigan sweater  |  leggings  |  moccs


Our little Harper girl is growing up faster than I can even stand and she is officially 11 months! Somehow time with all the house things seemed to drag by, yet her time here with us has flown by!! Talk about not one bit fair! I don’t know if its just because I know she is my last little babe, but it is completely breaking my heart. I have had a few good cries about it in the last month because I’m just not ready for any of my people to grow up! Since I can’t seem to stop that, I wanted to at least do an 11 month update to share whats new with our sweet Harper girl.

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Meaningful Gifts

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When we packed up all of our stuff to move from California to Utah, I realized we had way too much. After donating a lot I decided it was time to simplify things! I was tired of buying toys that don’t last or grow with my kids. Joe and I really wanted to focus more on meaningful things that will create memories with the little people. With that in mind, we made a plan for birthdays this year, and took it to one of the main sources of toys + presents…nana + papa!

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5 Kid Essentials for Holiday Travel


coat  |  sweater dress  |  boots  ||  hunter:  jacket dress jeans hunter boots + socks  ||  hudson:  jacket shirt pants shoes  ||  hayden:  jacket  |  hunter boots + socks

houston:  jacket shirt jeans shoes  ||  harper:  dress headband moccs

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I get asked all the time how I pack for all  5 of my little people, without taking up too much space. It’s safe to say I have had a few years of practice. I always stick with a go to plan that makes it quick, organized, and super easy. With holiday travel just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my 5 kids essentials I pack every time!!

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Baby’s First Christmas

Kailee Wright-First years

nightgown + slippers babies pajama’s + here harper robe  |  ornament firetruck  |

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As if the holiday’s weren’t special and exciting enough, this year is Harper’s First Christmas and it makes everything that much more magical! Having a baby during the holidays is always so special. I’ve never had a baby be this old on their first Christmas!  I can already tell it is going to be so much fun! Her little personality is shining through so much these days, and the older kids love introducing her to new things!  With it being Harper’s First Christmas, I thought it would be a great time to share some of my favorite traditions we do for each of the little people on their first Christmas, as well as some new ideas for the whole family!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Kids


under $50 :  girls pj’s  |  earrings  |  purse  |  boogie board mermaid tail  |  toy bowling set  |  slime kit  |  magic tracks or here  |  boys pj’s  |  magformers

over $50 :  away carry-on  |  scooter or razor scooter  | fujifilm instax mini  |  hunter boots  |  ugg slippers  |  hoverboard



Today’s Gift Guide is all about the little people! Whether you have a toddler, a pre-teen, or somewhere in between,  I’ve tried to include something for everyone! From practical gifts…to the off the wall (my people all want a hoverboard), to things I hate: like slime! I hope you’ll find something that works for your little people! And happy Thanksgiving Eve!! Also, I want to thank you all for your love and kind words about our sweet little harley pup. It truly means so much to have such loving support.

xx kails

New Subscription Box with Old Navy

Kailee-Wright-old navy box

hunter:  beanie top jeans  ||  hudson:  beanie jacket shirt pants  ||  hayden:  beanie  |  top jeans

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I’m sure it comes as no surprise to any of you, but juggling the schedules of 5 little people + Joe and I is not always smooth sailing. With the holidays coming up + finalizing  the new house, spare time isn’t something I have! As a result, clothes shopping for the kids gets put on the back burner. When Old Navy reached out to me about their new Kids Subscription box, the Old Navy Superbox, I was all about hearing more details + what kid does not love a surprise box in the mail?!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers


FOR YOUNGER KIDS:  beanie or beanie  |  sunnies  |  bracelet + necklace  |  lip balm  |  fun notebook + pen coin purse  bow 

hot wheels  |  walkie talkies  |  card game  |  bath dropz   |  water coloring pads  |  beanie dragon craft kit  |  kids smart watch


Stocking Stuffers are usually pretty easy to come up with. But this year I wanted to try and think outside of the box! Because  my people are growing up, its been trickier to find things that aren’t too babyish for the older two…but not too boring either. For some reason they don’t think underwear is very exciting! So with that in mind, I set out to find more creative ideas this year. I took those ideas + my favorite go to’s and came up with 50 awesome ideas…

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Holiday Gift Guide: Baby + Harper 10 Month Update

Kailee Wright-Honest Diapers 32

top  |  jeans  |  bedding  |  headband  bib  |  diaper 


Our sweet Harper girl is growing up faster than any of us like and we can’t get enough of her! Today marks 10 months that she’s been a part of our little crew and it just keeps getting better! I love sharing updates with you about fun milestones + her current favorites so I put together a little list.

With Harper celebrating 10 Months, I thought what better time to share Holiday Gift Guide #2, one of my very favorites to put together…BABY! As a mom of 5, I consider myself  just a little experienced in buying for baby. haha!

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Our Favorite Holiday Family Traditions

Kailee Wright-Gymboree-Pajamas

girls pajamas  |  boys pajamas  |  boys snow boots  |  girls snow boots

Not too long after Joe + I were married, we had to move out of state for school. I am super close with my family, and the thought of being away from them during the holidays was so hard. So Joe + I decided we should start some holiday family traditions of our own! Hunter was just barely 3 years old, and Hudson only 1, but I was determined to start creating memories for my little people to always look forward to and get excited about! I’m sharing some of our favorite holiday traditions below.

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