Sunday Drive


joe:  t-shirt  |  jeans  shoes  ||  me:  leather jacket top  jeans  booties  ||  hunter:  dress  booties

hudson:  shirt (similar)  |  pants  shoes  ||  hayden:  top  pants  booties  backpack  ||  houston:  shirt  pants  shoes  ||  harper:  headband  dress + leggings  |  shoes

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One of my favorite things about being back in Utah is being able to enjoy the beautiful mountains! As much as we are struggling to remember what its like to live in cold weather, it is so nice to be somewhere we get to experience all 4 seasons. But I am still not ready for winter. If you’ve never been to Utah in the fall, you need to come and experience it! It is absolutely gorgeous! We loaded up all of our people this weekend and headed up to the mountains to see the leaves. It was so amazing, and freezing! Ha!

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3 Airport Looks


jumpsuit  denim jacket  |  shoes  sunnies


When you are going through the stress of prepping for a business trip, couples getaway, or family vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is what to wear on the flight. No matter where I’m headed, comfort is key for me! But I’ve learned a few tips through traveling that I thought might be helpful to you guys! I’ve narrowed it down to my 3 go to outfits that I always turn to when I’m traveling!!

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Living By Family . . . the Good and Bad

Kailee Wright_Lulu and Roo

tee  jeans  necklace  ||  harper headband  ||  kids clothes  || bedding   tree  |  mirror

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If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I have a really close relationship with my family. And when we first moved away for Joe’s school, I wasn’t sure I would survive without living by them! Honestly I was the hardest thing for me – and I really struggled that first year away. I couldn’t imagine doing holidays or birthdays without them there. Little did I know that as much as we missed both families, it would be the push we needed for us to make our own family traditions between Joe + I and the little people. Also I had know idea the we would make some incredible friends that have become like family!

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Five Tips for Starting a Blog


similar nightgown  ||  houstons pj’s here  ||  harpers headband onesie  bandana bib  ||  faux tree + similar couch + rug

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One thing I get asked on a very regular basis is if I have any tips for someone just getting started in the blogging world. Now before I get into this, I want you to know that I am by no means an expert. I feel like I am still constantly learning and growing from my mistakes. But that being said, I’d love to share the things I have learned so far that have been so helpful. Or I wish I would’ve known when I was in the beginning stages of my blog. I’ve put together a list of 5 blogging tips and hopefully they will help a few of you out!

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Hunter’s Invisalign


tee  |  jeans + here  |  tennies  |  watch  |  lipstick  ||  hunters tank top  |  bow  |  shorts

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Somehow time has just flown by, and Hunter is already old enough to be in the stage of life where it is time for braces! (I know…I can barely talk about it) My cousin is the orthodontist for Beckstrom Orthodontics in St. George so we headed down and got Hunter all set up!

I always dreaded putting my kids through the torture of wearing braces, but am totally feeling like she is lucking out, because she gets to do Invisalign instead and miss out on all of the embarrassing photos! ha! You can hardly tell she is wearing them, and she says they aren’t too uncomfortable either. I love them for the simplicity and how easy they are to use. All we have to remember is to switch out the tray once a week , and we don’t have to go in for monthly appointments, which you know I love! 

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Instagram Round Up + Weekend Sales


sweater  |  jeans  |  harper outfit


Last week was such a good week! Hayden turned 6 and my baby sister announced that she was pregnant and we had a found out they are having a boy! We did a little gender reveal at our tiny rental, but it still felt so nice to have everyone cramped in all together.

My girlfriends came into town last weekend from Cali so I’m spending the weekend with them. It felt so good to have them here. They came to see the house and go to the Idaho Parade of Homes as one of our friends’ house is in it.

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9 Great Date Night Ideas

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Date Night

top  |  jeans  |  denim jacket  |  wedges (old) – similar  |  clutch – similar  |  bracelets  |  sunnies

joe t-shirt + here  |  jeans  |  shoes

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Joe and I used to be really good about going out on a regular date night. In California we went out about every other week, but since moving to Utah we have totally gotten out of the habit. So we are trying hard to get back into a routine.

We usually just end up going to dinner and I honestly just enjoy the uninterrupted conversation! Since our dates are pretty casual I always reach for go to are my black jeans and a lose blouse. Or I’ll keep it simple with a dress + booties.

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8 Tips for Constipation in Kids


ruffle top + similar here  |  high waist jeans + here  |  wedges  |  sunnies  |  purse  ||  houston sandals + here


You guys… I have to start off by saying a huge thank you! I don’t know why I am still surprised, but every single time I reach out with a question, whether it be about parenting, home design, something personal, or in this case constipation, no matter what you guys always come out in full force with sooo much helpful advice and I could not be more grateful for you taking the time to support not only me, but the little community we’ve built here.

So as some of you may know, my Houston (2 years old) has always kind of struggled in the poop department. The poor little guy is constantly struggling with constipation, and I was feeling at my wits end like we had tried just about everything out there! So like I always do when I need some advice, I turned to you guys and oh my did you come through!!

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House Update…Finally

Kailee Wright_New House Build

shirt  |  jeans  |  sandals  |  solly wrap  ||  hunter tank + shorts + here  ||  hayden dress – similar  ||  houston t-shirt + shorts

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I’m just now finally getting around to writing a house update and am excited to finally share some progress! It has been a long and stressful road but  we feel beyond blessed for this opportunity to build in a town that we are excited to be in! It has been so fun living close to my sisters and having parents closer as well. Plus the little people have  adjusted so well!! The hardest part has been more just me trying to manage all of our stuff in a two bedroom basement apartment!  Our date has been pushed back quite a few times as we’ve had some hiccups along the way, but in the end we know it will be so worth it!

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My Thoughts on Five

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom_Kids Black Outfits

my dress here  |  sandals  |  necklace  |  bracelets

girls:  hunter dress  (sold out) + converse  |  harper headband + dress  |  hayden dress sandals  ||  boys:  hudson shirt tennies  |  houston t-shirt + joggers tennies

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I’ve been getting a lot of emails (since having Harper) asking how life with five little people is. To be honest it’s not much different than four. (but we were already crazy at that point) haha. Things are still crazy + busy but adding our sweet little Harper has helped us all slow down for a second, and enjoy her sweet spirit.

The older kids have really stepped up and helped out SOOO much since Harper was born. Hunter can fully feed, make a bottle, change bums, and put both babies to bed. (not by herself) but if Hudson is there to help – those two have been my lifesavers!! Really I don’t know what I would have done without…

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