Instagram Round Up + Weekend Sales


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How is summer almost over? My little people start school next week and part of me does not want them to go back, but we are all also craving a schedule and some order in our lives, haha! As you can tell we have had a busy summer and my Instagram round ups have been put on the back burner… life happens. Here are a few of my Instagram pics from through out the summer and this past week.

Plus, I rounded up all the best sales that are going on this weekend!I hope you all have a great weekend with your people!! I’m going to try and soak up these last few days with all my people at home.

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Family Pictures + a Few Tips For Making Them Easier

Wright Family_Laguna Beach 2017-92

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So I’m finally getting around to sharing our family pics we took before we left Cali . I’ve wanted to take family pictures at the beach for years and we could never make it work. We had a date planned and one of the kids got super sick. So we drove all the way back home. We finally got them done just a week before we officially moved out of the state. My dear friend Corissa took these amazing photos and I will forever be grateful to have these amazing keepsakes!

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Birthday Girl + Answering Your Most Asked Questions


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Today is my birthday and I’m turning 34!! It feels really weird to say I’m this old, but then again I still feel super young!! haha. Anyone else feel like this?! I don’t stress about getting older, but I totally remember being 18 and all my co-workers turning 34 – so it’s just crazy to me.

I thought it would be fun to answer 34 of  your most asked questions about myself + our family.  Some are pretty personal — so I’m hoping by the end you’ll feel like you know me and my family a little bit better!!

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3 On The Go Summer Survival Tips

Kailee Wright_GoGo Squeeze

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I don’t know about you guys, but for us ever since we hit the last day of school things have been non-stop!! Whether it’s family vacations, kids sports games + practices, or play dates with friends, summer is BUSY with five little people!

I’ve been getting asked a lot lately how we fit in all of the fun (and sometimes not so fun) things in our schedule with 5 little people, without losing our minds or patience. So today I’m sharing my Top 3 On the Go Summer Survival Tips that will help you get through the craziness and still keep a smile on everyone’s face!

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Opening Up About Nursing Experience + Thirdlove Nursing Bra

Kailee Wright_Harper and Bay Dress

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Today I’ve decided to finally open up about my nursing experience with all five of my babies. I know it can be such a touchy subject…as some women can’t breastfeed, some don’t want to and some babies just can’t get the hang of it and so on. But first off I want to say,  there is absolutely no right or wrong way to feed your baby!! What you choose for you + your baby is the right choice for you and don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

To make a long story short I have nursed all five of my babies (from 5 months to 12 months) and all five experiences have been completely different from each other as every baby has come with their own personality and situation. I remember vividly feeling so much pressure with my first to only breastfeed. This ended up being one of the hardest challenges for me as a new mom.

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50 Summer Bucket List Items for the Whole Family

Kailee Wright_Neutrogena Sunscreen

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Summer is in fullll swing and its kind of taking me for a ride! Ha! If you know me, you know I love a good routine and structure. So this big move + the kids being out of school has kind of thrown me through a loop! As crazy as it can be, I absolutely love these few months I get to spend with all my little people out of school, and after being so busy this last month we are ready to live it up!!

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Amazon Prime Day: 7 of the Best Deals


amazon echo  |  sandals  |  instant pot cooker  |  black jeans  |  rock ‘n play sleeper  |  ergobaby baby carrier  |  roomba vacuum 

Do you know what day it is?? It’s Amazon Prime Day and I’ve rounded up SEVEN of the best deals still available!! If you’ve followed along here for awhile you know my love for the rock n’ play sleeper for our babies!! Four outta five of my babies have slept in this thing and it has been the best little portable baby bed ever!! And a game changer for spitty babies.

Also, if you know me well – black jeans — you know these bad boys are a MUST HAVE!! They are super slimming and I might have a slight obsession for anything and everything black. haha.

Okay, does anyone have the Roomba Vacuum?! I want this SOOOO bad that I’d almost pay full price for it!! I currently have it in my cart – because you know five kids and 3 meals a day this little vacuum could be my sanity savor. haha. If you’ve got one please gimme all the feedback below because I needed this like yesterday.

Last, but not least… I shared about the instant pot cooker on my Instagram stories. All my friends back in California have this and they rant and rave about it alllll day long. We just got ours and I can’t wait to use it!! What are some awesome deals you guys have found on Prime Day?! Cause you know I haven’t spent all the money yet! haha.

xx – kails


Instagram Round Up


dress  |  cardigan  |  bracelets  |  girls dresses  |  harper headband  |  hudson shirt + shorts

My mom and dad came this week to help with packing up the rest of the house and helping move to Utah (seriously, how is this day already here?!). My dad left yesterday and took the little people with him – while my mom and I stayed back with the baby to help finish up everything.

I’m pretty nervous for the next few weeks as we will be living out of suitcases at my parents house and then we will be moving up to South Jordan in a 2  bedroom rental with alllll seven of us (please pray for us, haha!)

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Three Ways I’m Keeping Focused This Summer

Kailee Wright_Bugaboo Bee 5_Neighborhood

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Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions like “How do you stay focused with all the little people?” or “What do you do to feel more ready for the day?”. I’m definitely not a pro at all when it comes to this mom gig. But I wanted to share a few simple tips I’ve been trying daily to feel more focused in life! I hope they help you!!

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Instagram Round Up


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Harper and I just got back from SLC late last night. I went to sign final papers on the house!! It still doesn’t seem real even seeing the hole dug + footings going in. We’ve been traveling a lot lately and I thinks it’s all catching up with me. If you’ve watched my instagram stories I’m sure you heard my crazy voice. haha. Anyway, I think this is our last trip until we move!! Crazy!!

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