3 Tips to Organize + Simplify A Master Closet

Kailee Wright Master Closet

sweater jeans  slippers  |  hat + most hats from Gigi Pip  |  grey baskets wire baskets  |  black tags


Today I’m sharing a space that I think just about any woman loves! The master closet! I’ve shared a few sneak peeks over on Instagram and had so many requests to show more. So today I’m taking you inside + sharing a few tips on  how I organized it!

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Weekly Update + Presidents Day Sales

kailee wright, shopbop jumper, stripe jumper, home, harper

jumper + more darling ones$42 here + $76 here white tee baskets  |  harper:  headband cardigan


The weekend is here and we couldn’t be more excited! With Valentine’s Day in the mix last week, our weekly update is a little more eventful than most! While we have a fun update, I’ve also rounded up the best Presidents Weekend SALES and trust me there are some is full of amazing sales!!

Last Monday night Joe actually had the day off (hallelujah!) so we went out for a little early Valentine’s Day date. I love any chance we can get some one on one time since it’s so rare!

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Favorite Finds: Momiform

Kailee Wright-Athleta Black Coat

beanie  |  coat  |  jeans $37 + similar here  |  boots lipstick


It’s no secret around here that when I’m not in my robe, I’m sporting my go to momiform. When it comes to putting together an every day outfit, or what I call my momiform, I’m all about things that are comfortable, flattering, and easy to move around and just be with my people. I’ve shared a few of my go to momiforms here + here before, but thought I’d show you my current favorites + a few items I’ve added ( and can’t live without)  to “winterize” it for this chilly weather!

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How Joe and I Met


joe top + jeans  ||  similar dress here + here (on sale $44)


With it being Valentines Day, I thought it might be fun to get a little personal and share how Joe and  I met! I always love hearing peoples stories and what brought them together. With this being the day we celebrate the ones we love most, I thought it was the perfect time to share ours!

First of all, believe it or not, we actually met when I was 12 years old! Seriously, so crazy and so many years ago. His family moved in down the street from us and we quickly became close friends. The first time I saw him I was actually walking home from school. He was in front of me walking home with his brother. As crazy as it sounds, I had the impression “I am going to marry him” come to my mind. My 12 year old mind could not believe this. I didn’t even know him! I mean he had CURLY hair…this was not ok. Haha! Oh young naive minds. The same impression came to me again on the walk home. I kept it to myself and never told a soul until the day we were married and I told my mom!

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Five Favorite Travel Beauty Items

Kailee Wright-Beauty Travel Size(Stripe Shirt)-26

top jeans  |  slippers perfume tanning wipes  |  shampoo + conditioner  face wipes dry shampoo


It has been a busy few weeks around here! It’s not usually the norm for me, but I’ve been doing a LOT of traveling (+ solo!)! I mentioned on Instagram that I headed to Cincinatti for an event with Pampers a couple weeks ago, and am SO excited for a girls trip with some of my favorites  to California this weekend! Since packing + unpacking has been on repeat, I’ve been restocking my favorite travel beauty products and thought I’d share my 5 must haves with you!

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Weekly Update


 top  |  skirt heels  ||  harper  leggings  |  cardigan  |  moccs  |  headband


Another week has flown by and we are so ready for the weekend!! We have lots to share with this weeks Weekly Update + some great sales! It has been a busy one like usual, but also filled with lots of family time which I love! I mentioned last week that my sister had her adorable baby. We could not love him more and are so glad she lives close so we can get in all the Baby Brooks snuggles we can! My mom has been staying with us all week to be close to help Kenzie and the little people love having her close and I don’t blame them!

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Favorite Finds: Hospital Bag

Kailee Wright-Hospital-bag

top  joggers  |  necklaces baby blanket (similar)  |  knit blanket


My sister had her baby last week + we’ve been talking all things baby as she prepared for the big day, and what to pack in her hospital bag came up a lot. I feel like I say this a lot, but having been through 5 deliveries + hospital stays, I consider myself pretty experienced. haha. I definitely have my go to’s, and have shared a few of them here + here. So today I thought I’d share the ultimate hospital bag + a little trick on how I got my babies to take a binkie!

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How We Designed Our House Plans

Kailee-Wright-House Plans-3

top  |  joggers  |  slippers  |  necklace  |  blanket  |  white bedding + here  |  bench nightstand harper pjs headband


When Joe found out he got a job in Utah, we were so excited! Besides the joy of being closer to family, we would be able to finally build a home for our family! The more we looked at house plans, we realized nothing really fit what we were looking for. We had waited so long, we wanted it to be perfect. We decided we would design our own house plans!

When I mentioned on Instagram that we designed our house plans, I got a lot of questions asking what program we used and if I could share more details. The biggest shocker to most people is we didn’t use a computer…at all. haha! Through the years we paid attention to things we loved or needed, and made a wish list. Our biggest priorities were lockers, the pantry, and storage space. Being stuck in such a small space in California made us crave a more functional organized home. We found two plans that we liked pieces of, and decided we could combine them to create something that would fit our wants and needs.


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Valentines Gift Ideas for Kids from baby to tween


hunter:  jacket  |  dress jeans hunter boots + socks  ||  hudson:  pants shoes  || harper:  dress headband moccs


When I was growing up, my mom made holidays so special for us. Valentine’s was no exception and one of my favorite days of the year! Every year we would make yummy treats + Valentine’s Cards and package them up for the neighbors. Instead of delivering them like a normal gift, we would doorbell ditch them with the little surprise. We LOVED it and thought it was the best thing ever as kids.

Now fast forward to when we moved to California. I loved the tradition so much I wanted to do it with my little family. We loved it so much but I always thought it was weird nobody ever did the same to us. Yes I was that naive! I had no idea doorbell ditching your friends and neighbors wasn’t the norm! I’ve continued to do it with my kids and they really look forward to it. It is such an easy way to spread a little love around the neighborhood.

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Weekly Update


dress heels + similar phone case + pop socket


So another week has flown by and we are thrilled its the weekend! Saturday is usually when I post the Instagram Roundup. I mentioned last week that since I’ve been sharing a weekly update on the family, in addition to the past weeks Instagram links, I decided it makes more sense to call it our Weekly Update! It will still include all the details you are used to, with an added update!

As you might know…my little sister had her baby!! They named him Brooks Hunter McCann. And I do have to say I feel like I named him. haha. Because Brooks had been one our names for years. So when we were done having babies Kenzie said they were going to use it and I couldn’t be more proud. And little “baby brook” (as Houston says) has got to be the cutest thing ever!! Also the little people keep asking if we will have another baby…

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