8 Tips for Constipation in Kids


ruffle top + similar here  |  high waist jeans + here  |  wedges  |  sunnies  |  purse  ||  houston sandals + here


You guys… I have to start off by saying a huge thank you! I don’t know why I am still surprised, but every single time I reach out with a question, whether it be about parenting, home design, something personal, or in this case constipation, no matter what you guys always come out in full force with sooo much helpful advice and I could not be more grateful for you taking the time to support not only me, but the little community we’ve built here.

So as some of you may know, my Houston (2 years old) has always kind of struggled in the poop department. The poor little guy is constantly struggling with constipation, and I was feeling at my wits end like we had tried just about everything out there! So like I always do when I need some advice, I turned to you guys and oh my did you come through!!

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Dressed Up Date Night

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Menswear_Navy Dress

dress (sold out) – similar  |  heels  |  clutch – similar  ||  Joe: button up shirt  |  slacks + here  |  shoes  |  belt

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Like most girls, I’m all about any excuse to get a little more dressed up than normal, especially when its for date night! Something about getting all dolled up for your man makes you feel like you are dating again, even if you had to shower off the smell of baby spit up first! Haha!.Just keepin it real over here!

If you know my husband Joe, you know he is as low-key as they come. Date night is one of the only occasions I can convince him to trade the comfy work scrubs for some nice jeans, so every once in awhile I make him skip the burgers + fries…

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Sharing More About my Favorite Skincare Line

Kailee Wright_Tula Skincare

top here  |  jeans  ||  houston top + bottoms  ||  mirror + similar  |  bedding

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A little over a month ago I shared with you all about the AMAZING skin care line I had been using for about three months, TULA and how much I love it!! I didn’t think it was possible to love the line more. But I’ve recently been using some of the products from their new line, and cannot get enough!

In my last post here, I mentioned I’ve always kind of been a slacker when it comes to washing my face and sticking to a good routine. These two new products —Replenishing Cleansing Oil + Moisture Repair Pressed Serum make my skin feel so great + I actually look forward to my skin care routine now. (my mom is dying after reading that sentence) haha!

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House Update…Finally

Kailee Wright_New House Build

shirt  |  jeans  |  sandals  |  solly wrap  ||  hunter tank + shorts + here  ||  hayden dress – similar  ||  houston t-shirt + shorts

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I’m just now finally getting around to writing a house update and am excited to finally share some progress! It has been a long and stressful road but  we feel beyond blessed for this opportunity to build in a town that we are excited to be in! It has been so fun living close to my sisters and having parents closer as well. Plus the little people have  adjusted so well!! The hardest part has been more just me trying to manage all of our stuff in a two bedroom basement apartment!  Our date has been pushed back quite a few times as we’ve had some hiccups along the way, but in the end we know it will be so worth it!

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Instagram Round Up + Weekend Sales


top + here  |  jeans  |  wedges  |  clutch – similar  |  necklace  |  bracelets


So it is still pretty warm here, but I am starting to feel the cooler, crisp mornings coming! It’s actually getting me excited for Fall. (I might change my mind once winter comes) haha. The kids are in love with school annnnnnd the bus stop – Houston thinks he can join them + tries to keep up with them every morning with his backpack in hand.

A little house update — the window company lost some of our windows, so that has pushed our deadline back even more now. Our builders, Gordon Milar Construction,  feel sooo bad and are trying to find ways around the window delay and moving forward with other things that can be done so that we can hopefully still move in before Thanksgiving.

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White After Labor Day


white dress  |  wedges  |  white sweater  |  ruffle tee  |  clutch  |  white tennies  |  long sleeve top  |  button up top  |  white pants (on sale for $59)


I’d love to know who made up the rule that you aren’t suppose to wear white after labor day?! Seriously? If you ask me…I think its pretty funny + I’m never given up my basic white tee for anything,  any season or rule – ever. haha. So today I thought it would be fun to share my most worn white items in my closet, and most are under $100!!

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My Thoughts on Five

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom_Kids Black Outfits

my dress here  |  sandals  |  necklace  |  bracelets

girls:  hunter dress  (sold out) + converse  |  harper headband + dress  |  hayden dress sandals  ||  boys:  hudson shirt tennies  |  houston t-shirt + joggers tennies

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I’ve been getting a lot of emails (since having Harper) asking how life with five little people is. To be honest it’s not much different than four. (but we were already crazy at that point) haha. Things are still crazy + busy but adding our sweet little Harper has helped us all slow down for a second, and enjoy her sweet spirit.

The older kids have really stepped up and helped out SOOO much since Harper was born. Hunter can fully feed, make a bottle, change bums, and put both babies to bed. (not by herself) but if Hudson is there to help – those two have been my lifesavers!! Really I don’t know what I would have done without…

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Labor Day Sales + Instagram Round Up

hat  |  top + here + here  |  jeans  |  sandals  ||  harper headband + onesie


Happy Labor Day Weekend!!! I hope your all enjoying some time with your people. My mom is coming in town today for the weekend (and we am so excited!) to help us load up the semi truck we are sending to TEXAS!! I am hoping it all turns out okay and we can fill up this truck!! (so worried) If you would like to help donate I would just cry!! My paypal is [email protected] if you’d like to help and I promise every . single . penny will go to the people of Texas.

On another note, Labor Day Weekend has some of the best sales!! So I rounded up my favorite stores and all the discount codes to go with them.  I’ll be sharing on my Instagram stories a few items I going to try and pick up for myself and the little people — because we don’t have one single winter item!! California problems. haha. Thank you again for all your love and support!! 

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Five Closet Staples for Fall

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Anniversary Sale_Black and White Striped Top

top + here  |  jeans  |  tennies + here  |  sunnies  |  necklace  |  bracelets  |  purse

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Basics are a staple in everyone’s closet. You “basically” need them to build a solid wardrobe + who doesn’t love a good staple anyway?! They are the pieces you always reach for and can layer with literally anything because they go with everything!!

Everyone needs a great stripe tee to layer. This one is only $19 and comes in seven other colors. Plus I love these $88 distressed denim jeans and a plain white tee is a no-brainer. I love this one because its not see-through. I listed my top FIVE closet staples below.

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Kailee Wright_Beau Hudson Dresses

me:  dress + similar  |  hat  |  bracelets  |  sunnies  |  sandals  ||  hayden dress + sandals  ||  harper onesie – similar + headband + moccs

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Our little (spitfire) Hayden always loves to match. Whether it’s matching with me, the baby + other kids, or her many accessories, haha! It’s so fun to try match with her because she thinks it’s the coolest thing ever + I know this will not last long!! Also it’s so fun that she is starting to love black and white more and not just pink, haha! (cause I’m sure by now you know I’m obsessed with black and white!)

I am loving this plaid shirt dress from my sweet friend Sasha over at Beau Hudson. If you’ve followed along on Insgatram for a few years…you might have seen all the slouchy beanies my little people would wear during the winters…well this the same darling company.

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