Anthropologie Home Sale + Great Stocking Stuffers


Anthropologie is having a great SALE on all their full priced home goods!! Use the code: GUESTPREP at checkout + it ends this weekend. I went through and picked out the best items + everything I would stuff my little peoples stockings with (and maybe what I would want my husband to put in my stocking as well) haha. Seriously who knew Anthropologie had such great kid stuff?!! Happy Friday!!


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Two Ways to Dress Denim on Denim

Kailee_denim-75=Kailee_denim-71=Kailee_denim-77=Kailee_denim-76=Kailee_denim-69= Kailee_denim-70=Kailee_denim-72= Kailee_denim-78=

button down top + similar  |  jeans (my favorite ever)  |  booties  |  grey clutch  |  necklace  |  bracelets + here + here  |  lips



Happy Thursday friends!! Today I am teaming up with Nordstrom to bring you two looks of how to dress the “denim on denim” trend going on right now. I have to laugh because I honestly remember the “denim on denim” trend back when I was about eight years old. Please tell me you all have a family picture with the ENTIRE family wearing denim from head to toe?! Haha!! Our picture is pretty awesome!! Both these looks were super easy to pull to together from the awesome denim selection from Nordstrom!! My biggest tip is to just make sure that both our your denims are not the exact same color…unless you have another piece of clothing to break up the denim. For example: you could have a denim vest and jean the exact same shade, but have a striped shirt underneath the vest to break it all up. Plus this dress with pockets!! What is not to love!! Tell me which one is your favorite look!!

. . . . LOOK TWO . . . .

Kailee_denim-52= Kailee_denim-57=Kailee_denim-61= Kailee_denim-59= Kailee_denim-62=Kailee_denim-56= Kailee_denim-63= Kailee_denim-66= Kailee_denim-67=

denim dress + here  |  jeans + here  |  nude heels  |  bracelets + here + here  |  wallet (pink sold out)  |  lips (color snob)





In collaboration with Nordstrom

photos: Corissa Ann

Our Thanksgiving Tradition


I am so excited today to be teaming up with Nordstrom to share with you one of our most favorite traditions during the holiday season!! So I’m sure just about everybody gets holiday pajamas on Christmas eve. A few years after my oldest was born I decided to change up our tradition a bit. Instead of my kids getting their Christmas pajamas at the very end of December (on Christmas Eve) I figured why not give them their pajamas early enough to wear all through December.


girls pj’s + our favorite striped ones  |  Hudson’s pj’s  |  baby Houston’s pj’s  |  blanket  |  stuffed lion  |  Elf on the Shelf  |  Reindeer + book  |  Reindeer socks + blanket

The Elf on the Shelf had been out for awhile and I wanted to introduce the little guy into our traditions that year as well!! So the opening of our “Christmas jammies” on Thanksgiving  was born! Every year on Thanksgiving we kick off the Christmas season by letting our little people open up their Christmas pajamas at the end of the night. The next morning our Elf on the Shelf arrives and the Christmas season has official begun at our house!! It has been such a fun tradition the kids look forward to all year long.

This year as I was shopping through Nordstroms Christmas pajamas I noticed The Elf on the Shelf Pet Reindeer and loved the fact that the kids could actually play + snuggle with the reindeer!! And of course Sparklez (she’s our Elf) needed a pet. Haha. The kids have really enjoyed the darling story behind it and Hayden is more then thrilled that she can actually sleep with our reindeer “Spark” at night.

I honestly love this time of year so much + all the excitement that comes with it! Watching our little people light up over every little thing makes the holidays so much more fun. This year we are actually doing Christmas differently and I can’t wait to share it with you all soon. Now tell me what are some of your favorite holiday traditions??!


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In collaboration with Nordstrom

photos by Corissa Ann

Nordstrom Fall Clearance sale

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


Happy Friday friends!!! So Nordstrom is having their Fall Clearance Sale right now!! I went through the entire SALE and picked a bunch of my favoirties! Including my Black Shirt Dress that I wear weekly + my all time favorite Free People Long Grey Cardigan! Both are 40% off…and I forgot my must have Nude Heels!! Seriously there is a ton of great stuff, but things are going fast!! So snag some good items for your people for Christmas! Happy shopping!!


Everyday Curls Video Tutorial

Kailee_hairtutorial-27= Kailee_hairtutorial-28= Kailee_hairtutorial-29=

Okay friends…today is finally the day that I share my first video hair tutorial on my YouTube Channel!!! I’m so excited + nervous to see what you all think, and I hope to finally answer a bunch of your questions about how + what products I use in my hair. So here goes…please be nice. Haha.

(video by my friend Kelley at

NuMe wand 32mm (I also have the 25mm)
CHI Flat Iron + here
CHI Silk Fusion serum drops : use when wet on ends + sides (I also use this after I’ve curled my hair for extra shine)
Joico Kpak split end mender : use when wet on ends
Joico Kpak Liquid Reconstructor : spray all over hair when wt
CHI Thermal Spray : use before applying any heat (curling or straightening) on DRY hair
Suave Dry Shampoo : use at roots to freshen up your hair and go longer in between washes
Rusk paddle brush + similar here

So I talked with one fabulous lady at Nume and told her how much I love my NuMe Wands + about my first video going live and that I just knew that all of you would love to a discount code!! So she worked her magic and gave me a SPECIAL OFFER for just my readers!!! Wait for it….TWO WANDS for $39!!! You can only get this deal through this direct link > > > HERE < < <  to unlock the code. No coupon code needing. Just add TWO wands to your cart, go to checkout and at the BOTTOM your price will have been adjusted to $39!!! Honestly, this is one of the best deals on these NuMe wands!!! I still can’t believe they are letting me have this offer just for you guys!! It ended a few weeks ago and that was it!! Done Gonzo!! But she let me have the same deal JUST FOR YOU!!! So take advantage and stock up for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, gosh buy yourself another fun size just to try out. I know I have stocked up + these wands are crazy good!! Trust me…you’ll thank me later!! Happy Wednesday!!


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Kailee_hairtutorial-33=…I wrap the hair AWAY from my face…Kailee_hairtutorial-31=Kailee_hairtutorial-25=Kailee_hairtutorial-21=

photos by Corrisa Ann Photo

Functional Red . White . Blue

KaileeWright_outfits-26=KaileeWright_outfits-36=KaileeWright_outfits-18=KaileeWright_outfits-37=KaileeWright_outfits-14=KaileeWright_outfits-30=KaileeWright_outfits-22= KaileeWright_outfits-17=KaileeWright_outfits-35=KaileeWright_outfits-15= KaileeWright_outfits-41=KaileeWright_outfits-20=KaileeWright_outfits-25=baseball tee + similar here + here (under $10) |  favorite jeans  |  hat (similar here)  |  white converse  |  watch  |  necklace  |  bracelet + here

Hayden’s dress + red shoes  |  Houston’s outfit

I always will gravitate to a comfortable + functional outfit when I’m out with my little people any day of the week! (which is usually always) Haha. I’ve learned after having four littles that that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion once you’ve got a van full of little people. Right now in this stage of my life I am nursing baby Houston, running little people back and fourth to soccer, dance, gym and school activities and more. So on crazy days like this I reach for my converse + jeans. Almost always. I also have to have a shirt that is easy to nurse in and won’t looked stretch out by the end of the day…so I usually go for a higher neck like this baseball tee. (please tell me you know what I mean when the your neckline is all stretched out by the end of the day)

Another huge trick that I have learned to help my life out in the laundry department is when I am dressing all of us for the day, I try to make sure at least two of us are wearing a color. So when I do laundry I can wash almost a day or two worth of outfits together!! Haha, but honestly it has helped me cut down on my laundry a ton!! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!! Happy Friday!!



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Shirtdress + Dooney and Bourke


shirt dress  |  nude heels  |  purse  |  watch  |  bracelet + here  |  necklace  |  nail color

Right now I am loving shirt dresses!! I honestly can’t get enough. Probably because it’s such an easy outfit + it covers things you want to hide + they are so easy to nurse in!! And right now with the little man nursing shirt dresses are my saving grace! Also, does anyone remember Dooney and Bourke?!! Seriously, I remember my mom loving her “Dooney’s“. Haha. Well I am just in love this darling little pink purse + love the pop of color it adds to any outfit. Hope you all are having a fabulous day + thanks so much for stopping by!! Love your faces!!



photos by Corissa Ann Photography

One Dress Two Ways

KaileeWright_outfits-45=KaileeWright_outfits-51=KaileeWright_outfits-49=KaileeWright_outfits-43= KaileeWright_outfits-47= dress (similar here + here)  |  grey booties  |  black leather jacket  |  watch  |  gold ring  |  nail color (smokin hot) 

… 2nd look …

KaileeWright_outfits-55= KaileeWright_outfits-54= KaileeWright_outfits-56= KaileeWright_outfits-60=dress (similar here + here)  |  athletic shoes  |  denim jacket + similar here  |  watch  |  bracelet  |  gold ring  |  nail color (smokin hot)

I love good staple piece like this striped dress, that I can wear multiply times styled different ways. I seriously have worn this dress at least three times this week…running errands with my New Balances + denim jacket and all four of my little people in tow. Once with my favorite grey booties for a target run by myself (which felt like a vacation) haha, and then all I did was just add this black faux leather jacket to dress up the look for a girls night out!! Now go out and get yourself that great staple piece and wear it constantly!! Happy Friday!!


photos by Corissa Ann Photography



my shirt  |  floral pants  |  bedding + here  |  baby blanket

I am so excited today to be teaming up with Owlet + share with you guys how it has changed the way we sleep at night! When Owlet contacted me it couldn’t have been more perfect timing for our family. We had just had Houston and of course with a new baby come sleepless nights, and the middle of the night feedings is not what I’m talking about…it’s the worrying through the night if my baby is going to be okay.

I’m always paranoid about Sids or having my baby stop breathing in the middle of the night and me not know. I have been like this with all my babies. I hope I’m not the only one?  I’ve seen huge monitors that go underneath a crib mattress (we actually bought one with our first baby) but it was not actuate and would go off all the time. Which didn’t help my anxiety at all…it only made it worse. So we had to stop using it, but I still couldn’t get over the scary feelings.

Owlet is a baby breathing monitor that goes on your baby’s foot!! Seriously, I about died when I started doing my research online about it + when I read it had alerted a few parents and potentially saved their babies lives I knew we had to get one! When the Owlet came in the mail I couldn’t wait to get it on Houston’s foot!! To be able to sleep at night and know that Houston will be okay has given me back such a calmness at night, not to mention I feel like I can truly rest at ease in between those late night feedings knowing that an alarm will sound if anything were to happen to him. I also love that I can check my phone for his hate rate + oxygen levels. Simply the best.

Owlet has honestly changed the way we sleep at night!! So much that I have bought a few monitors for my pregnant friends that get super worried like myself. Seriously, I don’t think you can every put a price tag on something like this!! Trust me —  Baby Owlet Monitor  is a game changer!!


photos by Corissa Ann Photography / thank you Owlet for collaborating on this post 

Mad for Plaid

KaileeWright_fashion-45KaileeWright_fashion-44KaileeWright_fashion-43KaileeWright_fashion-40 KaileeWright_fashion-42KaileeWright_fashion-41KaileeWright_fashion-46KaileeWright_fashion-47shirt  |  jeans  |  booties  |  sunglasses  |  watch in gold  |  bracelets + here  |  ring  |  lips (color snob)

It’s Tuesday friends…new week, new vibes, new outfit!! I’m SO ready for fall here in SoCal as it has been over 90 degree’s until today!! So now we can really start wearing long sleeves and not sweat to death. haha. I am really loving all the plaid shirts out there + they make nursing Houston super easy. I might have gone crazy and  bought at least 4 plaid button ups in the last month, but can you blame me? Comfort plus convience always win me over. Also, I get asked about these jeans daily. They are seriously my FAVORITE jeans ever!!! So much that I bought a 2nd pair. The fit is not too lose and not too tight and the rips are amazing + they are $90!!


photos by Corissa Ann Photography

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