Shopbop Friends + Family Sale

MEP(494)-1=. dress with sleeves .

So SHOPBOP is having their friends + family sale going on right now!! I always love grabbing a few items I’ve had my eye on for a better price…on sale!! One of my favorite dresses now comes in long sleeves + my opinion of  “the best jeans ever” are also available in all sizes!! Get 25% off your entir purchase with this code: INTHEFAM25. It ends tonight so run!! Happy Thursday!

KaileeWright-5=best jeans ever .


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family pictures tips + ideas

It’s that time of year again…family picture time. My husband cringes at the word + I think he honestly thinks I just love to torture him. Haha. I personally have a love/hate with the whole family pictures. They are so stressful…from picking out all the outfits, to making sure everyones hair is done, no one spills on their clothes or runs through the mud + somehow that’s when the sibling fighting always seems to happen and by time we sit down for pictures I’m usually a hot sweaty mess looking like a drowned dog just trying to survive it all!! Is anyone with me?!

So here are just a few helpful tips for family pics that I have learn through out the years with four little people.

  • As far as outfit planning…pick/buy YOUR outfit first and then plan around the one outfit. I think it’s easier to base off one outfit and then go from there. This year I knew I needed somehthing nursing friendly + something that could comoflage my postpartum stomach so I went with this amazing shirt dress! Plus you want to feel good about yourself, becuase most of the time we are sending these pictures out to family or hanging them on our walls!! Haha. Hence the reason I say pick your outfit first.
  • Plan a time that is good for you + the family…where you’ll have PLENTY of extra time to get everyone ready. (with no other activities for that day)
  • Wash everyones hair + yours the day before to cut down on time getting ready (and just incase you have a bad hair day) and don’t try something new or fancy for any hairstyles that day.
  • Have all outfits ironed + hung a few days before. Along with all little peoples shoes cleaned if needed.
  • Feed everyone before!! It doesn’t matter what time it is…if everyone is full it = more happiness. Trust me.  Also bring snacks, gum, toys (like their favorite truck or pacifier) for the little people. Trust me if you see your sons favorite car in his hand it is not going to matter at all + you’ll probably love the picture more because of the memory.

I hope that helps a bit!! Learn from my mistakes and just try to relax. Also my photographer said to me once…if you try not to expect anything out our your youngest little people (so prepare for the worst) It will always turn out way better then what you thought! Happy Tuesday friends!! If you have any words of advice + tips please pass them along!!


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All white

KaileeWright_fashion-34=KaileeWright_fashion-37=KaileeWright_fashion-38=KaileeWright_fashion-28= KaileeWright_fashion-29= KaileeWright_fashion-36= KaileeWright_fashion-35=

hat  |  jeans + here  |  cardigan (similar)  |  shirt (40% off) |  booties  |  watch in gold  |  bracelet + here  |  lip (color snob)

So I am so loving the all white trend right now + who said you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day?! Haha. I honestly have always owned a pair of white jeans and loved them!! I know a bunch of my friends were afraid to wear white because it gets dirty… I think they are the easiest thing to wash because, if you ever get a stain on them that can’t come out…just bleach it!! Totally stain proof! This is one of my go to outfits for fall. Hope you love it + Happy Friday!!

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images by Corissa Ann Photo

disneyland in squares with park savers

Image-1-2Image-1-3image3-1image4-1So Joe and I have been talking about taking the little people to Disneyland before baby Houston was even born. We had season passes a few years ago and loved it, but decided to take a break and save + put that money somewhere else. Since Houston’s birth the talk about buying season passes was crazy to us with his colic + Joe not being around much this year with work, but we still wanted to take the kids at least once this year. We all know how expensive a Disney trip can be so when Park Savers contacted me about their discount tickets it was a no brainer and we jumped at the opportunity to surprise the kids with a day at Disneyland!! Honestly, when your buying 5 tickets it adds up to a ton real quick…so any discount times 5 is always fabulous!! I love the Park Savers site + all the extra information they provide like the Crowd Calendar…it gives you all the details you need about how busy the parks will be + lets you know the best days and times to go! We were also able to book our hotel from Park Savers and save even more in our bundle!! The little people had an absolute blast and can’t wait to go back again!! As for Joe and I we are still wore out from the day, haha. We will defiantly be going again, but we are so not ready for the season pass thing. So if your planning a Disney trip seriously check them out!! Happy Monday friends!!

ps. the New Balance shoes I wore were THE most comfortable athletic shoes I have ever owed!! I just had to pass along the info for any of you who are looking for a new pair.


My Perfect Day

KaileeWright_Owlet-1=KaileeWright_Owlet-13= KaileeWright_Owlet-3= KaileeWright_Owlet-12=KaileeWright_Owlet-9=KaileeWright_Owlet-4=floral lounge pants  |  white tee  |  pillow shams + quilt

So my perfect day would consist of… clean sheets + a sleeping baby + me in sweats or pajamas (basically anything with a waistband) +  a happy four year old and a bowl of ice cream!! These days are few and far between, but I am so grateful when they happen. Happy Friday friends!! I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Plus…these favorite floral lounge pants of mine have finally been restocked!! So run because they sell out fast + you can thank me later!!



Solly Baby


plaid top  |  jeans  |  watch  |  booties  |  wrap + dolly wrap  |  Houston’s outfit

Happy Thursday Friends!! So many of you know that I have a HUGE love for my Solly Baby Wraps + I have looked forward to being able to wear baby Houston since the moment I found out we were having a baby! These wraps have honestly saved my life (Houston is a colicky baby) so being able to wear him while I tend to the other little people has made all the difference in our day to day activites. Head over to the Solly Baby Blog to see the full post and what normal day at our house looks like + how I use my wraps constantly.

Also, I’ve teamed up with Solly Baby to bring you guys the most FABULOUS GIVEAWAY ever!! My dear friend Elle (the owner of Solly baby) is one of the most generous, and truly sweetest people I have ever met and she is letting me give away THREE Solly Baby bundles!! Make sure to check my Instagram (@kailee_wright) later tonight to see how you can enter to win! xoxo!



The Best of the Best Baby Gear + Apparel


My outfit :  jeans  |  button up  |  booties  |  watch  |  sunglasses

Houston’s out fit :  romper (pink here)  |  shoes

stroller  |  car seat  |  car seat base  |  carry cot

I’ve teamed up with Nordstrom today to share the BEST of the BEST baby gear + apparel! After four babies (or little people) I’ve gone through some awesome baby gear + products…So I thought its about time I share those more big investment items with and why we love them. Some items I’m not sure how we lived without, but I am so glad that we have finally found a few of these that help me out so much with our day to day life.

Strollers…there are so many out there + I think I’ve tried at least two different stroller per child. This Nuna stroller is just one of my favorites we use at the moment. The huge basket underneath is a ‘huge’ lifesaver with all the stuff we tote around with four kids + I love how easy it is to change out the car seat and back to the stroller part.

Kailee_Wright-67= Kailee_Wright-68= Kailee_Wright-69= Kailee_Wright-76=

My outfit :  white jeans  |  top  |  necklace  |  Houston’s blanket

Mamaroo + here  |  newborn insert

The Mamaroo rocker from 4moms is a total game changer! Seriously this thing saves my life most days and buys me enough time to have a shower or make dinner. With a colicky baby I really needed something that had good movement and that wasn’t to heavy to move from room to room when I needed + I love the different sounds I can select to help calm Houston down.


My outfit :  jeans  |  button up

highchair  |  baby set + cushion  |  tray

Highchairs are usually huge and bulky not to mention most of them are not so fabulous looking. I never even bought one with my oldest because I hated how all of them looked! I LOVE this Tripp Trapp highchair so much because it has been able to grow with my kids through every stage of life!! Honestly, the baby set when they are little, to Hayden’s age and my older kids use it as a normal chair, not to mention I die over the modern design. Definitely worth every penny!!

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen some of my favorite outfits for baby Houston. Right now the little man is in between sizes (which sometimes is a pain). Nordstrom is my one stop shop because I love that I can order both sizes, try them on Houston and ship the one that doesn’t fit back for free! (with their pre-paid label) Seriously how easy is that + anything that helps simplify life I am all over it!! I hope this helps answer some of your questions as to what baby gear we use around here. Happy Monday Friends!! (click right on the images below to shop)



all white  |  navy stripes  |  blue stars + pink stars here  |  black geometric





Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

photos by corissa ann

Instagram Round-up


If you follow along on Instagram you have probably seen of few of these…my favorite outfits as of lately. I’ve had a lot of people ask details so here you go. Enjoy!! Happy Tuesday!! Click on any image below to shop!!









Friday Night Vibes

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Let’s be real…when it’s just me and the four little people by ourselves a t-shirt + jeans + hat is the only way to go! Oh and my favorite athletic sneakers and solly wrap (this thing saves me all the time)!! Happy Friday friends!!


Everyday Baby Essentials with Nordstrom


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Nordstrom…so when they asked me to round up my favorite baby essentials for Houston I was on it! I thought I would share some of our EVERYDAY baby must haves. After having four little people + going through all the different phases of baby I feel like I’ve finally got down some of the BEST baby essentials. Also, I love that I can order just about anything I need for Houston from Nordstrom…from clothes to diapers + lotion, to my beloved diaper bags and more. (plus you can’t beat free shipping and returns) and we all know I’m not dragging my four little people around to go shopping or just to buy diapers. Haha. Here’s a peek into our everyday morning routine + packing the dipaer bag before we head out the door. I hope you enjoy just of few of my favorite everyday baby essentials!!


tub + towel

Kailee_Wright-21Kailee_Wright-23Kailee_Wright-25Kailee_Wright-28PPB-33PPB-49PPB-63KaileeWright-7KaileeWright-5KaileeWright-3KaileeWright-1KaileeWright-9bag  |  wipes case  |  wallet  |  blanket  |  hats ‘similar‘  |  diapers  |  lotion  |  giraffe

my outfit :  jeans  |  shirt  |  necklace

houston’s outfit :  romper 






Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

photos by corissa ann

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