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Sometimes we get asked about our makeup routine as busy moms. It’s important to have a look that is natural and gives our skin an all over even glow. The worst is looking tired even when we’ve had a sleepless night. Here is a basic makeup routine you can use everyday to look refreshed and beautiful, but not over done. Just one of our favorites with great makeup staples.





  • After you have moisturized, place some of this color corrector under you eyes with the tip of your index finger. It’s amazing for covering up dark circles, or any imperfections on your face.
  • Then, layer with this amazing tinted moisturizer all over your face. Not only does it give sun coverage, but it will even out your skin tone and give you that dewy glow that is youthful and refreshing.


  • The Nars Laguna Bronzer is the perfect color.  It adds warmth without making your face look dull. Apply this to the forehead and draw it down around the face, across the cheekbones, along your chin and down your nose. With the remainder lightly set your under eye area.
  • For a subtle shimmer and more glow, the Nars multi stick is amazing.  It brightens your cheeks, acting as a blush. So easy to apply.


  • Start with a soft eye liner right next to your lash line. This mac pencil in the “Lord it Up” gold color is pretty with just a touch of sparkle. It’s a subtle gold color, a little more fun than a heavy black or dark brown.
  • Keep the eyes simple for day. If you don’t have false lashes but want the look start with a primer.  It thickens your lashes prepping them for mascara.
  • This Extreme Party Mascara by Bobbi Brown is unique patented to not dry out as you add layers. So layer away over your primer to create thick, long lashes.


  • To give the allusion of a plumper limp start with a liner. The Nars lip pencil comes in a variety of really natural shades that add volume without looking obvious.
  • Then blend with a creamy lip stick like this Bobbi Brown.  It’s so smooth and pretty.
  • If you like the glossy look, layer it over the top. Again, Nars has the most amazing natural colors.

If you are looking for a go to routine for your daily makeup this will do the trick.  Once you have done it a couple of times it only takes 5 minutes and looks flawless. Have fun with it and have a great weekend!

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