Four Tricks for Going Longer In-between Hair Washes - Kailee Wright
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Four Tricks for Going Longer In-between Hair Washes

Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo

So just a little background about myself…I’ve been doing hair for the past 15 years and worked in salon for almost half that time. I still continue to do hair and love it!! The one question I got asked the most by all my clients was how could they go longer in between washes + extend their hair color? (did you know less washes means longer color and healthier hair!!!)

First off, this is not something that happens overnight or even within a week or so. I would always make my clients commit to sticking with it for at least 1-2 months. You have to “train” your  hair to get used to not producing so much oil. Every time you wash your hair you are stripping your scalp of all it’s natural oils — so naturally it wants to make more.

If your an everyday washer start out by skipping 1-2 days of washing and stick with that until you hair has gotten used to it. This usually take about a week or two, then add on another day of skipping a wash. Do this for another week or so and continue on. Make sense? I promise your hair will start to get use to less washing.

Your hair + scalp will start to recongize that your not stripping it or washing it all of the time and will gradually stop producing that extra oil. Every single one of my clients would come back saying this was life changing!! You know what I mean — as far as time saving. So today I’m sharing my four best tips + tricks to help train your hair to go up to at least seven days between washes!!


Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo



CLIP BACK YOUR HAIR : if you’ve followed along on my snapchat or Instagram stories you know that when I’m home I always have the front pieces of my hair clipped out of my face. Always. This helps keep my hair from getting oily super fast. Every time you touch your hair you transfer oil from your fingertips onto your hair. I love these long alligator clips because they are strong enough to keep my hair up, yet won’t put a crease in my hair. You’ll honestly notice a different right away with this tip.

Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo


USE DRY SHAMPOO IN BETWEEN WASHES : dry shampoo makes all the difference!! I usually won’t use any until day 3-4, but for some of you just starting out you might have to use this on day 2 which is completely just fine. I have always used suave but as it’s gotten harder to find and they have changed the formula I’ve been on the look out for some new brands.

Awhile ago my friend told me about Sephora and the tons of different dry shampoo options they had. So when Sephora reached out to me I was all over it!! Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is currently one of my favorites. When my hair is starting to get a little oily (usually around the third day) I reach for this yummy stuff. Remember, a little goes a long way!! I always say you can add more.

Dry shampoos not only extend your look and washes but act as multi-taskers that add volume + texture to your hair. If you’ve got shorter hair and love that extra volume Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder is amazing for that!!

Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo


PONYTAIL OR MESSY BUN DAY : I love a good ponytail or messy bun day + it gets all that hair out of your face so your not touching it!!! I hardly use any hairspray and use this day as a hardly style my hair day. I used these or any other snag free elastics because they do not damage your hair!! And when I take them out I have a slight kink that I can work into my curls the next day.

Also, I love Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo for underneath my hair when I’m pulling it up. Or especially when my hair hasn’t been colored in awhile. It helps lighten up my darker roots down there.

Kailee_Wright_white tshirt_statement necklace-5Kailee-Wright-shirtdress-nordstrom-10


WEAR A HAT : who doesn’t love a reason to not touch your hair AT ALL. Plus, it only take one second to throw a hat on. This hat is a great basic and I also own this one. Whenever I’m on the go or I have absolutely no time I throw a hat on and I’m ready to go!! Or if my hair is on it’s last day. So simple and so fast!

Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo Kailee Wright_Sephora Dry Shampoo

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photos: corissa ann


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  1. Just a question…why do you use so many different kinds of dry shampoo? I only use one dry shampoo spray right now and I am going to look into the powder option to extend my in between washes but, can’t figure out why you would need more than 1 dry shampoo spray. If there is a reason behind it, are there ones you would use day #3 and a different one day #4 etc.?

  2. Do you have any recommendations for a dry shampoo for dark hair? I’m currently using the Living Proof one and I like it, but it leaves a white residue. I shake it well and spray far away, but I still have to rub it a lot to get the white out. Maybe you’ve heard of others better for us brunettes. Thanks!

    1. Okay!! I’m still working on this one…because I’ve had a ton a dark hair friends ask. The one thing I have found is powder….like face powder. Get the darkest one (dry shampoo is really powder that sucks up the grease) so far my friends have said it has worked. Just use a face brush like a powder brush and just brush it along your hair line.
      I’m still shocked that no company has come out with colored dry shampoo for all hair types. Let me know your thoughts and how it works for you.

      Thanks for your question!!


    2. Not to barge in here but, I have very dark brunette hair and I use Arrojo dry shampoo and have never had any issues! Doesn’t leave any white streaks or anything in my hair and is very reasonably priced as well (~$25 for a large bottle). Might be worth checking out.

  3. Hi Kailee! I love this post, as I’m currently trying to train my hair to go longer in between washings, so thank you for all the helpful tips! I do have a couple questions – on the day that you do wash/dry your hair, do you use any styling products, or do you just blow dry it without anything added? I typically use a leave-in conditioner (It’s A 10) and Redken Pillow Proof blow out extender, but I’m wondering if those products will cause my hair to feel greasy faster!
    Also – I know you’re a stylist and I love your color! Do you mind sharing what color line you use?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Meg!!!

      So sorry for the huge delay!! So yes I use it’s a 10 also and a smoothing balm and serum. BUT I don’t put anything near or on my roots and that makes the biggest difference!! So yes continue to use product the first day, especially if it’s product that will help protect your hair. Also, to color my hair – I use Scruples Blazing in 12v. It is by far my favorite lightener because it doesn’t kill or fry your hair!!! Let me know if you have any other questions!! And thanks for all your support here!


      1. Thanks for the response! And no worries – I know you’ve been kinda busy! 🙂
        Awesome on the Scruples – I just had my hair highlighted with Scruples Blazing for the first time and I’m definitely a believer now!! Take care!

  4. Great tips! I’m a 1-2x a week hair washer and my biggest question is how do you do it when you work out? The only way I can is if I don’t work out. But any days I do work out I have to wash my hair.

    1. Sharna,
      I don’t work out a ton right now…but when I do I just pull my hair all out of my face (sometimes wear a headband that will soak up the sweat) and then I use a lot of dry shampoo that day. haha.
      Hope that helps any.


  5. So do you still shower and just wear a shower cap or you only wash your body once a week too? I feel gross if I don’t shower after a couple days, especially in the summer with sweat and stuff.

    1. Haha. I guess I should have included that. I shower or have a bath every single day. (usually baths, because I love them) but yeah I refuse to wash my hair. A good shower cap makes all the difference – or that’s why baths are so nice.


  6. Hi Kailee!!

    Thanks for all the tips! I have been trying to wash my hair less and have notice that it does take some time.
    I love your hair color. I am naturally a light blond well.. I was until I had my daughter about two years ago. My hair has changed so so much. At first wouldn’t take color or anything. I read on your blog that you do your own hair. Do you do a all over color? Highlights? Do you use a purple shampoo? Sorry for all the questions!! Thank you!

    1. Yes, it takes awhile, but stick with it – because I promise it will start to change. Yep, I color my own hair, and I highlight it with a form of bleach. I don’t use purple shampoo because I don’t really need it. And don’t ever feel bad for asking questions. Let me know if you have any more questions!! I’d be happy to help.

    1. It’s been over a year since I have wore any but I love the Laced Hair and the Bellami Hair. They are both wonderful and hold up so nice!!


  7. I am wondering if you can get another NuMe deal. I am new to your site and loved this tutorial and would like to try with the right products. I am excited to try some of the hair products you use. Thanks for the great tutorial!

    1. Heather,
      So glad you loved it! I’ll see what I can do and once I find out I’ll share on social media!!