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Friday Faves : Sunless Tanners

Kailee Wright Best Sunless Tanner

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spray tan machine + my go to solution   ||  travel tanning kit

Happy Friday!!! Spring is finally in the air here in Northern Utah, and hopefully it is for good this time!! Since we can finally start getting out of all those layers, we are going to be showing some skin that sure hasn’t seen the sun in a while, and that can be scary. Am I right?! There is just something about feeling tan that gives you that boost of confidence. It really helps you feel a little more on your A game. And since I have tried my fair share of allllll the tanning options, I thought we would talk all things tanners for today’s Friday faves. I’ve broken it down into 6 options I love, how they rank on the color scale, AND shared 5 tips to help you get the most out of your sunless tan!

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01. spray tan machine + solution I use  |  02. travel kit  |  03. face drops  |  04. tanning lotion
05. tanning wipes  |  06. tinted moisturizer



First up is my absolute favorite of all the tanners! It is the “hardcore professional” method of a spray tan machine. This method can be intimidating to a lot of people, but I promise it is really not at all. And if you can get your husband on board to help with the harder to reach areas, you will be sold on going this route! I use this machine BUT I pair it with this solution. It is the highest quality you can get, and actually what they use on you if you were to go in to a salon and get it done. As far as color goes, you will get the darkest longest lasting tan with this method too. If I’m just going to be at home and not in and out of the water a lot, this method will last me about a week. You can buy one of these tents to spray in, but I just do it in my shower, which makes for super easy clean up! BUT… DO NOT USE THIS ON YOUR FACE. It will go SUUUUUPER dark, and I’ve shared lots of much better face friendly options below.


I just came across this gem on our recent trip to Hawaii and LOVE it!!! When it comes to a beach vacation, your tan is definitely not going to last as long as being at home. You are in and out of the pool and ocean constantly, which usually adds more showering too. Lots of water equals faster fading tan. The machine above is somewhat compact and could easily be brought in your suitcase to give you a redo on your tan, but I just didn’t love the hassle. Insert this travel size gem of tanners. It is absolutely perfect to use on day 3-4 after your spray tan when it has started to fade to help maintain. I love it on its own as well for a super classic natural look that isn’t too dark.

Kailee Wright Best Sunless Tanner

:: FACE DROPS (medium/light tan but easily buildable)

These drops are my go to of the tanners for giving your face a natural tan look. I don’t like the spray tan on my face because it can get out of hand dark VERY quickly. With your face you are going to want full control over how tan it looks. I use one drop of the dark option just mixed in with my favorite moisturizer (use code KAILEE for 20 % off ) about every other day.  I love that it is buildable so if one drop isn’t giving you the color you want you can do one more little drop instead of a huge drastic starting point.


:: BASIC DRUG STORE LOTION (light, natural look)

When it comes to easy peasy fool proof tanners, this lotion is AMAZING. It is the only lotion option that I’ve tried that goes on evenly and gives you a non-orangey natural looking tan.

Kailee Wright Best Sunless Tanner

:: TANNING WIPES (light tan)

If you are traveling and don’t want to deal with the hassle of  liquid tanners, these wipes are your answer. I’ve used these for years and love the results. They don’t give you a very dark tan, it is more like a sun kissed glow. They are amazing for a nervous beginner or a quick and easy option when you don’t have too much time to spend on it.

:: TINTED MOISTURIZER (natural skin tone)

This last option isn’t necessarily one of our tanners, but it does give you that even skin tone and more color in your face. I’ve been trying to be better about wearing sunscreen on my face daily, and this tinted moisturizer is the only one I’ll do. It doesn’t have any of the sticky feel of most sunscreens, which I LOVE!! The feel is just like a light moisturizer. But it is tinted just enough to give you a little color if the drops are too intimidating. I love to use it on the days where I don’t want to wear makeup to help even out my skin tone and of course give me that protection from the sun! You use the tiniest bit so one bottle lasts forever. And you can use code kailee10 for 10% off!

Kailee Wright Best Sunless Tanner

. . .

Now that I’ve told you the details and pros for each of my very favorite tanners, lets talks tips to getting the most out of your tan. Because if you are going to take the time to do it, you want it to last!!

:: 5 TIPS to help your tan last longer ::

Kailee Wright Best Sunless Tanner


Exfoliating before doing any form of spray tan is HUGE when it comes to making it last. You want that nice soft fresh skin to work with to absorb the tan the most evenly across your body. I always try to exfoliate the night before I’m going to apply the tan. It is close enough to be effective, but not right before so my pores are wide open and more sensitive.


Some people will tell you you need to apply lotion every where you are going to apply the tanner. Personally I don’t take the time to do that. I apply lotion to all the places that I know my skin is the driest. For most people that will be your elbows, knees, hands, and feet. You want to make sure you are evenly moisturized. That way the color is absorbed evenly and you don’t end up with extra dark areas!

Kailee Wright Best Sunless Tanner


I always always apply my tanner right before bed, and then rinse when I wake up. It gives you a full nights sleep for it to really soak in and get you the best color. By doing it at night, you are also giving yourself the longest period of avoiding water. You won’t have to worry about needing to wash your hands or do the dishes and have your hands end up a different color than the rest of you. But remember, no matter what people tell you, alllll the tanner options are going to transfer at least a little bit before you rinse. I have a pair of “tanning pajamas” that are long sleeve/long pants and silky that I wear after applying. I am completely covered so it won’t transfer to bedding, and I don’t have to worry about ruining multiple pairs of pajamas.


This one might sound a little obvious to some, but it is so key in getting the most out of your tan. When you are ready to shower after your application setting period, don’t think of it as a normal shower. There should be no scrubbing or washing involved. It is basically just the last rinse cycle your car goes through at the car wash. You don’t want to scrub off all the hard work!!


The biggest tip to getting the most of your tan is to moisturize!!! As soon as you’ve done your rinse cycle, get alll the moisturizing you can in. This helps to lock in the color longer and get the best tone out of your color!

I hope these details and tips help you feel ready to take on your tan with ease! If you are a first timer, I promise it’s not as hard as it looks. You are going to LOVE the results!!

photos : aubrey taiese 


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