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3 Tips to Simplify Garage Organization


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For most of us, walking into the garage causes instant anxiety.  I’m sure that if it were up to you, half of the things in the garage wouldn’t even be there. But thanks to husbands, kids, sports and storage, our garages become war zones of things that we rarely use. And when we can’t find what we’re looking for, it is beyond frustrating. I’ll be the first to say that the garage is the last place I want to organize…and I love organizing. But as much as I despise it, I have found a few systems and tricks that work for our family to keep the garage clean + easy to navigate for everyone. So let’s talk it out! 


Organizing a jam-packed garage seems extremely daunting. But I promise, it is not as overwhelming as it seems. The first step to organizing it, is to identify your pain points. Where do you think you might be overcomplicating your garage organization?  Do you get overwhelmed thinking about kids’ items?  What about holiday storage?  Does your spouse have a boatload of project supplies/tools/etc.?  Is food storage taking over your garage space? My first tip would be identifying the biggest pain point for your garage. When you think about what needs the most help, it simplifies your plan to create an organizational strategy around that.


Like I said before, and I’m sure many of you can relate, my children and husband aren’t going to maintain a perfectly organized, color-coded system in the same way I might.  Knowing that from the get go, and setting your expectation there is so helpful to prevent you from feeling disappointed when they don’t keep up with over-complicated systems that you create. Below are a few ways I like to create kid/husband proof organizational systems:

  • Create a drop zone: This can be a bin, basket or container where your family can throw their shoes before coming in the house. That way they aren’t sprawled all over in front of the door inside or outside. I also like to have a similar space for other accessories like backpacks, jackets, and anything else they might need heading out the door. For us it is our lockers, but you could simplify and customize to fit your family needs.
  • Don’t Over Organize: Too many details make it too complicated to maintain. Rather than making one bin specifically for baseballs, one for basketballs, and so forth, try simplifying your categories to make them all encompassing and customized to the items you actually have. For the most part, if you create a simple system (like one large bin for all the balls), things will get put away where they go. Same goes for pool toys, car maintenance supplies, camping gear, etc. These bins are great for this purpose!


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When it comes to items in our garage, most of them are not exactly aesthetically pleasing. They are usually a little dirty, dusty, and weathered, which is typically why their home is outside in the garage. To help your garage feel cleaner + make it look more appealing (if that’s what you’re after), conceal as much as you possibly can. Opt for closed units instead of open shelving. Just like in our kids closets, the more you can hide the better. This doesn’t mean to have a storage unit that explodes when you open it, but it does make the tiny details less of a concern. When choosing bins for the garage, go with opaque labeled bins over clear. Everything still has a place and is easy to find, but the contents aren’t looking cluttered and out on display. 


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There are so many benefits to keeping the garage floor as clear as possible.  Dust bunnies, bugs, dirt, and even potential water damage can be prevented if you store as much as you can off the ground.I love to use wall mounted hangers like these for tools + equipment and these for bikes to keep things off the floor. We use them for scooters, bikes, strollers, sports things, etc.  Most wall mounted hanging units even have baskets that will attach to the wall so that you can store helmets, knee pads, stroller accessories, etc. 

. . . 

I hope these tips + trick are helpful to give you that kickstart to organizing your garage as we get into those summer months. Don’t forget to tag me in your new, clean garage posts at @kailee_wright.

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