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Baby Essentials

Our sweet friend Isobel Benesch with Bel and Beau is about to have her second baby and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her!!  Isobel has just fabulous taste and we just adore her.  So when we chatted about having her as a guest on the blog giving us all her Newborn Essentials we knew it would be great!!  Enjoy!!

When I was pregnant with my first son, Holden, I went completely overboard and bought every single product out there that was marketed towards newborns. There are so many different products out there that it is hard to know what you will actually need and what products your newborn baby will like. We ended up with so many products that we never used, that this second time around I have decided to only buy the necessities, the tried and true products that we used again and again with our firstborn. Below is my carefully edited list of basics and essentials that you will want to have for your new baby.

Bel #1

1. Bassinet // With a newborn waking up several times throughout the night, I found it essential to have my new baby close to my bedside which is why a bassinet comes in handy. I absolutely adore this hanging Leander cradle and plan to use it with our newest addition. Newborns love constant movement, so I love the fact that this bassinet provides gentle movement every time your baby moves.

2. Crib // Unless co-sleeping, you will need a crib, crib mattress + waterproof mattress pad. I think it’s important to choose a crib that grows with your child so that you can use the bed into toddlerhood. This Incy Interiors Georgia crib is one of my favorites. Based out of Australia, Incy Interiors makes gorgeous cribs that come in a wide variety of colors.

3. Bouncer // You will want a bouncer or baby seat, a soothing place where your baby can sit when not sleeping or in your arms. We have chosen the Nuna Leaf for our new baby. The Nuna Leaf provides a gentle swaying movement. There are no cords or batteries which makes it incredibly easy to move around the house. My favorite thing about this baby seat is the fact that it can be used up to 120 pounds which means my toddler can sit in it too without breaking it (and if you’re wondering, yes he has already tested it out).

4. Onesies and Layettes // Although you may be tempted into purchasing “outfits” for your new baby (I know I did), he/she will most likely live in onesies and layettes. When they are brand new, you will only want the softest, most comfortable clothing touching that brand new, sensitive skin. These STAY+Co. layettes are incredibly soft, comfortable, and easy to get on and off. The fact that they each have a matching hat is an added bonus.

5. Blankets // You will use blankets for everything from swaddling and keeping warm in the stroller, to laying on the ground for tummy time or a picnic at the park. Seriously, you can not have enough blankets. I could never have enough Aden & Anais swaddle blankets and these STAY+Co. blankets are great as an option for everything else.

6. Booties // Newborns can’t regulate their temperatures properly at the beginning so it’s important to keep their heads and feet covered. I found that socks didn’t always stay on a new baby’s feet, so I have bought several pairs of knit booties for our little one currently on the way thinking that these may have a better chance of staying on. These knit booties and these bear booties are affordable and adorable.

7. Swaddle Wrap // Swaddling was a lifesaver for us. When we didn’t swaddle, Holden’s flailing arms, the startle reflex, often woke him up. Swaddling helped him feel warm and secure, and kept him from waking himself up or scratching himself during his sleep. We tried a variety of swaddle wraps and the Ergobaby Swaddler was one of my favorites.

8. White Noise Machine // This is another product that we consider an absolute necessity in our home. We currently use both the myBaby Soundspa and The First Years Sounds for Silence Nursery Sound Machine and I feel as though it is going to be even more important for our newborn this time around with a toddler running around the house.

9. Pacifier // We only used a pacifier on occasion with Holden, but I feel that they are important for helping to soothe newborns (only after breastfeeding has been well established) who have a strong suck reflex. They also reduce the risk of SIDs which always helped my peace of mind. My favorites are these Natursutten Organic Pacifiers.

Bel #2

10. Shampoo & Body Wash // When bathing your new baby, you want something natural.  California Baby is hands down my favorite brand when it comes to baby skincare products. Holden had very sensitive skin and a slight case of eczema and California Baby was honestly the only line of skincare product that did not irritate his skin. Despite no longer having sensitive skin, these are still the only baby bath products that we use in our house today.

11. Bathtub // The Puj tub is my absolute favorite bathtub. It is soft and flexible, fits easily into the sink, and can lay flat against the wall for storage.

12. Towel // You will need several hooded bath towels for your little one.  The Little Giraffe hooded towels are my favorite because they are incredibly soft and look cute too.

13. Diapers // I know it’s not for everybody, but I use cloth diapers. I use Fuzzibunz one size cloth diapers and loved the fact that we were able to use them from the time Holden was born until he was out of diapers. We will be using these again with our next little guy.

14. Diaper Pail // Regardless of whether you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers, a good diaper pail is a necessity. This is not an area to skimp on because with all of the diapers you will be changing you want to ensure you are purchasing a product that will hide the smell. We use (and love) the Ubbi Diaper Pail because it can be used with a washable/reusable cloth liner.

15. Wipes // Even when using disposable diapers, I opt for cloth wipes for newborns. The Grovia Cloth Wipes are my hands down favorites. I use the cloth wipes with a little bit of water and they do the trick. If I need something a little extra, I use the California Baby Diaper Area Wash. They are incredibly soft and much thicker than the other wipes ones I tried. I can’t recommend them enough.

bel #3

16 + 17 + 18. It is never to early to engage your baby. These Art Cards, Nesting Dolls, and Board Book are great black and white options, perfect for interacting with your newborn.

19. Carseat // To get around, you will need a carseat. Holden never liked his carseat (as in he never once fell asleep in the car). I will be using the Nuna PIPA which is beautifully designed by the Dutch brand and will hopefully lull our little one to sleep while we drive.

20. Babywearing // I am a huge proponent of baby wearing. I wore Holden all day, every day as it was one of the only things that soothed him. I know it will be just as, if not more, important with a second baby since we will be out and about a lot more this time around. I love the Solly Baby Wrap.

21. Stroller // You will use a stroller often, so you want to find one that will last well into toddlerhood. I will be using the Nuna IVVI stroller with this new baby. What I love about this stroller is that it is made for birth up to 50 pounds. Whereas other strollers will require you to use a carseat or bassinet for newborns, the Nuna IVVI has a newborn insert that enables you to use the seat for newborns when the seat is fully reclined.

How amazing was this!!

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  1. This is a great list! I love the focus on organic, natural products. I’ve already added a few of these items to my baby’s wish list and will be researching more. Thank you!

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    Keep up the great work! You recognize, many individuals are looking around for this info, you can aid them greatly.


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