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Puj is really all about simplifying parenthood! We absolutely love their products – from their ever popular innovative tub to their super soft towels. My little Neve is 2 months old now and she LOVES taking baths. It is her happy place so we do it twice a day! I love that I don’t have to bend down into the bathtub and she loves that she is nestled right in. My favorite thing about the tub is that it is super lightweight and foldable. I put a hook in my kids’ shower tub and hang it up in there so it is completely out of the way. Genius I tell ya!


We were so thrilled to get our Puj towels for toddlers! Don’t let that serious face fool you, both Rowan + Hayden snuggled up and loved that the towel had a hood. Once again, Puj thought of everything – they added the hook to the towel so it is easy to hang. We absolutely love supporting other moms and Katie over at Puj is a sweetheart for sure! Make sure to check out their site for all of their great products.



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  1. Love how thoughtful the towels are with hoods and hang tabs. Also that they are white and will go with every bathroom. Love it.

  2. What I love about the tub is how much space it saves and the neutral white! The tub can be used regardless of gender and that makes it a staple in my book! Puj is the best!

  3. I love how this tub can make bath time so much more simpler! Genius idea:) and the adorable hooded towels are just precious!