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Hospital Bags



SWADDLE BLANKETS :  I have always swaddled my babies the first chance I get! I love these blankets because they are huge, lightweight and my babies stay swaddled in them.

BINKI’S : the Nuk brand have always been the kind of binki’s / pacifiers that stay best in my babies mouths.

WHITE OUTFIT : of course this time we are to stay very neutral with everything since we didn’t find out the sex of the baby…so I thought this white little outfit would be perfect for either he or she.

ONESIES : they say that babies need just one extra layer. Carter’s brand our my absolutely favorite…and trust me I have tried every kind of onesies. These are super skinny and long which most babies are.

BAG : I love this bright color and the space + pocket organization inside are amazing!

MOCCS: ummm self explanatory! How could I not get these?

HEADBAND : just incase it’s a girl

HATS : I do put hats on my baby girls as well, but I do love them on the baby boys best!

SOCKS : must have…so those little piggies don’t get cold.




FLIP FLOPS : I don’t always love slippers. So I have always packed a pair of flip flops + I love to have something super simple and comfortable for coming home from the hospital in.

NIGHTGOWN : must have + they are easy to nurse in and I love this color!

CHAP-STICK : I love me a good smelling chap stick + this one is the best.

SPANX : (or a cheaper brand here) I put these on as soon as I can walk! My hips have always gone back to the same size or smaller and I know it’s because I have always wore compression underwear of some sort…seriously life changing!

UPDATE!!! I totally swear by the Belly Bandit (cheaper one here)!! Honestly this thing got me back to my pre pregnancy size faster and totally made my hips go back down!!

BAG : I have owned my Birdling Bag for over a year and love it!! I actually have two and can pack me and my three kids in one bag for the weekend! So worth it!

DRESS : I have a dress similar to this one to wear the day we come home from the hospital. I (and I’m hoping some other women) look at least 4-5 months pregnant after baby, so I always want something really loose to wear home + if if feels like a nightgown I am game!

SOCKS : a must need in those cold hospital rooms.

ROBE : I like to always have one a the hospital. It is just easy to nurse in and you can cover up in a second for last minute guests. Plus who really wants to get dressed? Haha.

NURSING PADS : Okay…I found these amazing Lily Padz with my second child and I will NEVER go back to normal nursing pads!! These are amazing and will stick to your skin + you don’t have to wear a bra at night!! Which to me is the best thing ever.


So I am going into the hospital tomorrow morning for our induction!! I can not believe the day is almost here. I thought since my hospital bags are finally packed and I am ready to go I would share some of my favorite + must have items I have come to need through out the years with my 4 babies. I hope you love them as much as I do….and tell any of your baby having friends. Thanks so much for all your love and support through this crazy + wild journey. Wish us luck tomorrow!! Love you all!





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  1. What size spanx do you go for? Pre-preg size? My babe is due at end of month! Congrats to you 🙂

    1. the smallest pair. I think nordstrom has a sizing guide. You want them as tight as possible.

  2. Hello! Thank you for all of the helpful information. Do you use the belly bandit and the spanx? Do you switch off or just use one or the other?

  3. Kailee,
    I am so glad to have stumbled across your blog. Lots of helpful information to read through!! Question about the Spanx and the belly bandit for you. Did you wear them together? Did you choose to wear them separately? I know you originally mentioned wearing the spanx, but then you updated about the belly bandit being your saving grace.

  4. Hi Kailee! I’m obsessed with your going home dress you linked to but Anthro is all sold out! Do you by chance know of a similar dress? I love the it is modest summer clothing hehe. Thanks so much!