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Minimalist Closet: 5 Tips to Help You Simplify Your Space

Kailee Wright Minimalist Closet

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“How do you call yourself both a minimalist and an influencer? Don’t those contradict each other?” That is a question I got in my direct messages and it really made me stop and think. Being an influencer comes with a lot of STUFF. You are promoting different brands, wearing lots of different outfits, and even trying to keep your house up to date and on trend. So how does my space not turn into the most recent episode of hoarders anonymous?! I am a minimalist through and through, that is why! It is just how my brain functions and I don’t let my buying “stuff” get out of hand. So today I thought it would be fun to take you inside my “Minimalist Closet” and share some tips that have helped me achieve the simplicity in my space.

When I look at my closet, I don’t see huge at all, especially for your typical influencer. It is actually quite a bit smaller than I imagined it to be when we originally built the house. But one of the best things Joe and I did moving here from California was to keep a simple mindset. Our home in California was tiny. We were all pretty squished in there and there was NO room for extras. So when we designed our house, we wanted to carry that simple living over. Just because we could have more space, didn’t mean we needed to fill it with unnecessary things. Here is a look inside, and more on how you can simplify!

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Kailee Wright Master Closet


One of the biggest tips I have to achieving a Minimalist Closet, is to limit your space. I showed what I mean in the video but let me explain here. Let’s take jeans for example. I have a designated spot for jeans in my closet, similar to this space show above. If I buy a new pair, and that spot is already filled, then an old pair of jeans has to go. Limiting your space for different categories helps to minimize clutter and extra pieces you really don’t need.


Another great tip to achieving a Minimalist Closet is to be mindful of what is in there! Stocking up on timeless versatile basics is HUGE. When I’m buying jeans or a new top, I try t think, how many ways can I wear this one piece? Is it something that can be dressed up or down? I don’t usually go for super trendy things, because I want to fill the limited space I have with pieces that I can have for years. You’ll also notice I stick to neutral colors (lots of black, white, and gray) and patterns. That way instead of buying 5 shirts for every day and 5 more for date nights, I can transition the same pieces to work for both!

Kailee Wright Organizing Your Closet

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In addition to basics that are timeless and versatile, I like to invest in classic pieces as well. Someone once told me this analogy and I think it explains this point perfectly. If you buy a $10 shirt and wear it once, it was a $10 shirt. If you buy a $100 pair of shoes, and wear them 10 times, you’ve already made them into a $10 per wear investment. And chances are you are going to get a lot more wears out of them if they are a great quality piece. These sandals are a perfect example. Normally I would steer clear of that price tag, however after going back multiple times and loving them I bought them. I can honestly say they have been my most worn sandal, especially on vacation because they are so versatile, and I totally got my moneys worth.


This tip is huge. Minimalists are usually not too impulsive. Haha! Impulsiveness usually equals a lot of clutter. When I’m shopping, I try to think “Am I going to care about this shirt next week?”. Often times I make myself wait that long and see if it is still something I wish I had. If it is, then to me it is worth buying. If it is easily forgettable, I move on.

Kailee Wright Organizing Your Closet


Last but not least is to edit seasonally. When you are switching from sweaters to swim suits, take the time to edit your wardrobe. If there are sweaters or jeans in there that you only wore one time that season, it’s probably time for them to go. One of the biggest causes of clutter is getting attached to pieces we don’t really love and wear.

kailee wright master closest organization

I hope these tips help you to simplify your space and your wardrobe, and add more of that minimalist feeling into your home.

photos: aubrey taiese

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  1. totally agree with your post! My husband is in his medical training and we move every 3-4 years. this helps us cycle through and purge the unnecessary items we accumulate, but i also like to live in an organized and uncluttered home. I love seeing your home and reading your tips about your minimalist life!

  2. Oh my goodness… this just is too close to home . We have a beey tiny house ans there are 9 of Us. 7 kids! We are trying to save to finish the basement to make more room! Love all your tips kailee and love following you. Truly are a genuine peRson!

  3. Thanks for sharing! We live in a small house and in the process of building. I did a huge closet clean out 2 years ago. Basically 1 baseball hat, 1 sun hat, 1 Beanie. I noticed I wear the same thing even witha full closet of clothing. Would love to see your #1 basics to splurge on.

  4. This helped me so much when i was cleaning my closet out! I got rid of 9 trash Bags of clothes! I think the biggest thing that i noticed was being Less stressed out now that my closet is clean! Its amazing how that has brought my stress level down! You’re awesome! Thanks for the ins!

  5. Thank you Kailee! Such an inspiring viDeo. Such great tips! My favorite part was that its just stuff & That people and RElatIonships are what matter. Also, the one in one out idea is fantasTic.

  6. Where did you get your hats. Also can you suggest how to find someone reasonable to organize my closet by installing new closet racks and shelves without spending Alot. Thanks. I live in South Florida.

  7. Cute closet space! What do you put in the big drawers? And along the minim lines, do your girls do hand me downs with their clothes or are they too far apart in age to save things? Would love to see rheir ward spaces too!

  8. I am in the Process of building my home, would love to know the dimeNsions of your square closet, love tjat ots bot too big, bot too small!

  9. I absolutely love your closet! Love the idea of clean/simple yet modern look. Do you happen to know which closet system/organizer that is, I’m in the process of finishing our house build and looking at different options. Also, how do you organize all your shoes?

  10. I really like your closet and your honesty what I did see was that you said that you were those hats every day and I got me a few and I think they’re super cute but I don’t know what to wear them with can you make a video of that


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