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Teen Takeover: My Chores + Allowance

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Hey Guys!  It’s Hunter, here for another Teen Takeover!!! A few posts back I talked all about my cell phone and the rules my parents have for it. I mentioned how I have to do chores and pay for extra things on my own and got a lot of questions about it. So today we are talking all things CHORES + ALLOWANCE! Yes I have daily chores I have to do, which I don’t love, but it has given me a lot more freedom with how I spend my money, and responsibility too. Keep reading to hear what my chores are, how much my allowance is, and all the details of the debit card I use that is so awesome for teens!

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Ok so first lets talk about what my chores actually are. My mom makes a checklist type thing for each of us (you can download a printable here) that has each of our must do daily chores. Mine include make my bed, clean my bathroom, read my scriptures, say my prayers, clean my zone, do my homework, do some kind of physical activity and any extra jobs she has for me that day. If I want to get paid AND be able to use my phone, I have to do all the jobs every day. But if I miss some one day, I don’t get my phone that day, and will be paid less at the end of the week. If I am wanting/needing extra money, I can also ask for bonus paid jobs too. Those are like cleaning the pool closet, or organizing

kailee wright green light card


So how my allowance works is actually kind of nice. My parents pay by our age, and that is how much we get a week. We have to separate our tithing into a savings account, but everything else is up to us on how we spend/save. Instead of just getting cash, every Sunday they put it into our own bank accounts that connect to these GREENLIGHT DEBIT CARDS! If you haven’t heard of them , they are so awesome for teens. I love it because I have complete control over what a buy, I can order stuff online, and keep track of how much I have easier as well. This year I had to pay for all my school clothes and it was nice to just be able to order online with the card.

My parents love it because they get a text message every time I use the card, so they can monitor my spending too.

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As much as I don’t love having to pay for my own stuff, it has really taught me the importance of budgeting and paying attention to my spending. I am a lot more careful with what I’m willing to spend money on because I know the hard work that goes into earning it, instead of just my parents buying it for me. Of course I don’t love doing chores, but I do love having the money and of course having my phone so I am willing to do it for what I get in return. I hope this helped answer your questions about chores + allowance!

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