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1. These Zuzii Oxford Blue Dot shoes are made right here in LA and we have been huge fans of Zuzii’s Oxfords since the beginning of their company.

2. We all know Freshly Picked moccs had to be on my tiny shoe must haves, and I don’t even know how you even begin to choose a color?!

3. Tweet Designs is an amazing company I found through a great friend of mine.  These amazing handmade leather shoes are made in Macadonia.

4. Toms were a staple with my daughter Hayden + their girl patterns are to die for.

5. Salt Water Sandals have been around for years!!  This company knows how to never go out of style and appeal to moms forever!

6. Another favorite Zuzii Pewter Sandal…you can never go wrong with theses.

7. Tiny Slip on Toms…easy on and easy off.

8. The Bahama Crib Shoe…um do I even have to say anything.

9. Baby Chucks!!! I love how unisex these are and that any color is fabulous for either boy or girl!

10. Ralph Lauren baby ballet shoes have always been I favorite for my girls.  I have both the pink and white pair for both my girls.





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