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White After Labor Day


white dress  |  wedges  |  white sweater  |  ruffle tee  |  clutch  |  white tennies  |  long sleeve top  |  button up top  |  white pants (on sale for $59)

I’d love to know who made up the rule that you aren’t suppose to wear white after labor day?! Seriously? If you ask me, I think its pretty funny. I’m never given up my basic white tee for anything,  any season or rule – ever. haha. So today I thought it would be fun to share my most worn white items in my closet, and most are under $100!!

I love this white ruffle tee and have it in a couple other colors as well. It’s the perfect basic mixed with a little twist to change up your everyday white t-shirt.

These white pants are one of my all time favorite! If you’ve followed along here for awhile you no without a doubt that I wear my white jeans a ton in the winter as well as in the summer. (now this year being in northern utah…that might be a different story) The high-waisted style with a bit a distressing are my go-to white jeans!

As you all may know, these white tennies are one of my top go-to shoes when I’m on the go. I’ve worn them with just about everything… from dresses to joggers + jeans, you name it! Plus, they are literally so comfy!

And this is one of my favorite “dressy” dresses to wear. I’ve worn this white dress it to Harper’s blessing day, a few temple, weddings, and to church on occasion. I love the girly lace details and the bell sleeves are the perfect touch.

Well there you have it — white is totally okay after labor day!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with you people!! And I’d love to know if you are pro white after labor day or not?

xx kails


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