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5 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

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Kailee Wright_Closet

As Fall is coming and with my belly is growing at quite a rapid speed I decided it was finally time to go through my closet. It always seems like such a huge task, but if you stick to a few simple tips I promise it will make the task easier!!

With living in a small house, I have gotten asked a lot about how we survive and function with 4 (soon to be 5) little people. Our house is only about 1,300 sqft.  We also run my business + cut hair out of the house –  so it’s pretty tight to say the least. My biggest secret is staying organized!! This is seriously the only thing that keeps me sane.

  1. Stay organized. With a tiny house, comes a tiny closet. Because of the small space, it’s key to keeping my closet organized so I can get the most out of its space. I don’t think you have to have a ton of money to have a super organized, or put together closet. Almost everything I bought to help organize was from Target. I also had Joe make me some shoe shelves from Lowes which turned out to be super easy! I decided not to paint them or put a lot of extra time into it as we will be moving in 10 months.
  2. Thin/sleek hangers to save on hanging space. Some of my favorite items I have are these huggable hangers from Target. They are grippy + sleek and have made a huge difference — given me so much more extra space in my closet! Plus my tops don’t slip off the sides or the hanger anymore, and they help your sweaters keep their shape.
  3. Stackable drawers. I also love these white plastic bins with drawers They are super cheap and  I put all of my extra items in here like my swimsuits, cover ups and workout clothing. I also use this mini white jewelry drawer to store the rest of my jewelry.
  4. Use your wall space.  Another tip to save a ton of extra space in your closet is to hang up all of your hats! This was a huge life saver for me because I’m such a huge hat lover + might have a slight obsession. We just put some nails around the top of our closet so they weren’t in the way and the hats hang up easily. Seriously so easy and it saves a ton of space!
  5. Behind the door. Don’t forget about using your door!!! Seriously every inch of space in my TINY closet has something hanging from it, nailed to it and so on. Get a simple belt hanger, shoe organizer or anything that you can hang and store items behind your door.

Pull everything out of your closet or go through each item in sections — but really go through each item in your closet!! I make piles…one to take to Good Will or the DI and another pile or friends, one for items that are maternity or seasonal items I need to store under the bed or in our attic. Below are some great questions to ask yourself when your going through your closet. Be honest with yourself and these questions with help making decisions easier.

. .  questions to ask yourself when going through your closet . .

Pull everything out and go through each item
Do I absolutely love it?
Does it currently fit?
Is it flattering on your body?
Is it a great basic piece?
Are you pregnant?
Have you wore it in the last 6-12 months? (if you haven’t more then likely you won’t wear it anytime soon)
Is it currently in style?

I hope these tips help answer all of your questions. A lot of these items were inexpensive and super easy to put together. You don’t have to have a designer, or a ton of money to make a few simple changes to help stay organized + save space!! Thanks for stopping by friends + share your favorite organization tips!! I am all ears!!

xx – kails

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Kailee Wright_Closet
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    1. Hey Sharna!!
      We have a tiny other closet that I keep all my dresses and jackets in. 😉 Super small closets means I have to split up my clothes. haha.

  1. Love this post! I think my closet is even smaller than yours and it’s such a horrible setup that I’ve never known how to really organize it well… Which means it’s pretty much always messy You’ve given me some good ideas!

    1. Christen!!!

      Tiny closet girls unite!!! I know the feeling — and once I got mine finally organized it felt like I had so much more room!! Sending good organizing vibes your way. And let me know if you need anything!!