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5 Tips for Getting Baby on a Sleep Schedule

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I’ve been getting a ton of email + questions on how to get your baby on a sleep schedule. I’ve done a few blog posts in the past on our favorite sleep products, and one about sleep training Houston + a few more. But today I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite tips on how to get your baby on a sleep schedule. Now by all means I am no expert but these are just some things I have learned with my five babies.


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make sure baby is fully fed + burped : I personally think the best way to start baby off to a great sleep or a full nights rest is to make sure they are fully fed annnndd burped. This seems to be my babies biggest hangup — when they’re not burped ALL THE WAY. My babies usually have a couple of burps and seem to  be bit more gassy. So if I just hold them upright and wait an extra 10 minutes after their feeding they can usually stay asleep without any gas bothering them. I’d much rather spend an extra 10 mins after feed then them waking up in 45 minutes because of the tummy ache.

dim lights + sound machine : dimming the lights or closing the shades helps cue sleep time. Plus who wants to sleep in broad daylight. haha. The sound machine. I like to use one to help drown out noise. BUT to also get my babies used to constantly hearing noise when they sleep. My older people can live + play and I don’t have to worry about the baby waking up.

swaddling : is a huge thing at our house + I like to think of myself as the master swaddler around here! The tighter the better – really. Swaddling contains baby’s flying arms and helps them feel safe and secure. (gives them “boundaries” to push from and makes them feel like in the womb again) You can see more why I loved swaddling so much + learn how the correct way to swaddle HERE.

stick to the same routine : this is more with bedtime but  it helps with naps too. At night I like to wipe my babies down or give them a bath, change their diaper, feed them and of course swaddle them. Doing the same thing in the same order every night, helps baby start to learn the cues at bedtime. I also like to make sure there’s a sound machine.

try to be home when it’s nap time : (or wear a wrap) I always try to make sure I’m home around nap time. It is hard, but most days my babies sleep is more important then running errands. I know newborn sleep so much that it’s nearly impossible. My babies always sleep better at home versus on the go. Plus, when they’re being put down at the same time every day in their own bed with all the cues above I feel like they start to recognize nap time and bedtime a lot faster.

I hope some of my tips and tricks I’ve used for my babies over the years might be able to help some of you with your little ones. These might not work for everyone but they worked for us and our babies. Getting baby on a sleep schedule is not an easy task.  If you have any suggestions or tips you’d love to share I’d LOVE to hear them. Thanks for all your encouraging support here in this space + I always love hearing back from all you guys!!

xx – kails


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  1. These are some great tips! Thanks Kailee 🙂 what age did you start the routine at? I have a one month old and am wondering when to start trying to get her on a schedule/routine. Thanks!

    1. I usually don’t start until at least 3 months or older. But all of my babies have been different. Once they have slept through the night a couple times on their own and I know they can sleep for a long stretch I usually start. Hope that helps!! Let me know if you have any more questions.


  2. I couldn’t agree more with everything you just said! I’ve had 3 babes and my family calls me the baby whisper when it comes to sleep training. I forwarded your post to my sister who’s pregnant with her 1st.
    Love your blog and insta posts! I’m in the process of starting a blog and yours gives me inspiration! Xo

    1. Mara!!

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! You are beyond sweet + thanks for being here. Yeah I am kinda crazy with my kids sleep…but they are SOOOO much happier when they get the rest they need!! And I’m so excited for you to start your own blog — wishing you the best of luck friend!!


  3. I am pregnant with our fourth kiddo and use a lot of the same tricks you do. I am curious about the “Dock A Tot” Why do you like it so much? We have used pretty much all the other products you use.

    1. Kristen,

      I really like it because of it portability!! Really I can move it anywhere or put it in any bed and my babies don’t skip a beat. It also has helped transition my babies from the swaddle because I think it nestles them rather then them being in this wide open crib. Does that make sense? Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions!! I’d be happy to answer.


  4. Hi There! My daughter is 3 weeks. She cries often when put in her crib.. she’ll wake out of her sleep. She definitely knows the difference between her bed & ours.. btw she’s only slept in our bed about 3 times. My husband feels as though she does not want to be in her crib. She also prefers to be held and rocked to sleep. How can I break her from this, not wanting to be in her bed. How do you put your kiddos to sleep, if I may ask. Thanks in advance

    1. Lenzi,

      Oh man that it a hard one. Honestly you just need to do what is best for you and what your momma heart can handle. Maybe just start with naps in her crib during the day and start slow. It really takes time and all babies are different. Houston was in our room for 7 months…because I thought he was our last and well it didn’t bother me. My first two babies were totally in their own cribs all the time by 2 months. haha. So it’s all really up to you. I don’t think there is a “right/certain” time for anything and there is not right or wrong way to raise our babies. I think 3 weeks is really young and just soak up every little moment of it — cause trust me in about 10 weeks she won’t be laying on your chest and sleeping anymore and it’s sad. I would just start what I mentioned above and around 3-4 months start to get more serious. If that’s what you want to do. Or wear a wrap!! That was a lifesaver for me with Houston. Hope that helps any. Let me know + thanks for being here!!



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