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6 Must Have Sleep Items for Baby

Kailee Wright_Baby Products

sweater  |  white jeans + similar (only $59!)  |  baby nightgown + here  |  bow  |  swaddle blankets + here

I’ve had a ton of questions about sleep/training + my favorite sleep products. So I’m excited to finally share my top items when it comes to getting through those first few months of sleepless nights with baby. You can read about our “sleep training” experience with Houston HERE, but for today lets dive right in to some great products!!

Kailee Wright_Baby Products

my bedding  |  blue fluffy pillow

These six products I have used through out the last ten years one if not all  five little people, and they are all products we love and swear help make night time feedings, diaper changes and more go a bit more smoothly. I hope some are able to help you + your baby our as well. Please let me know if you have anymore questions as I’d be happy to answer anything!!

1. nightgowns – I never used these with my first and I don’t know why? Okay, well I do…because my mom never used them, so of course I didn’t. hmmmm. But once baby #2 came I gave them a try and was hooked!! Nightgowns are a MUST have for night time changes. No snaps or putting little legs in and out + they make for easy access and I feel it doesn’t wake up baby as much during diaper changes.

Kailee Wright_Baby ProductsKailee Wright_Baby Products

 baby nightgown + here  |  bow  |  white blanket  |  swaddle blankets + here  |  little recliner/sleeper  |  diaper caddy


2. diaper caddy – I love organization, and during the middle of the night is no different for me. I love having everything you need in one spot and ready + easy to grab. I fill our caddy with anything we might need during the night – diapers, burp cloth, wipes, extra nursing pads, binki etc and I make sure it’s stocked before bed. So there is no searching for anything at night.

Kailee Wright_Baby ProductsKailee Wright_Baby Products

 little recliner/sleeper  |  diaper caddy

3. swaddle blankets – I swear by a good swaddled or burritoed baby!! I honestly think this make all the difference with my babies during the night. I feel like it keeps them all secure so their little arms can’t flail around and wake them up. My family makes fun of me, and how tight I wrap my babies –  but i know thats why they usually sleep so good is because they stay swaddled. Finding a good swaddling blanket is key!! These ones are great!! They are big, square, and breathable so baby doesn’t get to hot.

Kailee Wright_Baby ProductsKailee Wright_Baby ProductsKailee Wright_Baby Products


4. owlet  – Okay this has been the biggest game changer for me personally. The Owlet is a tiny little sock that tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. It’s designed to notify you if your baby’s levels fall out of the preset zones. You can read more in depth why I love this little sock HERE. It honestly has helped me to be able to calm down and night and not worry about baby and actually sleep during those few hours baby sleeps.

Kailee Wright_Baby ProductsKailee Wright_Baby Products


5. dock a tot  – We get asked about the dock a  tot all the time!! I love this little pod because baby is safe and snuggly all the time. It’s safe for co-sleeping,  you can move it to any room in the house as you go about your day – which is what we do. We have also  loved it for traveling and eventually when you go up to the bigger size (the grand) it makes for easy transitioning to the crib. Houston slept in his dock a tot clear until he was one. You can read more about it HERE.

Also my friends at Dock a Tot were kind enough to offer you guys a $10 OFF discount!! Click HERE for the code + I you and your babies love it as much as we do — which I’m sure you will!!

kailee-wright-dock-a-tot kailee-wright-dock-a-tot


6. sound machine – People ask how Harper sleeps through all the noise with four other little people and my biggest tip is DON’T make your house quiet from the beginning!! You have got to live. During the first week I try to lay the baby down in the front room or wherever all the people are so from day one my babies are used to noise. Days when everyone is gone and and back in school I use a sound machine for the constant noise. I also love them because it does help muffle all the high pitched screams or those loud startling noised that sometimes wake baby. Honestly all of my kids have one in their rooms. Love them!!!

Well I hope this helps!! Let me know if there any other particular posts you’d love to do!! Plus, I’d love to hear any products you can’t live without!!

xx- kails

photos : corissa ann


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