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I am so excited today to be teaming up with Owlet + share with you guys how it has changed the way we sleep at night! When Owlet contacted me it couldn’t have been more perfect timing for our family. We had just had Houston and of course with a new baby come sleepless nights, and the middle of the night feedings is not what I’m talking about…it’s the worrying through the night if my baby is going to be okay.

I’m always paranoid about Sids or having my baby stop breathing in the middle of the night and me not know. I have been like this with all my babies. I hope I’m not the only one?  I’ve seen huge monitors that go underneath a crib mattress (we actually bought one with our first baby) but it was not actuate and would go off all the time. Which didn’t help my anxiety at all…it only made it worse. So we had to stop using it, but I still couldn’t get over the scary feelings.

Owlet is a baby breathing monitor that goes on your baby’s foot!! Seriously, I about died when I started doing my research online about it + when I read it had alerted a few parents and potentially saved their babies lives I knew we had to get one! When the Owlet came in the mail I couldn’t wait to get it on Houston’s foot!! To be able to sleep at night and know that Houston will be okay has given me back such a calmness at night, not to mention I feel like I can truly rest at ease in between those late night feedings knowing that an alarm will sound if anything were to happen to him. I also love that I can check my phone for his hate rate + oxygen levels. Simply the best.

Owlet has honestly changed the way we sleep at night!! So much that I have bought a few monitors for my pregnant friends that get super worried like myself. Seriously, I don’t think you can every put a price tag on something like this!! Trust me —  Baby Owlet Monitor  is a game changer!!


photos by Corissa Ann Photography / thank you Owlet for collaborating on this post 


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  1. We used a similar type monitor that clipped onto our little guy’s diaper and it was amazing! The only way I could sleep! The only problem was when he was a little older and started to roll over onto it we would have some false alarmings, so I quit using it. If this really works then it might be perfect (for the future)!

  2. This may be a silly question, but do you use the owlet on its own during the night? Or do you use it simultaneously with other monitors (video/movement)? Thanks!

    1. Right now harper is in our room so I don’t use a video monitor but when we move her into her own room in a few months I will use both. 😉