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All White Look + Two Tips for Keeping Clean

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Today I’m talking about one of the most classiest looks out there, (and a huge favorite of mine) the all white look! I will always love this timeless look + I love how you can wear it for any occasion. You can throw together this simple outfit with any white tee + denim from your closet and you will always look put together! I alway like to change it up by adding a pop of color with your jewelry + shoes or just add a statement necklace and your done! I rounded up some of my favorite white tee’s and white jeans for you all to check out. These staple pieces are a must for every closet!

Also, I get a ton of question’s + emails of how can I wear white with all the little people?! So here are a few tips and tricks I love to use throughout the day + when it comes time to wash. During errands I always carry Costco Baby Wipes…seriously we have them stashed everywhere. These wipes take out everything!! (also this is not sponsored in anyway, I’m just true crazy for these) So anytime I get a stain or someones little hands wipe up on me I just grab a wipe and staring wiping out the stain — you’ll be amazed. I also use them in our house to get out stains on my furniture, carpet, pillows or anything else for that matter. (they will change your life…or at least your cleaning life) haha. As far as washing goes…I will use a little bleach pen and just spot treat any stains before washing. Pretty easy. I’m not sure why people are so scared to wear white? I personally love even buying white clothes for my kids as I also know I can always bleach any stain out. I feel like there white dresses and shirts always look new and fresh for that reason. Okay, now go try wearing some white + so be scared!! And if you have any tips to share — I am all ears!!`

xx – kails

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  1. First off, I can’t believe you have such a fab figure and FOUR kiddos! I am the biggest costco wipes lover! I have tried so many others and nothing compares! I need to try these bleach pens.. there is nothing I love more than a simple white dress on my girls but I have throw out so many because they get stained!
    Xo, Tara