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Wedding Details + Giveaway


my dress  |  heels + here + here

Hello everyone! So I’m FINALLY sharing all of the details of my sisters wedding from a few weeks ago!! We had such an amazing weekend in Utah with the family and it was one that we will never forget! So many of you have asked about the fun details of the wedding and I’m finally getting to spill all the details today!

So a ton of you have asked about my sisters gorgeous wedding dress. I absolutely loved this dress on her and I thought it was so perfect! The top part was completely see-through, so she had a custom made tank top that matched her skin tone underneath.. You would have never known! You can find a similar dress HERE!

Speaking of perfect dresses, if your looking for a perfect dress to wear to all of you fancy occasions this summer, you seriously can’t go wrong with Teri Jon. I cannot say enough good things about Teri Jon dresses. I absolutely loved the dress I wore to the wedding and can’t get enough of it! The fit is so great and the material is phenomenal! These dresses are are definitely those timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. I’ve had my eye on these two dresses for awhile now here + here.

As for my girl’s they had very high expectations for their dresses. We got them from Tutu Du Monde and my girls can’t stop obsessing over them! They danced and twirled all night in their dresses and I couldn’t get them out of them that night, they loved them so much!! They loved getting all dressed up and these are now their all time favorites!!

. . . . .

On another note, I’d like to talk about my sister and the man that has made her so happy! Karli married Trapper, who comes along with a “black bear” named Mozzy. The kids are absolutely obsessed with Mozzy + Trapper. Hayden actually plays “pretend Trapper and Mozzy” all the time, haha!!

Trapper is the owner of True Gentleman, a luxury custom suit company, so of course he had customized, fitted suits made for the entire family! These suits were definitely the hit of the night. All the boys looked so dapper and had so many compliments on their suits all night. It was so great for Joe to finally have a suit that fits him perfectly and now I don’t want him to wear anything else! Let me tell you, no one else has ever convinced Joe to get a custom suit, until Trapper came along, and Joe absolutely loves it! (and that’s saying something!)

The whole process of making the suit was so much fun! From getting to pick out every detail.. to the buttons, the color of stitching, and inside lining design of his jacket! We were even able to personalize the suit more by putting his name and initials inside his suit + on his shirt. When you go with True Gentleman, you can truly get any suit you want, that is totally custom fitted to you! The possibilities are truly endless .

Joe and I never really understood why people spend the extra money on fitted/custom suits. But boy was I wrong!! The suit has made the world of a difference and I can totally see the difference in the way he looks compared to what he was wearing before. It’s definitely worth the little extra money on a custom suit than an off the rack. True Gentleman will even come to your home or office to save you the hassle of going to a store front or not knowing what your getting when buying off online. They truly make you feel special and will leave you feeling and looking good!

To celebrate we are having a huge giveaway on our Instagram tonight! We’re giving away a $1,200 custom suit from True Gentleman, and a dress from Teri Jon of your choice up to $600. (so two winners)  I’ll be posting around 6pm PST, so be sure to check out my Instagram for the giveaway details!! This is going to be huge!
It was such a fun weekend and we are so so happy for Karli and Trapper! I am so excited that the last sister is finally married! Please let me know if you have any other questions about more details of the wedding. I am more than happy to answer them!
xx – kails
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photography : aubrey taiese

Roderick 9

similar dress here

Cox girls 1


Hunter dress + similar  |  cardigan

Roderick 118kailee-wright

shirt + suit (True Gentleman)  |  shoes + similar  |  tie + here + here

kailee-wright kailee-wright

Hayden dress + similar  |  shoes (similar + here)  |  cardigan

Hudson suit  |  shoes

Roderick 75
Roderick 112
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