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Amazon Purchases For Our Rental: Part 1

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You guys! We are officially moved into our rental! It has been a busy couple weeks, but we are so so grateful to be fully moved into the rental. Moving is no joke! I have made Amazon order after Amazon order trying to get everything we need! I thought it would be fun to share all the random items I’ve ordered. This is just part 1 of everything I’ve bought… part 2 will come out next week so be looking forward to that!


swiffer mops + glad trash bags + heavy duty moving bags + wall mounted clothes rack + ring security indoor cameras + white floating shelves + nutribullet blender + white trash can + vacuum compression storage bags

mattress protector + LED bedroom lights + chest freezer + throw pillow inserts + lawnlift green grass paint + exercise puzzle mats + door mat + gray gathre mat + clear heavy duty storage bag

I’m going to highlight some of these items and better explain what I ordered them for, how much they were, and my review on them.


These compression vacuum sealed storage bags were so helpful as we were preparing to move and packing up our things. We used these sealed bags to pack pillows, blankets, baby clothes, and things we knew we wouldn’t need to use while we are in the rental. And better yet, they don’t take up much space at all! They come in a pack of 6 bags and are under $30.


The laundry room in our rental has absolutely no hanging space so we ordered this $40 clothes rack that we can mount to the wall! It holds a lot of clothes so I’m glad we purchased!


Hunter wanted to order these LED lights for her bedroom! They are seriously so cool! She ordered the 100ft of lights and it was only $17.99! You can change the color of the lights and they can also sync to the music you are playing. Such a fun buy!


I am so glad that we bought these puzzle gym mats! We ordered 2 bulks of them because we wanted to create a small home gym in the unfinished basement and these have worked great so far! They are under $40 too!


Joe and I really did our research on trash cans and we ended up ordering this white one! It holds 20 gallons and was the biggest one we could find. I’ve really liked it so far, especially because you can store garbage bags in the back of it.


We had to order this nitrobullet blender because everyone loves making their protein shakes in the morning! We have loved this brand of blender, especially because it’s a great deal! Only $70. Easy to use too!


Our rental freezer in the kitchen does not have much space, so we bought this white chest freezer from Amazon. Nothing too exciting, but it has worked great for us and it holds a lot!


Another great purchase was the blue heavy duty storage bags. We used these to pack stuffed animals, clothes, toys, and more. They made for an easy transition to our rental.


Last thing I wanted to quickly mention was that I ordered the swiffer sweeper because our rental has dark floors and I don’t want to mop everyday. We had dark floors in our California home and my swiffer sweeper was a life saver!

. . .

That wraps up part 1 for all my Amazon orders for the rental! I know these are such random items, but I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve ordered and have enjoyed making our rental feel like home. Part 2 will be all the items I ordered for bathroom and kitchen organization so stay tuned!

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