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Life/House Update

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I wanted to update you all about what is going on with our new build, our home sale, and our new rental. It has been hectic going through this process, but my family and I couldn’t be more grateful for how it’s all worked out.



So the update on our new build is that we were supposed to break ground a month ago but everyone knows that this process takes longer than expected. We are trying to get a jumbo loan and it’s just been crazy. We’ve been trying to get a couple different loans to get it but long story short, owning our home and trying to start building our new home at the same time is where we were having a hold up. So that’s why we put our house up for sale! We will keep everyone updated when we break ground. We are praying that it will be in the next couple of weeks when we finally close on the loan. The builder is telling us that our home will probably take about 16 months so we are hoping to be in there by next Christmas.


If you didn’t know, we sold our home! We sold it fully furnished. They literally wanted everything… like I’m talking sheets, mattresses, towels, etc. So, we are starting over when it comes to all of that stuff. We did get a full price offer, so we are so grateful. When we signed the papers, we had 13 days to be out of our home. We thankfully found a rental that is still in the same area as our home so that our kids don’t have to change schools, church buildings, etc.

By the time we had gotten accepted for the rental, we only had 6 days to move out all of our stuff. And you think that it’s mainly just moving clothes, but there’s so much stuff you don’t think about! We have been moving all our storage, holiday decorations, sports stuff, 7 bikes, everything in our bathrooms, etc. It has been a lot more than we thought. We also have to furnish our rental, so we’ve been going to IKEA to get new couches, a dining table, barstools, bedding, etc. We also ordered new mattresses from Cariloha so everyone is excited about that, [Cariloha code: KAILEE20]. Truthfully, this selling and moving process has been overwhelming, but again, we are feeling so blessed.


Our rental home is a lot smaller than our house we sold. The boys will be sharing a room and so will Harper and Hayden. Hunter will have her own room, so there’s not much change there. The rooms are little, their beds barely fit in there! The pantry is TINY compared to our current one and the closets are really little. So those are the only things that are going to be hard to figure out. The rental has an unfinished basement, so there’s tons of room for storage. All that storage space will be wonderful since we don’t need to unpack everything since we’ll be moving again in 15-16 months when the new build is done. As for the yard, it’s completely dead and there is no pool in the backyard.

Even though this house is a lot smaller than our house, I’m looking forward to less cleaning and soaking up more time with my kids. Simplifying is something that gives me peace so I’m looking forward to having less “things” and having more time to do the things we really want. The other day Hunter said she was actually excited to move into the rental. It’s kinda exciting now for the kids because it’s new, but I know it will hit us all soon. I’m sure there will be mourning for our last home. Hayden came into my room last night crying. She’s having a hard time with all the emotions. She is mostly excited but gets sad when she thinks she only has a few more nights in her bed. I’m really trying to teach the kids that memories are in our minds and not attached to things.

. . .

There’s an update for you all about our new build process and moving into our rental! We will keep you all updated when we break ground. Once again, we are just so so grateful. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive throughout this process!

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