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Take the thinking out of decorating your nursery with Oilo! We absolutely LOVE their fresh, clean esthetic. We also love that a lot of their bedding collections are gender neutral and super classic. They offer full baby bedding sets as well as carseat covers, changing pads covers, bassinets, gliders and so much more! Oilo is all over the place making celebrity nurseries beautiful – check out their site and blog to see how others have styled their fabulous products and designs. Oilo also has fantastic bedding for us moms, I personally love the Zara Collection and the Mosi sheets.


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  1. I really like the clean lines and simple style. Looks gorgeous. Fits in any decor. I like nursery products that don’t have animals or shapes or things. I like something that might last the kiddos for a while.

  2. Just what I need! I wouldn’t even call my daughters nursery a nursery because it doesn’t even look like one! For goodness sakes, she sleeps either with me or in her playpen which is in our living room…. We need some oilo products in our lives. Please. They’re so beautiful and I love the Zara collection also! Love the simple designs. My 8 month old would love it!

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