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3 Beauty Tools I Can’t Live Without

kailee wright nordstrom anniversary sale beauty picks

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When it comes to my beauty routine, I would say I keep things pretty simple! I am a mom of 5 and nobody has time for a lot of extra prep in the morning. I’ve shared my beauty routine + my hair routine recently here on the blog, and if you check them out you’ll see I’m all about what is going to protect + strengthen while being quick and easy! I realized I’ve never shared my top beauty tools that go along with those routines!So today I’m sharing my favorites, and bonus, they are on SALE!


kailee wright nordstrom anniversary sale beauty picks


A PMD or Personal Microderm Device is something every single one of you should invest in, especially as you get into your 30’s and up. It is basically like taking the benefits of a dermatologist appointment into your own home! It exfoliates deep into your skin, and helps take away any sun spots or scars you have + also helps to reduce acne. The suction it uses even helps to reduce fin lines + wrinkles. So you’ll see brighter tighter skin just from using it regularly.  All those benefits lumped into one tool is amazing! I am loving the results I’ve seen from using it.

kailee wright nordstrom anniversary sale beauty picks…GLOPRO…

Ok this is probably my favorite little beauty tool right now. It is just like my micro-needling appointments, but less intense. The best way I can think of to explain it in an easy to understand way is to think of getting your lawn aerated. This tool does basically that exact same thing to your face! It rolls a whole bunch of tiny needles over your skin, allowing all those amazing nutrient filled products to get deeper into your skin and do their job, while triggering your skin to heal + produce more collagen while it’s at it.  I was hesitant on if it could stand up to spa appointments. So I totally Instagram stalked the creator Jamie O’Banion, and you guys her skin is AMAZING!!! When your face looks like that, you know the products you stand behind are working!

kailee wright nordstrom anniversary sale beauty picks


If you are at all in the market for a blow dryer, or not 100% in love with yours, I have the must have beauty tool for you. This blow dryer has changed my life. I know I sound dramatic, but having done hair for over 15 years. I’ve never used a blow dryer I love as much as this one. It has a special technology that balances the heat protecting your hair and cutting back on the frizzy look you often get after a blow dry, because while it dries your hair so fast, it doesn’t dry out your hair at the same time! I also LOVE it because it is so light. When Sunday rolls around,  I’m doing 3 heads full of lots of hair. My arm is ready to fall off with a regular dryer, but this has been a game changer!

The thing I love most about these beauty tools, is they are such a good investment. Some of the spa appointments you can book for similar treatments are over $500 for one session. I know that is really not in everyone’s budget.  By investing in these beauty tools, you can make the step now to start focusing more on your skin or hair care, with a much smaller dent in your budget. So I wanna know, what are your go to beauty tools?!


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  1. I have had the pmd for years and love it and just got the glopro during the anniversary sale. I am excited to try it out! On the glopro it recommends using it three times a week. I’m wondering how often you use the glopro and how often you use the pmd each week? Thanks for your help!


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