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My Hair Routine

Kailee Wright-Hair routine

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One of the things I probably get the most requests for is my daily routine to get ready! To make it easier and as informative as I can, I’ve been breaking it down into sections in different posts. I shared about my daily beauty routine last week + what I’m doing to invest in my skin, and my 5 minute makeup routine here! That leaves the best for last, my hair routine! I’ve been doing hair for almost 17 years now (that makes me feel old!), so you could say I’ve got my method kind of down to a perfected routine! I decided the best way to share my go to favorites is to walk you through from wet to dry + styled!

Kailee Wright-Hair routine curls




I definitely don’t keep a secret how little I wash my hair! It might seem gross to some, but it is actually good for your hair to keep some of those natural oils and not dry it out by over washing. My hair is naturally curly, so it holds my curl longer without the greasy look. So for me personally, dry shampoo is a girls best friend!

When it does come to washing my hair, I want a shampoo + conditioner that gets the job done well. My main goal in using any product is to make sure it is making my hair healthier. My favorite shampoo + conditioner is by far this one, and really it is mostly because of the amazing smell. I always buy in bulk and by the time I’m done with the giant thing, I’ll switch out to a different kind. If you stick with a professional line, you should be good no matter what you choose. They are full of healthy ingredients to boost your hair.  One thing I will HIGHLY advise against is using Suave Shampoo. That is the one shampoo that will destroy your hair. If you want to rip out your color because you hate it, use that shampoo! Stay away!



This is by far my favorite go to leave in conditioner. I have used it for years and never found one that does a better job. It protects against all the heat you are about to apply to your hair through blow drying + styling. It’s second purpose is to detangle your hair. I love using it on my girls hair to get out any tangles so its not such a dramatic experience to do their hair! It also has Keratin. Keratin helps give you a smooth shiny look while making your hair stronger at the same time. Win win!

After the spray in conditioner, my next step is more Keratin with these drops. Again, I’m all about maintaining + strengthening my hair health! I can’t tell you how much Keratin should be at the top of your list for hair products. I use about a quarter size of this because my hair is thick + frizzy, but I recommend more like a dime size if you don’t have lots of hair.

And last but not least before we start drying is this smoothing balm. It is a deep conditioner in it that is amazing at smoothing my frizzy ends. I love that it moisturizes and gets in deep, but never gives you a weighed down feeling.



Normally I will dry my bangs so they are under control + not too curly, but besides that, I try to let my hair air dry whenever possible. If I’m in a rush and have to dry my hair, I always use this heat set first. Again this is another one to protect against heat + strengthen. I know it might seem like overkill. If your hair is fine/thin pick this or the smoothing balm, NOT both. My hair is blonde and curly so it can handle the excess, but the average person would be a grease ball with both!



Once I’m all dry, it’s time to style. Before I touch my hair with any additional heat, I go for another heat guard. I love this one because in addition to protecting your hair, it helps hold the shape of your curls. I spray a very light mist over sectioned off pieces of my hair, making sure to hit all the layers.

My most asked question about hair has got to be what I use to curl it. Here is the magic tool. Haha! I love using the 1 1/2″ to get my preferred curl size. For shorter hair, I’d go with a smaller barrel. I honestly curl my hair once a week and try not to touch it much with hot tools after that. Avoid heat on your hair whenever possible! I will touch up my sides but usually that’s about it!

I really try to limit products after my hair is dry, to keep it cleaner and lasting longer. These are my favorite go to’s.

  • Texture Spray : I am OBSESSED with this stuff! It is amazing. It is basically like they took a wax and made it in to a spray form. . I LOVE using it when I really want my curls to have more texture and look their best. It is my go to for date night, a photo shoot, or even church, but definitely not something I’d put in my hair every day as it would add to much grit and make for quicker washing.
  • Hair Spray : This stuff is the BOMB!  I have never liked hairspray but had a friend recommend this one when I was in Cincinatti and I fell in love. It gets the job done but doesn’t give you that hard sticky look/feel most hairsprays do.
  • Dry Shampoo : It is no secret this is my most used hair product. haha! I can keep my hair looking like day 1 for almost a week with the help of this goodness. This is probably the only product I will recommend that isn’t a professional line. It is cheap + amazing and gets the job done!


I think that should wrap up my hair routine! One thing I do want to mention, and this is not at all sponsored,  is to keep in mind where you are buying your hair products. You’ll notice that I linked just about everything through stores like Ulta. If you know me, you know that if I can get something on Amazon with that beautiful 2 day shipping I’m going to do it, except when it comes to hair products. I have had multiple distributors (this is of professional lines) tell me that when they have expired products they go to places like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.

I’m not saying everything you buy from them is going to be no good, but keep that in mind when you see an amazing deal at those places. It most likely is too good to be true. For me, hair products are something I’m willing to invest a little extra on to know they are going to work at their full potential!

So now that I’ve shared my hair routine, I’d love to hear some of your favorite hair finds! I always love trying new ones! And if you have any questions that I missed, please leave them here so I can add the answers to the post for everyone!

xx kails

Kailee Wright-Hair routineKailee Wright-Hair routine product

photos : aubrey taiese 


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  1. Thanks for the awesome tips, Kailee! Can’t wait to try the recommended products too. Quick question- I have found when I let my hair air-dry, it’s much more difficult to style and it becomes suuuper flat (even if I put some leave in root product). Any recommendations or tips?

    1. I usually dry the top of my hair and bangs to give it the volume and let the bottom air dry to avoid it going flat!

  2. Loved this post! I have naturally curly hair too so I’m excited to use some of the products you use to curtail this frizz ball that is my hair.
    Question: what do you do with your hair when sleeping in order to maintain frizz free curls for days?
    Thanks again for sharing! You and your family are adorable.

    1. I usually just try to lay it up above my head, but haven’t really had issues with them getting to squished or uncurled. Hope that makes sense!

  3. When you say “shampoo conditioner”, are you saying you only use the conditioner you linked, and not shampoo before? Just one step?

  4. I’m so curious, how do you get your bright blonde color? Is it highlights or another type of coloring. Thanks!

  5. How do these curls compare to curling wand curls? (I thought I caught a glimpse of a Paul mitchell curling wand in your insta-stories a little while back).

    1. The curling wand gives you a tighter bouncier curl while the curling iron gives kind of a softer natural curl. Hope that makes sense.

  6. Great post! I love your hair. I’m really wanting to go longer between washing. What shampoo + conditioner would you recommend for non color treated hair?

    1. Thank you!! Really any of the professional brands are the way to go. My personal preference is Biolage (even in the non-color form) because it washes so well and you can’t beat the smell!

    1. They are actually really similar and I used a curling wand for years. I really think the only huge difference is personal preference on ease of use. I love both but feel like with my hair I get a more natural curl with the curling iron.

  7. Any tips for someone who’s hair is super sleek and starts looking oily the same day of a shower? Feel like I’ve tried everything! Any product or hair care suggestions?

    1. It is all about training your hair. Start with washing every other day and using dry shampoo to help…then add another day when you can. Your hair will get used to how you train it. Make sure you aren’t using too much other product that will add grease.

  8. I’m wondering what you do freshen the smell of your hair? . Like today I went to the park with my kids. My hair is still clean but now. It smells like outside and I hate it!!

    1. Sometimes I will spray a little bit of dry shampoo in the ends of my hair to freshen it up! I’ve heard they have hair perfume you can buy too!

  9. Hi! My hair is very similar to yours, so I am very thankful that you shared your tips and products! YAY!!!
    I’m pregnant and wondering if you did NOT use any of these products while you were pregnant. I’ll obviously ask my doctor, but just wondering if you know for sure if any are off limits. Thanks!!!!

    1. I have had them for years and don’t even remember! I always color them to match my hair when I color my hair and cut them to fit how I like too…so I”m probably not a lot of help!

  10. I also use the biolage shaMpOo and conditioneR, and i love it! you mentioned that you alternate your shampOo and conditioneR…wHat would be Your next ChoICe after the biolage? Thanks for the tips!!


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