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Bodycon Dresses + the Best Shapewear


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With the holidays here,  we are all looking for that perfect party dress. Wearing body-con dresses can be tricky, especially when pregnant. It’s always so tough trying to hide those undergarment lines, or trying to find a dress that isn’t so tight that it creates those nagging creases you can never get rid of. However, I’ve learned that finding the perfect shapewear + a dress with some stretch, like this one, is key for finding that perfect  body-con dress look.

(non-maternity + maternity)

After having four babies I pretty much feel like the “shapewear expert”. My favorite thing to wear post-baby is a pair of shapewear that smooths out all of those extra curves. They have been a lifesaver when trying to get ready for fancy events right after baby. Plus, it’s one thing I swear by to help get my belly back down after having a baby. I really like these high-waist SPANX to wear with dresses + tight blouses and jeans. I also like this slip that smooths out your curves and is great to wear with those body-con dresses! You can read more  HERE why shapewear is my go to after baby.

I rounded up some of my favorite-most used shapewear below. Snag some before all the holidays hit so your ready when those dresses are laying quite right. Plus, happy Thanksgiving week friends!!!

xx – kails


kailee-wright_bodycon-blue-dresskailee-wright_bodycon-blue-dress kailee-wright_bodycon-blue-dresskailee-wright_bodycon-blue-dress kailee-wright_bodycon-blue-dresskailee-wright_bodycon-blue-dresskailee-wright_bodycon-blue-dress
photos: corissa ann

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  1. Kailee,

    I know this is an older post, but I was reading about the shape wear. You linked the Commando slip and the Spanx high waisted shaper. I want it primarily for dresses, but I am wondering about whether the slip rides up at all? Do you always wear the slip under all of your cute dresses or do you wear the shaper too?

    1. Hey Heather!!!

      I’m so glad you found this post. So I actually have the slip and the normal short type. I love both for different reasons. I love the slip for longer dresses or when I know I won’t be chasing my little people around and for shorter dresses and events with my kids I like the short type. Hope that helps. Let me know if you need anything else.


  2. Hi Kailee,

    I love the way this dress looks as a maternity dress! I was hoping to get your advice on what size to order to accommodate my growing belly! I’m normally a size 2, do you think the medium would work?


    1. I think a medium should work great! I went up a size from my normal size, and its super strechy! hope that helps!


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