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easy strawberry smoothie



– 1/2 cup milk (regular milk, coconut or almond…I use whatever we have at the time)

– 1/2 orange juice

– 1 cup strawberries (I use frozen when I’m in a hurry but fresh strawberries are great as well)

– 1 banana

– 1 cup frozen fruit (sometimes I use the mixed fruit but I also love just using pineapple)

(you can add a few ice cubes if you’d like to thicken up the texture)


That’s it!!! So super easy + fast! Just throw it all in a blender and blend. My kids love this for a snack anytime during the day or night. We usually do these after dinner or I’ll make them before we head out to the pool.

Also, a fetish I have (I got this from my mom + my husband thinks it’s hilarious) is whenever we have a fun smoothie or Orange Julius I ALWAYS have to drink it out of a fun or fancy glass. I’m not sure why, but I just love it + you know if always makes the drink/smoothie taste better! Haha. My kids have caught onto this and now they request the same + we always use these fun Paper Straws. I just ordered these fun Mason Jars…seriously so cute! Enjoy + go make yourself a strawberry smoothie!!




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