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family pictures tips + ideas

It’s that time of year again…family picture time. My husband cringes at the word + I think he honestly thinks I just love to torture him. Haha. I personally have a love/hate with the whole family pictures. They are so stressful…from picking out all the outfits, to making sure everyones hair is done, no one spills on their clothes or runs through the mud + somehow that’s when the sibling fighting always seems to happen and by time we sit down for pictures I’m usually a hot sweaty mess looking like a drowned dog just trying to survive it all!! Is anyone with me?!

So here are just a few helpful tips for family pics that I have learn through out the years with four little people.

  • As far as outfit planning…pick/buy YOUR outfit first and then plan around the one outfit. I think it’s easier to base off one outfit and then go from there. This year I knew I needed somehthing nursing friendly + something that could comoflage my postpartum stomach so I went with this amazing shirt dress! Plus you want to feel good about yourself, becuase most of the time we are sending these pictures out to family or hanging them on our walls!! Haha. Hence the reason I say pick your outfit first.
  • Plan a time that is good for you + the family…where you’ll have PLENTY of extra time to get everyone ready. (with no other activities for that day)
  • Wash everyones hair + yours the day before to cut down on time getting ready (and just incase you have a bad hair day) and don’t try something new or fancy for any hairstyles that day.
  • Have all outfits ironed + hung a few days before. Along with all little peoples shoes cleaned if needed.
  • Feed everyone before!! It doesn’t matter what time it is…if everyone is full it = more happiness. Trust me.  Also bring snacks, gum, toys (like their favorite truck or pacifier) for the little people. Trust me if you see your sons favorite car in his hand it is not going to matter at all + you’ll probably love the picture more because of the memory.

I hope that helps a bit!! Learn from my mistakes and just try to relax. Also my photographer said to me once…if you try not to expect anything out our your youngest little people (so prepare for the worst) It will always turn out way better then what you thought! Happy Tuesday friends!! If you have any words of advice + tips please pass them along!!


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  1. This was SO helpful! We are actually taking our family pictures this weekend so this post was just in time! Thanks for posting!

  2. We just completed mother/daughter pictures last week! All of your points are spot on. My biggest fear was my two month old would be cranky for all of the pictures, but she ended up sleeping through most of them and those were my favorite ones! 🙂


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