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Fancy Dresses That Are Worth The Splurge

Kailee Wright Nordstrom special occasion dresses

my dress + heels + super similar  ||  charm bracelets + gold ring + necklace + similar wallet

Spring is upon us and we couldn’t be happier!! Besides the amazing weather, it usually brings a lot of big events. Whether it is attending a graduation, a wedding, celebrating Easter, or even going to Prom, so many things seem to land in spring! With all these events on your calendar, you might find yourself searching everywhere for dresses to match the occasion. Well you came to the right place because while I was doing my own shopping, I put together a round up of my favorites that would be perfect for any special occasion you have coming up (including my favorite prom looks for those of you with teens), and a couple tips tip to keep in mind when buying any special occasion dresses.

Kailee Wright Nordstrom special occasion dresses

my dress + heels + super similar option + similar wallet


My biggest tip when looking for dresses for these special occasions is to think timeless. Fancy dresses usually don’t come with a small price tag. Instead of splurging on a one time outfit, make the investment in a classic, timeless piece that you will be able to wear for years to come. Avoid big prints that could just be trendy and stick to classic colors.

I personally love shopping for our special occasion dresses at Nordstrom. If you’ve been around for awhile that should be no surprise. They have so many high quality items, especially when it comes to occasion wear. Hunter and I took a peek at their Prom Dresses when we went in last and couldn’t believe all the gorgeous options. With all of their pieces, I know that while I may be making the splurge or money commitment now, I know I will have a high quality go to piece in my closet for big events for years to come. And my very favorite thing is their shipping and return policy. I can shop from the comfort of my own home and pick 10 different options to try on and know that returning the ones I don’t choose is quick and easy.

Kailee Wright Nordstrom special occasion dresses

charm bracelets + gold ring + similar wallet


Accessories can make or break an outfit, ESPECIALLY when it comes to special occasion dresses. While your dress may be more simple and classic, adding the right accessories can take your look to the next level and be just what it needs to give it that extra pop. By going with a more simple dress, then you can splurge on those heels and go for sparkles or a bold statement with a bright color or animal print.

. . .

Now that I’ve shared my tips to keep in mind before you buy, let’s get to the shopping. I’ve broken it down into a couple different occasion categories below to make things easier!

Kailee Wright Nordstrom special occasion dresses



Spring is jam packed with allll the graduations and weddings to attend. Keep in mind, you are guest for this type of special occasion and not the star. While you want to look nice and dressy enough for the event, you also want to keep it classic and simple so you aren’t over done. And that old wedding rule that you’re not allowed to wear white…so not true. As long as you aren’t trying to top the bride in style, feel free to grab any color you want!



While every girl loves to go all out on Prom, I love the idea of keeping it again really classic and going with something you could wear again in the future. I always hated the thought of spending a fortune on a dress and then never being able to wear it again! I can’t even believe Hunter isn’t even too far from being able to go to her own prom and we will be dress shopping for her!




While you tried to be classic and blend in the last category, these are the dresses where you are really making a statement. Think more along the lines of formal night on a cruise, or awards dinner.

Kailee Wright Nordstrom special occasion dresses

If you’ve got a big event coming up, I hope this roundup helped narrow down your choices for that perfect dress!

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