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Our Home: Office Update

Kailee Wright House home office

rug chairs  |  pillow  |  pink planter (white option)  |  gray planter  |  art  |  tile

When we first moved in a little over a year ago, and it came time to decorate our house, this was the one space I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with yet. I knew we needed an office and a “homework” station, but as far as looks go I didn’t have a vision quite put together yet. It couldn’t stay bare while I made up my mind, because it is the first thing you see when you walk into our home. So we ended up going mostly with re-purposing furniture we already had in our previous home, and it turned out great (see details here). While I liked it, it didn’t feel like it flowed with the rest of the home, so we took on a little update and we are SO happy with how it turned out!

Kailee Wright House home office

chaise pillows rug  |  table  |  white vase + greenery  |  blue vase  |  blinds

One of the best things about this room is how much sunlight the window brings in. It has quickly become one of our favorite places to snuggle up and read a book, or to watch the kids play outside. Even Marley can usually be found here. One of the biggest things that bothered me about the previous set up, was the couch covered the window. It is such a focal point in the space I didn’t want to go covering it up. My parents just built a house down in St George and have the same low windows. When I saw my mom went with a low day bed/chaise option, I thought it was genius!!

Finding the right chaise that I loved was another story. I wanted a kid/pet friendly durable fabric, but for it to still match my simple modern style. My cousin has been an interior designer for years at Gatehouse so of course I picked her brain! We ended up custom ordering the chaise and chairs and we love how they turned out!! The quality is incredible and they really were so great to work with.

Kailee Wright House home office

rug tile  |  table  |  white vase + greenery blue vase

With everything being so clean and bright, I really wanted the rug to bring in some more dimension and texture.  When I came across this beautiful handwoven wool rug from Article, I knew it was the one.  There are so many shades of different grays in there that it really ties together the furniture and the flooring. It is made of real wool that is hand woven into big thick strands, giving it that great chunky texture.  I wish you could all come over and feel it in real life so you could truly understand how amazing it is.

If  you haven’t checked out Article’s stuff before, I can highly recommend them from my own experiences. I chose a lot of their pieces throughout the house and absolutely love their customer service. When it comes to big decisions like home decor, I am always a little indecisive, so I love that they have a 30 day money back guarantee. You can try it out in your home and see if it feels right with the option of a refund if it doesn’t work out.

Kailee Wright House home office

chairs pink planter (white option)  |  gray planter  |  clear vase  |  art

The last finishing touches were of course to add greenery and pillows, two of my very favorite things. To me it is such a simple way to add a pop of your own style to a more neutral space. In my mind you can’t have enough plants in your house! It just makes it feel so much more bright and happy to me! Some of you may recognize that little fiddle leaf in the pink planter from our California days. I am a proud little plant mommy and happy to say we have kept it alive for years now, and it has been through a lot!! My parents brought it from Utah to California where we had it in our home. Then it made the move with us back to Utah to the rental, and now to our new home.

Kailee Wright House home office

end table  |  gray vase  |  rug  |  tile  |  basket

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our newly updated office space! I love sharing these spaces with you and getting your comments and feedback on what you want more of! So be sure to share here in the comments!

photos : aubrey taiese 

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