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Favorite Lipsticks + More


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So I’ve gotten asked a lot of questions about some of my favorite lip products. First of all, for the most part, I’m pretty simple and usually stick to my pinks, corals and nudes most of the time. I’m slowly starting and trying to venture out of my little “comfort zone of pinks” this fall so stay tuned! haha!

MAC is one of my favorite lipstick brands and I have used it since I was in high school! Right now, some of my favorite go-to pink colors are Pink Nouveau + Snob. I really love their regular lipsticks, but I’m also a huge fan of their tinted lipglass. I am always going back and forth between the two. I’ve also tried their lipstain and actually really like it! I’m really new to the lip staining and have only tried this MAC lipstain, so I’m still getting used to the product.

I just received the Rachel Zoe’s new fall box and it had a new lipgloss I hadn’t tried — IT Cosmetics Gloss Stain…and so far I like it. I’m also a huge fan of my chapsticks! I am obsessed with them and have one literally everywhere I go. In my purse, diaper bag, make-up bag (obvi), car, everywhere! Burt’s Bees + the EOS lip balms (aka: the eggs) are amongst my faves. When I went to Hawaii a couple of years ago I discovered the Sun Bum chapstick and now it is up there on my list of faves as well (you can find Sun Bum at Target too)!

For exfoliation + when I have super, super dry lips (especially in the winter seasons) I like to use the original Vaseline and that usually always does the trick when my lips are super chapped and dry. On the other hand, I have never really tried exfoliation before. A few of my friends recommended the Sugar Lip Polish from Sephora to use for exfoliation and smoothing. It is made from brown sugar crystals and smells amazing! They all swear by it so I’m definitely going to try this super soon! If any of you have tried it before, let me know what you think!

Tell me some of your favorite lipsticks, exfoliators, favorite colors, and any other lip product you all use! I’m trying to branch out and would love to know some shades/colors you love!! As always, thanks for all of the support and for always stopping by!!

xx – kails


kailee-wright_rachel-zoe-box kailee-wright_rachel-zoe-box
And if this face doesn’t make you smile and I don’t know what will!!


photos: corissa ann

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