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Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Stocking Stuffers

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Last week we officially made it through our GIFT GUIDE WEEK!  But guess what?! We aren’t done yet!! We are back starting the week off fresh with one of our very favorites to put together! STOCKING STUFFERS!! I swear little stocking stuffers are one of the things my kids look forward to the most! We love to keep some things traditions we gift every year, but coming up with new fun ideas can be tricky! So today we rounded up some of our tried + true ideas plus some new favorite finds to cover all your stocking stuffers needs!

Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for toddlers

maileg mouse + here  |  pop its  |  silly putty  |  bracelets  |  tegu magnet blocks  |  spot it  |  water wow



Ok never did I ever think  I would be saying a mouse is cute, but here were are. Aren’t these darling?! My kids absolutely love them!! They have the cutest options to make little tiny mice family and are the perfect size for stocking stuffers!


If you have kids, I am  sure you have seen these all around your neighborhood and schools. They are a fun little stress relieving mind distraction game for kids and adults. They really are fun to play with! I love that they are easy to clean, take up basically zero space, and quiet so they are perfect for church and the car too!


I know that after the silly putty mishap on Harper’s sheets the other day that I should despise this stuff, but it is still making it on the stocking stuffers list  because what kid doesn’t love it! It is a great way to keep little hands busy and let them explore some creativity too.


It is no secret that Harper is obsessed with these Budha Girl Bracelets. And let’s face it, so am I! They are the cutest little accessory for any little girl, plus they are waterproof, make zero noise, and are lightweight! Harper wears the kids medium, and Hayden wears the kids large. If you want to do some mommy + me matching you can grab some for yourself too!! Code KAILEEWRIGHT15 gets you 15% off your first order.


We LOVE these magnetic blocks at our house, so I was thrilled to see they have a little travel sized kit. They take the open ended concept of blocks and elevate them to the next level with the magnet. My kids could play with these for hours!


This game has been a family favorite for years! I love that is fun for basically age 2 and up! It is similar to a matching game, but you have to spot the match on each set of cards within a variety of pictures. Even my big kids love playing it with the littles.


Last but not least are these fun water wow coloring books. These have been one of my travel/church favorites for years and years. It is kind of a hybrid of a watercolor book and a coloring book with none of the mess!

Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for kids

gift card  |  pop it card game  |  hair clip  |  chapstick  |  finger skateboard  |  toothbrush  |  rubiks



You can never go wrong with a gift card for kids! Something about feeling like they have their own money to spend is always a hit! We love giving them gift cards to favorite stores, ice cream shops, or even the gas station for a treat. They love the excitement of it and we love the excuse it gives us to have some one on one time to take them!


If you haven’t noticed, our family LOVES games! They are such a fun way to keep everyone entertained, screen free!! If you haven’t checked out Grandpa Beck’s Family Games, you need to!! They created some of our very favorite games all the kids love like Cover Your Assets and you can save 15% with code KAILEEWRIGHT.


If my high school self could see the trends now I would be dying! These claw clips were all the rage in my junior high and high school days and I love that they are coming back! Hair accessories make fun stocking stuffers for your girls!


Who doesn’t love a good chapstick? This is such an easy stocking stuffer idea! Our favorite is this one with the extra spf protection and yummy smell!


These fun little skateboards are a huge hit with the older boys and teens right now. They have courses you can add and tricks you can learn too! You can seem them featured in a bigger set on our teen boy gift guide here as well!


I love sneaking in the practical needed items with the fun when it comes to stocking stuffers. These electric toothbrushes are a great option to introduce your kids to and get some extra good brushing in.


Last but not least is this rubiks cube. This is one of Hudson’s favorite things and it blows my mind how fast he has gotten!! I love that it is a brain challenge wrapped up in a toy to peak their interest!

. . .

That wraps up our stocking stuffer ideas for your younger kids! Check today’s other post to show all our teen ideas too!! And don’t forget to go share your favorite ideas over on Instagram!


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