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House Update…Finally

Kailee Wright_New House Build

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I’m just now finally getting around to writing a house update and am excited to finally share some progress! It has been a long and stressful road but we feel beyond blessed for this opportunity to build in a town that we are excited to be in! It has been so fun living close to my sisters and having parents closer as well. Plus the little people have  adjusted so well!! The hardest part has been more just me trying to manage all of our stuff in a two bedroom basement apartment!  Our date has been pushed back a few times as we’ve had some hiccups and changes along the way, but in the end we know it will be so worth it!

Kailee Wright_New House Build

We are building with Gordon Milar and his son. They are the kindest, most sweetest people ever!! We truly feel like this is where we need to be right now and who we should be building our house with. Everything just fell into place earlier this year. If you are building a custom home in Utah, I couldn’t recommend them more. They are literally taking our dreams and making them a reality and it has been so amazing to see!

Like I mentioned, we’ve had some hiccups along the way! We lost a lot of our framers for the house. So the house had to sit for six weeks as our builder worked to find new ones. Just as we were getting that figured out, we found out the window company lost a few of our windows too! We had to re-order them and that has been a huge setback. But we are still so happy to be working with such a great build team that is handling so much of the stress for us.

The kids are super excited about the house and ask for a house update daily! They beg to go check on the progress as often as possible. They’re learning how much time, dedication, and hard work it takes to build a home. We’ve actually become friends with the workers. They have been so great to take the time and show the kids how different things work.

We have met so many people in our new neighborhood. We can hardly wait to set our roots down, and actually have a place to call home. It still doesn’t feel like real life. We have been moving all over the place for Joe’s schooling for the past 15 years. So to actually say we are done still feels like a dream.

We are hoping to be in by Thanksgiving, but in my head if we are in before Christmas I will be thrilled!  It would be the best Christmas present ever!! I’m going to try and do a biweekly house update to show the progress as we go along. Right now I feel like it hasn’t changed much, hence the lack of updates. But we should start seeing a lot more progress in the coming weeks! I am an open book and am completely down for sharing any information and answering any of your questions that you might have, so feel free to ask away!

xx – kails

Kailee Wright_New House BuildKailee Wright_New House Build Kailee Wright_New House Build Kailee Wright_New House BuildKailee Wright_New House Build Kailee Wright_New House Build Kailee Wright_New House Build Kailee Wright_New House Build Kailee Wright_New House Build Kailee Wright_New House Build Kailee Wright_New House Build

photos: corissa ann

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  1. We moved into our new construction home just two months ago and it still feels so surreal! ..and I’m still trying to organize and find a place for all our things (new + old) 🙂 Congratulations on this exciting journey! Can’t wait for you to share more!

    1. Doesn’t it just feel like a dream?! How fun for you!! Thank you so much for following along and for your encouragement!

  2. I’m super curious what kind of floor plan you went with with so many kids 🙂 we have four kids are just built and it was a nightmare trying to find something that wasn’t a mansion but that also had enough rooms and space for all the kiddos! Would you mind sharing?!

  3. I’m very excited for you guys and can’t wait to see all of your progress updates! We are in the process of renovating our home. We are getting our hardwood floors refinished next week. We have Res Oak and need to decide whether to use a water-based sealer (Bona High Traffic) or oil. I originally liked the idea of a water-based sealer so that the floors stay lighter and don’t amber over time. However, I have three young children and a dog and people are advising me to go with oil so that it is more durable. Have you decided which sealer you were going to use in your home? Just curious! Thanks!

    1. Ah there are so many little decisions to make! We are still finalizing flooring now! Hopefully I can make up my mind soon!


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