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How I Use Walmart+ To Simplify My Week

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If you’ve been around here for a while, my love for Walmart+ should come as no surprise to you! I am constantly sharing about how amazing it is. It truly is one of those mom hacks that I want everyone human to know about!! It has saved me when it comes to everything from running out of diapers or milk, to stocking up for last minute family visits! I am not sure how I functioned without it! Today I thought it might be helpful to share a little more detail on how exactly I use Walmart+ and how it simplifies my week so much.

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Every Sunday night Joe + I try to take an hour or so to prep all the things for the week. I go through the kid’s calendars, Joe’s schedule for work, content I need to prep for my job, and of course our meals for the week. I try to do a flexible prep of at least some of our meals and take stock of what we need more of in the fridge + pantry.

Once I’ve done that, I open up my Walmart+ app. You guys, I am not kidding when I say it has quickly become one of my very favorite and most used app. It is such a game changer and so user friendly. I can just hop on the app and add in all my fresh groceries to my cart. One of my favorite features in the app is that you can “heart” your favorites. When you go to order again it will remember items you regularly stock up on saving you even more time. You also aren’t limited to just fresh groceries. Depending on your stores stock, you can add items like diapers + wipes, back to school supplies, or pet products.

Once I’ve got everything I need in my cart, it is time for my favorite part. FREE delivery (on qualifying orders of $35+ & restrictions apply) as soon as SAME DAY!!! That means if you are in a pinch with last minute visitors this Summer, you could have your groceries to your door in the time it takes you to change out bed sheets + clean the guest bath! With it being Summer, I usually place my order to be delivered Monday morning while I am out in the gym. The kids know it is one of their jobs to put everything away. Again saving me so much time!

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Our Walmart+ membership has also come in clutch multiple times for me for all those last minute panic moments. When Harper was still in diapers, I used it to order diapers to be delivered the next morning as I did a late night bum change and realized I was out. We have used Walmart+ on the way home from vacation when I knew I was coming home to an empty fridge. I placed my order while we waited to board our plane, and the fresh groceries were waiting when we pulled up to our house.


The question I probably get asked the most is what does Walmart+ cost, and is it worth it? 1000 times yes! Once your free trial has ended, the annual cost is $98.  Joe is a numbers guy and of course he broke it down even more.  If you get your groceries delivered just once a week, that takes it down to just under $2 a week. The time saved is worth that much alone!

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I hope this helped answer your questions about Walmart+, and explained some of my favorite life simplifying benefits to you! You can sign up for your FREE TRIAL here!

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