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Teen Takeover: Answering all Your Questions

kailee wright teens

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Hey Guys! Hunter here for another Teen Takeover!! With the end of school and soccer getting crazy busy, it has been awhile since I have done one of these! A couple of months ago I did a teen q+ a over on my mom’s Instagram and got a lot of fun questions on everything from sleepovers to boys and all the in between! I thought it would be fun to another one here on the blog with more questions you submitted on Instagram! Hope you like it!

kailee wright teens

: How do you build self confidence and not compare yourself to others? What is your best advice for a teen that struggles with this?

I just don’t care what people think about me. If you like me, great, and if you don’t well then good for you. My mom plays a big part in building up my confidence. She always tells me I am confident and reminds me to tell myself that as well. I feel like a lot of girls compare themselves to others and that is hard to get away from sometimes. I still do, but then I look at what I have and how grateful I am for that and try to be positive and happy with who I am.

My advice would be to try not to compare and to think about how we all have different lives and things we are going through. Comparing yourself to others just brings you down and blocks out all the good things you like about yourself. So try and look at those things and repeat them to yourself. I know it sounds dumb but it works.

: What is your best advice for helping a teen daughter deal with mean girls or bullies? 

Do your best to ignore them and try not to let them get in your head. Usually the only reason people are being mean is because they are going through something hard and taking it out on you, or because they are dealing with their own insecurities.

: What is the hardest part of being a teen in 2021? 

It is different for everyone, but I think a big struggle for teens is just trying to find out who we are and what/who we want to be, and who we want to surround ourselves with. Choosing so much for your future and having good friends by your side is stressful!

: What is the best advice your mom has given you? 

This one is so hard because she has given me a ton of advice and I love it all. Some of my favorites are to always try my best and to be confident and focus on me/not what others think. Or to be kind to everyone no matter what.

: Do you feel like you can talk to your mom about anything? If so, why do you have that trust? 

Yes! My mom and I have a very open relationship and we tell each other everything. I think what made it that way for me is she says that she will never get mad at me if I just tell her so I think that makes me feel more open to it.

: What quality do you most admire in your mom? 

Gosh there are so many!! I love that I can tell my mom anything. And I love how insane of a hard worker she is. I also love how encouraging and supportive she is in everything we do. And that she is a good role model of not caring what others think about her.

: What quality do you most admire in your dad? 

I love that my dad pushes me to do hard things and learn life lessons. He is always looking farther in life to teach me how my decisions and actions now will effect me. I love that I know he always just expects my best and he will love me no matter what. And he is SO funny and fun to be around!

: What is your favorite family tradition? 

I think my favorite is probably when we turn 12 and 16 we get to go on a trip with just our parents.

: How do you feel about being a girl named Hunter? 

Haha this one is funny because my guy friends always make fun of my name and say its a boy name. But I honestly love it because it is more unique, I don’t know other girls named that, and it just fits me.

: What do you do in your free time in the Summer? 

I love swimming, laying out by the pool, boating, hanging out with friends, watching movies, LOTS of soccer and traveling.

: Best gift idea for a 14 year old girl? 

I would say a cute phone case, clothes/shoes, airpods, or a trip somewhere with just you!

kailee wright teens green light card

: Do you have a job or get paid allowance?

Right now my job is babysitting for my mom. I also do chores and get paid allowance for that. You can see the details on that in this post I did.

: What is your mom’s sleepover rule, and how do you feel about it?

My parents have a rule that we cannot have sleepovers. I don’t like it at all.

: What is your curfew? Do you agree with your mom/parents on this? 

My parents “say” there is a curfew…but it honestly depends on the night and what is going on. In summer it’s 10 or 10:30 on the weekdays, which I think is too early. On the weekends it is 11 or 11:30.

: Do you have a phone and if so, what are your rules? Do you think it is fair?

Yes I do have a phone, but there are a lot of rules + restrictions. I am not allowed to have my phone downstairs (where my room is), my phone turns off at a set time every night, I only have an hour of texting/FaceTime (which is the worst), and I have no extra apps. You can read more about that here.

Do I think it is far, no, I think it is too much. But my parents are very slowly getting more chill.

: Do you have social media? Do you think kids/teens should be able to? 

As of right now, no I don’t. I might get Instagram soon. Honestly, I think it depends on the teen and their maturity and responsibility level. Some can handle it fine.

: What do you argue about most with your parents? 

Definitely my phone rules and curfew.

: Do you have a boyfriend? Or any crushes? 

No boyfriend. Crush…yes and no…it is complicated!

: Do you plan on going to college? If so, what do you want to major in and what is your dream school? 

Yes I do! My dream school right now would be BYU Hawaii. I’m still not sure what I want to major in.

. . . 

I think that answers all the questions about me or teen life advice! The others I got were asking my favorites for different fashion so I thought it would be easier to link them for you instead!


: Favorite Tank – 

I LOVE this one for working out/soccer. It is super breathable and comes in a bunch of colors. This is my favorite for every day.

: Favorite Swimsuit – 

This one was hard to narrow down!! But I am loving this one!

: Favorite Jeans – 

I love to steal my mom’s jeans so I’ve found some good ones I really love! These are probably my very favorite right now. Super flattering and comfortable and I like all the distressing.

: Favorite Shorts – 

This is another one my mom and I both love!! These shorts are a cute length for every day or a pool cover up. And they come in a bunch of different washes.

: Favorite Skincare must have – 

Definitely this face wash!! It is so good I won’t use anything else. 15% off with code KAILEE

: Favorite Makeup- 

I don’t wear makeup except for this mascara and it is the best!!

. . . 

I hope you liked this post! It was fun to do again and hopefully I will be back again soon!

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  1. Great job On anSwering all the questions thrown at you Hunter! Cherish and reSpect your parents rules. They do it out of love, and one day when you’re 38 with kids of your own like me, you will appreciate everything they did to steer you into the woman you are/ Are to become. You are blessed to be a part of a loving family! ☺️


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