Four Black Timeless Pieces - Kailee Wright
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Four Black Timeless Pieces


Happy Friday everyone!! Today’s post I am talking all about the 4 black staple pieces that everyone needs in their closet!! Trends come and go but your closet staples are forever! These timeless pieces will never go out of style and will always hold their fashion appeal. They are the perfect key staples to build that great wardrobe you have been dying for!!

Leather jacket: This is one piece you can totally feel okay about splurging on.. I promise it will be worth the investment!! This is one piece you can wear at any age and any time of the year! I love that I can pair it with any outfit and it will instantly dress up my look.

Black denim: These babies will make your legs and bum look slimmer and make you feel amazing!! I wear these just as much as (if not more than) my blue jeans.. no kidding! These are such a classy piece that everyone needs!

Black top: I love this one because it’s not just your normal T-shirt. This top is a more silky material so I can definitely dress it up for any occasion!

Black clutch: This item is a must!! I actually just got this clutch a month ago and I’m kicking myself that it took so long for me to get my hands on it. This particular one is the perfect size as it can still hold quite a few things if I need it to.

These must have items are some of my favorites from my closet and I seriously can’t get enough of them! I hope you all will love them just as much as I do. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

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photos: justin james

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