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Life Update

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I like to share life update a few times a month – especially because life has been so hectic and life changing these past few months! I wanted to give you all an update about spring break, house plans, Joe’s job, St. George, etc! Kenzie and Bode are in St. George visiting us this week so we’re soaking up all the time with them!


love having kenz + bode in town


Joe has 5 weeks left of his job up North until he can fully move down to St. George! We’re finally on a countdown. It will be a total of 3 months that we’ve lived separately. The kids have been good about it, but Joe and I are so over it!

He officially starts his new job in St. George on May 1st. He is excited, it will be a really big change and a new learning curve for him. But he’s just so ready to move down here. He’s been living in a basement apartment in our old neighborhood, so he’s not in our rental anymore.

We celebrated our 18th anniversary with a quick weekend in Las Vegas! Our favorite part was eating at Broken Yolk… they’re cinnamon french toast was unreal!!

my top + belt bag


For spring break, we stayed home half of the week and went to Brian Head Ski resort for the rest of it! We went with some old friends from high school/middle school. Joe met us there too so we were all excited about that! Our friends also have 5 kids around the same age as ours, so everyone has a friend, which is really nice. We had such a fun time and were so glad to have Joe there with us!

skiing at brian head


The kids are doing great! We are so proud of their attitudes towards St. George and how well they’ve handled the move. They are thriving in St. George and I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude. Our friends have been so good at looking out for us and helping our kids feel welcome and taken care of. It’s been so humbling. Hudson says he’s fine to never go back up North again, haha!

Hunter has a rough day 2 times a month where it just hits her. She always says her life feels like a movie! She’s loving it and it has been so sweet how things have worked out for her. Getting asked to school dances, sports, friends, etc. Her attitude during the whole things has been so positive and inspiring. She just asked a friend to El Cheapo, it’s a casual dance so she’s excited about that! They have a dance every month here unlike up North, so she’s been loving that.

lots of baseball lately


I’ve been crying so much lately… and not because I’m sad. It’s because I’ve never felt more grateful to finally be where we’re at in life. I’ve had a few DM’s that have said I just seem so happy lately and it’s so true, St. George really has been such a positive thing for me and our family. We’ve been away for home for 16 years, so we’ve have had our struggles without family nearby. And now that we’ve moved back home, I’m realizing all the little things we missed out on. It’s been so fun living by family these past few months. My parents take Hudson to school and pick him up every day, so that’s been such a fun bonding moment for them. My mom and I go to lunch all the time and it’s just fills my heart with gratitude! I just cry over how grateful I am. We are loving the warmer weather here. And everything is so close! So that’s been nice when running errands. We are all just so genuinely happy here!

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Our house plans are DONE! They are in engineering right now, so we’re hoping to break ground in the next few months. We’re currently working on interior design which is my favorite part! Our master section is done, and we just got designs for the kitchen and pantry. We’re super excited with how it’s all turning out! We can’t wait to share more, but in the meantime, you can see our Pinterest board for home inspiration here.

my similar snow suit

hunter went to jr. prom || link to her dress

skiing with friends

. . .

Thank you all for the support! So thankful for each and every one of you.

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