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15 Must Have Baby Essentials

kailee wright Target baby essentials
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This past week I’ve been trying to organize some of Harper’s things and clear out some of the things she has grown out of. Cue all the tears. As I was organizing, I realized it has been a while since I shared some of my favorite baby essentials with you! Whether you are expecting, have a little one of your own, or are heading to a baby shower, I’ve got you covered! I put together a list of my top 15 that can ALL be found at Target, my favorite one stop shop!

diapers + wipes : Ok I had to start with the number one must have for every baby out there, diapers + wipes! It is no secret you will go through A LOT of these in your baby/toddler years. I’ve always been a fan of Pampers, but fell in love with their new Pampers Pure Collection . The ingredients are all very thoughtfully selected, making them gentle on your babe’s skin.

With sensitive skin, something as simple as fragrance can irritate their skin so these have been a total game changer for us. I especially love that although they are gentle, they really are strong when it comes to doing their job. They hold up well, especially overnight, and we haven’t had any leaks! And major bonus, the patterns are SO cute!

kailee wright Target baby essentials

melts + puffs : It is no secret that we are a family that is often on the go! Between practices, games, and the everyday errands, we spend a fair share of our time out and about. That calls for easily portable snacks for the babies! These puffs + melts are our favorites, and I swear the babies would eat a whole pack in one setting if I let them! I especially love that they are pretty mess free, making them great for the car!

place mats : This one is more for the toddler years, but still a definite favorite around here. Messes are pretty much guaranteed with an independent “do it myself mom” little one. I love that these are a quick peel and stick so they stay in place and cant get thrown around by your babe. I always keep a few in my diaper bag so tables at the park or out to eat are a little cleaner to put their food on + easier to clean up!

-bibs : Speaking of messy, another baby essential over here are good BIBS. Whether they are for milk dribbles from a bottle or an independent toddler feeding themselves, they are a must have. We love these for all the drool that comes with teething too. They have the cutest styles and help save their clothes!

teething toys : Dealing with teething is inevitable, but having one of these teethers on your side definitely helps. We LOVE this one, and my babies usually end up carrying it around with them everywhere. This little banana one comes with a brush on the tip to kind of help rub their gums. We love sticking it in the freezer for extra comfort.

books : As parents I feel like we always think of little toys to have around for our babies, but sometimes books are forgotten, and they are such an easy way to help entertain your little one. Harper especially loves these little indestructible board books in the car. They have simple images + text, and are great to introduce animal sounds or first words.

kailee wright Target baby essentials

outfits : if you are anything like me, target is basically your idea of heaven! haha. I am loving the new basics options they have for adults, and it is even better for babies. They have so many adorable little rompers + dresses for harper, I seriously can’t get enough. They are all so affordable too, which I love since they seem to grow out of things so quickly. We just picked up this romper and this dress and can’t wait to have her wear them this summer.

pajamas : Everyone loves a comfy cozy pair of pajamas, and babies are no exception. These are at the top of my essentials list, especially for little ones because some days you never really make it out of your pajamas, so you want them to be comfy!! I love how buttery soft these are while being such great quality.

bath toys : Bath time is such a fun one with little ones. I swear mine could stay in their for hours!! We love having few little toys to help spark their imagination and creative play. These letters have been fun to work with Houston on learning them and their sounds! Both babies love drawing everywhere with these crayons too!

heart rate monitor : As a new mom, especially for the first time, you are pretty much terrified bringing that baby home. I know with my first babies I pretty much hovered over their cribs at night to make sure they were sleeping! #paranoidmom So when I saw this monitor around the time Houston was born, I was sold. It gives you so much peace of mind and helps calm your nervous heart and get some sleep yourself!

lotion : I mentioned before that the babies, especially houston have sensitive skin. I searched high and low for a lotion that would help, and this one has been one of the best we’ve found. It is super affordable, but still does a great job of giving him that moisture and soothing from the oatmeal he needs.

bottles + sippies : Almost as much so as diapers + wipes, bottles + sippies are going to be a must have with a baby around. We’ve tried just about every brand there is and fell in love with these bottles + these sippies. I love that the bottles don’t let any air get in, avoiding upset tummies. The sippies DO NOT leak, which is a must for the car or even having baby carry them around the house. I love the fun colors so we can keep track of which color is which babies.

kailee wright Target baby essentials

binkies : We always get asked where the babies binkies are from and Target is the place!! Every baby is different and prefers a different style, but these are our favorites. I love the simple colors and style. And of course the great price helps you not feel so bad if you lose one!

swaddle : I don’t know about you, but I always worry about my babies being too cold or too hot. I want them to be cozy and snuggled up, but not sweaty! These lightweight muslin swaddles are my favorite.

They are just heavy enough to comfort your little one, but not so much to weigh them down. And bonus, they come in the cutest patterns, some even exclusive to Target! They are my favorite thing to give as a baby shower present!

carrier : Last but definitely not least, is a good carrier. As a mom of 5, I still needed my hands available to help my older people and couldn’t always be holding my baby, as much as I wanted to be! These carries are so comfy for both you and the baby, but heavy duty to make them great for hiking or walks too.

I hope this will help spark some ideas whether for your own babe or a great gift! I love that they are all from Target, making them easy to grab and affordable! What are some of your must have baby essentials?!

photos : aubrey taiese 

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  1. I have almost all of these and love them! I can’t do the Dr. Brown bottles though because of all the pieces… SUCH a pain. We’ve been loving the Advent ones!
    One of our favorites has to be the formula dispenser from Target- so easy and great for on the go when you’re bottle feeding!


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