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Upping My Skin Care Game: Microneedling

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If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that about a year ago, I made the goal to really try to focus on  taking better care of my skin. It was never something I really took a lot of time on in my teens or 20’s. Whether I like it or not, I’m not getting any younger so I know that now is the time to really invest my time + resources in to taking care of it.  I’ve been working with the team over at Form Med Spa and absolutely loving their treatments. I shared about my favorite treatment, the Hydrafacial, here a few months ago. So today I wanted to tell you all the details + benefits of Microneedling!


Microneedling is a face treatment that uses tiny needles to basically create tiny holes in the skin. I know, sounds terrifying. I promise it’s not nearly as bad as it might sound! By poking these tiny holes, it stimulates your skin’s natural instinct to heal itself and rejuvenate.


The benefits of Microneedling are so incredible. It’s main goal is to boost your collagen production. By doing this, it makes your skin firmer and tighter. It reduces fine lines + wrinkles (major win in my book!!) as well as lightens + fades acne scars. Your skin is left looking brighter + refreshed.  I noticed some of the results almost immediately, and they just get better. They say you see the best results about 4-6 weeks out.


I know what you’re probably thinking: poking little holes into your face in the name of beauty sounds a little bit insane. But I promise it is not as bad as it sounds. At Form, they use a cream to help numb your face. With the cream on it feels more like tiny pin pricks, but nothing too bad or uncomfortable. Will I say that it is as relaxing as a Hydrafacial? No I for sure wouldn’t. But the benefits to your skin are amazing, and definitely something I plan on getting done routinely.


This is a factor that I think completely depends on your face. For me personally, my face is pretty resilient. The next morning I was a little red and had some pink pink prick sized dots. By the next day, when I was cleared to wear makeup, I could easily cover up any redness and was good to go. I have friends that have much more sensitive reactions. High redness for 3-4 days…and even bruising. So know your skin + schedule for a time where you won’t be stressing if you are red for a few days.


Once you start the microneedling treatments, they recommend you wait about 5-6 weeks between treatments. How many treatments you do would completely depend on your skin + the results you are hoping for.  As far as pricing goes, at Form Med, it is $250.

So I think that covers all the nitty gritty on Microneedling. As scary as it sounds, I honestly would recommend it to anyone wanting to tighten things up + reduce scarring or wrinkles. Once you’ve done it once you’ll realize its not so bad and the results are so so worth it! I’ve had two treatments and I already feel tighter, brighter, and like my complexion overall is so much better! If you have any questions, please leave them here or over on Instagram!

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  1. Thanks for bringing to my attention that microneedling helps to boost your collagen production, making your skin firmer. As I’ve grown older, I’ve noticed that my skin is starting to loosen and sag a bit. I’d really like to restore my youthful glow, so maybe I could use microneedling as a way to tighten my skin up again.


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