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Must have sweat pants

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So after yesterday’s Instagram post of our annual family #wrightssunday picture I had a ton of you ask me where I got my sweat pants/pajama pants and shirt from. I was seriously so flattered by all your sweet comments and knew I had to let you all in on my little secret weapon. (the one that holds in my postpartum belly) haha.


SWEAT PANTS : These “must have” sweat pants were given to me by my sweet friend the day after I had Houston + I have not taken them off since and am headed to Target TONIGHT to buy a second pair! I serioulsy love these and the way they fit!! Trust me you’ll love them as well!

SHIRTS : My shirt is from here…but I am also linking the other two lose shirts I own at the moment. This white one and this black one!! I honestly have been living in these three shirts and my sweatpants for the past 10 days.

SPANX + YUMMY TUMMY + BELLY BANDIT : The seceret weapon. Haha are these Spanx and/or Yummy Tummy Compresion underwear. I also own a few other cheaper compression underwear that I wear to bed and at night. I also bought this Belly Bandit right before baby came and I swear this thing makes all the difference!! I have both my spanx + the belly bandit on in our Sunday picutre above. I can only wear the belly bandit for a few hours before I’m over it…but I do know it has made a huge difference in my postpartum belly going down faster.

Well I hope that helps answer a few of your questions. I linked a bunch of similar items below that you might love as well! And don’t forget about the NORDSTROM HALF YEARLY SALE going on right now!! I will try and get my favorites + the items I’m snagging from the sale up on the blog tomorrow!! PS…my sweats and one of the shirts are BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF!! So run!!






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  1. Thank you Thank you!!!! Love your style & I appreciate your postpartum fashion advice. Do you think you would like the BELLEFIT better than the Belly Bandit? I’m having a C-section with my next baby & am debating on spending that much on the Bellefit.

    1. I’ve heard good things about the Bellefit too — especially because it’s like underwear and a girdle all in one. I’m planning on buying it to use after I have my first baby, due in August!

      Also, I love the sweatpants! I think I’ll buy those for the recovery period!

    2. I don’t know anything about the Bellefit…sorry. But the Belly Bandit has worked wonders for me!!

  2. FYI, I asked a nurse about wearing any sort of belly wraps post pregnancy. She told me they aren’t recommended unless you have had a c section because they don’t allow your stomach muscles to repair and strengthen on their own. I was surprised since so many women talk about them, I would have never known.

  3. So sweet, congrats! I can’t help but also notice all the cute outfits/swaddlers that baby Houston is wearing. Is there a link to those as well? Thanks!

    1. Most of his clothes are from my old baby line Stay and Co. I will start linking all of his blankets and the other outfits from now on. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  4. Hello, I was wondering how you know what size to order in the SPANX or Yummy Tummy? Pre pregnancy size, post pregnancy size guess??