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My Trick To Tackling The To Do’s With Toddlers

Kailee Wright Walmart Flower kids Home

harper’s similar top + similar shorts + doll  ||  hayden’s tank + similar shorts
kids table + chair set + cups + straw cup + plates

If you are anything like me, your to do list is kind of never ending. Every time I make progress it seems to be short lived. The second I open my email or the people come home from school there is more. And if you have toddlers or little kids in tow, tackling your list without feeling like you are neglecting them can get a little tricky. So today I’m sharing my number one hack for tackling the to do list with toddlers!

One thing I’ve noticed with allll my little people, is they honestly just want to be right there with you doing what you are doing. Toddlerhood brings its own new stage of being independent. They want to do everything themselves, so why not use that to your advantage. So here is my “hack”. Instead of finding something to distract my littles while I work, I let them feel “big” and do their own mini version of exactly what I’m doing. It’s not rocket science, but it has been SUCH a game changer for us. They still get to be close and “helping” but I’m still able to get things done too.

Kailee Wright Walmart Flower kids Home

For example, we have these darling pink dishes I love using for parties or special occasions. The girls are always wanting to use them to play, but of course that’s not happening. So with my love of Walmart lately, we got online and came across their new Flower Kids Line with Drew Barrymore and the girls fell in love! It is full of the cutest stuff (I’ll link my favorites below) – including their own darling set of plates, cups, and straw tumblers. Now every time I am meal prepping, Harper + Houston will pull out their dishes and do the same at their little table. If I’m setting the table, they will set their own table. It is so simple but they love it! The girls even had little “lunch dates” in the summer just like I would have with my girlfriends.

Kailee Wright Walmart Flower kids Home

harper’s similar top + similar shorts ||  kids table + chair set  ||  cups + straw cup + plates

That is another reason why I’m such a fan of the play kitchen. They get to be just like mom and make dinner right along side me. If I’m working on the computer or my list in my notebook, they can sit down at their cute table and work on their own “lists”. They want to be just like you! Harper girl will even carry around her little straw tumbler to be just like mommy with her straw water.

Kailee Wright Walmart Flower kids Home


Kailee Wright Walmart Flower kids Home

As moms we get a lot of pressure to be able to do all the things.  We basically want to be juggling all the things at once. So next time you are feeling a little overwhelmed on how to get things done with your toddler, I hope you’ll try out this little trick. And share with me here because I’d love to hear about it!

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