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Our Mexico Recap

my swimsuit + hat + shoes || harper’s swim shirt

We had the BEST time in Cancun with my family last week! Besides my stent pain from kidney stone surgery, the trip was amazing! The kids were in heaven all week. I’ve gotten so many questions about where we stayed, what we did, if we felt safe, etc, so I wanted to write up a blog post with all my thoughts and recommendations for Cancun! (Also, if you missed my kidney stone update, I’ll link that blog post here.)


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We stayed at the Grand Moon Palace in Cancun! It’s an all-inclusive resort which made everything easy. If you’re staying at any of the other Palace resorts, make sure you book the Grand Moon Palace! It’s the cleanest, nicest, + newest. We absolutely loved it. There is SO much for the kids to do, which I’ll share below under “what we did.”

I got so many questions asking if we felt safe. We felt completely safe the whole time we were in Mexico. Right from the airport, we took the hotel shuttle straight to the resort. It wasn’t an extra fee and it was so seamless. We also took the shuttle back to the airport when we were leaving. There was no point during our trip where we felt unsafe!

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Our room situation was great! We had 2 adjoining rooms- Joe and I were in one room + we always left the door open to the kids room. Their room had 2 queen beds and a pull-out twin mattress! The rooms were nice + clean. The kids loved the huge jacuzzi bath tubs too!

The transportation throughout the whole resort was so easy. We would just walk outside our room and golf carts would take us wherever we needed to go

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We ate by the pool everyday for lunch! The kids loved ordering room service for breakfast. They had some cute ice cream parlors/cafes with waffles and crepes that everyone loved. Since it was all inclusive, I feel like the food wasn’t the best. And since we had all the kids with us, the adults didn’t really get to try the Lebanese or Indian restaurants because we knew the kids wouldn’t like it.

The kids said it was their absolute favorite trip and I think the main reason why is because there was no limit on treats or drinks! I’m not kidding, Hudson had 8-10 strawberry daaqruirs a day. Even Houston was going up to the bar and ordering his own drink! We probably got ice cream 5 times a day too, haha! The kids were in heaven!

my hat + sunglasses + swim top + shoes || joe’s hat

I had a lot of people ask if any of us got sick. Out of 15 people, nobody got sick!! All our drinking water was from water bottles.

My only complaint was that their times were weird. The restaurants weren’t all open 7 days a week. One was MWF and only a few were open on Saturday. All other all-inclusive resorts I’ve been to aren’t like that, so that was the only annoying thing.

my swimsuit + glasses || harper’s shirt + flip flops


We literally never left the resort because there was so much to do!! The resort had a little water park, a big water park, slides, tube slides, a splash pad, mat slides, a wave machine (2 people can be on it at the same time). There was also a huge indoor play area with AC! It had stuff for all ages of kids….painting, video games, mini golf, etc. TONS to do! There were also bikes that the kids rode around. My boys loved the outside mini golf course + arcade. All of this was included in the resort fee!

The only thing that wasn’t included in the price was bowling. We actually sat through a 2 hour meeting at the hotel when we got there and they gave us a $300 credit to use so we used that to go bowling and get massages!

When you stay at Grand Moon Palace hotel, you can go to the other ones so we took a 20 min bus ride to another palace hotel because they had a better beach. But the water was so bad and not safe for swimming, so we literally paid for a taxi ride to go back. That was the only time we left our resort, but it’s good to know that you can enjoy any palace resort.

my sunglasses + hat + dress + shoes + similar bag

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Hope that answers everybody’s questions! If you’re going to Cancun, I would highly recommend the Grand Moon Palace!!

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