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Life Update

SO happy to have joe home

Time for another life update! You guys have been so sweet to check in on me and the kids. The truth is, we are genuinely so happy + content. I cry all the time because of how grateful I am! St. George has been so good to us. We’re so happy to be here. The weather has been so good lately too! There’s so much going on, that I’m starting to do monthly updates for you guys! Today I’m giving an update on house plans, kids’ sports, and how happy we are to finally have Joe HOME!


hayden won her first track meet || link to her outfit


If you didn’t know, the kids + I moved down to St. George in January while Joe stayed up north to finish work. He had his LAST day up north last week and finally moved down to St. George with us for good!!!! We are beyond ecstatic! The kids and I honestly did great with it until the last 2 weeks…those were definitely hard, but we are just so grateful to finally be united!! He starts his new job at the St. George hospital next month so he’s excited about that.


We finished our house plans on Friday and we are so thrilled! There were some bumps in the road, but I feel like that always happens + then it turns outs even better than we imagined. So I’m excited to see how everything turns out. The house plans are now in engineering which can take 4-6 weeks and then we go to the city for permits. If everything stays on schedule, we’re hoping to break ground in June!!!

hudson’s football game


The kids are busy with spring sports right now! Harper is in gymnastics and soccer, and she is thriving! It’s the funnest thing to watch her.

Houston had his first couple baseball games and he couldn’t stop smiling! Every time he ran into the dugout, he would tell me how much fun he was having! All the kids die to go watch Houston + Harper’s games. Not everyone likes to watch the bigger kids’ games, but everyone just LOVES going to Harper’s soccer games + Houston’s baseball games because it’s just so cute and entertaining.

Hayden has cheer try outs in 2 weeks, so she’s really excited about that! She’s been on hold because we’ve been wanting to see what cheer team she makes and then from there we’ll sign her up for gymnastics.

similar jacket + boots

Hunter is currently on a club soccer team AND also practices with the high school team, so she’s been doing double duty! She is still adjusting so bravely and optimistic with the move, if you missed her blog post about her feelings about the move and how everything is going for her, I’ll link that here.

Hudson started football!  He had his first game last Saturday and he’s thriving! The coach and a couple parents came up to me afterwards and told me how much they want him on the team! He got a concussion when he was 8 from football, so after that I told him that I was against him playing football again…but I caved when we got down here. He is just so happy to be playing! It’s not tackle football, it’s 2 hand touch so that makes me feel a little better. He’s still playing baseball with his team up north, but hopefully we’ll be transitioning him to a St. George team soon.

swimsuit + similar white shirt + hat + sunglasses


I shared last week that I was finally going to start prioritizing my health and being better about working out. I shared some stories when I had was on the treadmill and everyone was asking about my workout routine, and the answer is that I don’t honestly know. I’m just getting started again, but I’m excited to share more about my journey to getting more consistent. You guys went wild over my workout top – it’s been my favorite for YEARS. I’ll link it here!

. . .

Thank you SO much for being here!

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