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Dog Must Haves

our sweet marley

Today on the blog I’m sharing our dog essentials! People always ask me what I buy for Minnie and Marley, so I thought I’d share my pet favorite items in a blog post for all you pet owners! Another question we get asked a lot is what breed Marley and Minnie are. They are both toy poodles! We got Minnie last November. It’s Hayden’s dog, she worked hard to save money and was able to pay for half of the cost! She takes such great care of her and it’s been fun for her and our family! We’ve had Marley for years and she’s always been our baby!!


our sweet minnie


We get a majority of our dog items from Amazon, which makes everything easier…

We’ve been using this dog food for years and it works so well for both dogs. It’s for smaller dogs, but I the same brand has food for all sizes of dogs! We get the chicken and rice meal and the dogs love it. The brand is Hill’s Science diet and it’s been our staple for years!

Our favorite dog shampoo is this hypoallergenic waterless dog shampoo! It works so well for both dogs, we like to get the gentle coconut scent because it smells so yummy!

I got Minnie this harness because it was small enough for her! It’s adjustable and works so well since she’s so little. I also got her these bells to put on her collar so we can hear her and not step on her!

When we were potty training Minnie, we got her this artificial grass so she can practice going potty on the grass. It worked really well! We used this potty training spray that worked really well too. You spray it where you want them to go potty!

Last thing we love from Amazon is this mat that we put their food and water on. It just keeps the bowls in place and looks very simple + clean


We have the KindTale crate and absolutely LOVE it! The crate is collapsible, so it doesn’t take up much space in the car when we are traveling. It’s so modern looking and just overall darling. We have the white color and love it! We also use KindTail’s travel bowls, which we love because they have lids and a handle to carry them. We have the gray and pink color and they are a must have!


I got Hayden this Pupwell kit for Christmas and she loves it! It is the most well-put together grooming kit. The ultimate grooming kit is their best seller! It has everything you need to groom your pup from home. It comes in the cutest bag, with shears, combs, a slicker brush, nail clippers, ear hair forceps, etc. You can see more about it here. Every dog owner needs this kit! It includes so much, we use ours all the time. If you use my link to purchase, you will get 10% off! They also offer grooming courses, tips, and grooming printables!


Our favorite dog bed is from the brand Monika Hibbs and we love it! It is seriously the best quality and is a neutral striped pattern. We have the medium size for Marley and we’ve loved it! It is more of a splurge, but it is so easy to clean and is so comfortable for your dog!

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I hope this blog post was helpful for all the dog owners out there! If you have any recommendations for pet items, comment them below!

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