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Stocking Up On School Supplies

Kailee Wright Walmart back to school on a budget

hayden’s jacket + shorts + shoes + backpack  ||  hunter’s top + jeans + similar sandals + backpack

hudson’s jacket/top + shorts + shoes + backpack

Tis the season for Back to School Shopping!! Call me crazy, but the when the school supplies come out, I can’t wait to shop through them. I mean is there anything better than a fresh new notebook, never before used crayons, or nice new pens and pencils?! I swear I could go through and stock up on so much stuff.  Something about the idea of a fresh new start.

As much as I love shopping for school supplies, actually gathering up my people and taking them to the store is another story. So this year I’ve got a new plan in mind and I think it is going to be a game changer! You all know how much I LOVE Walmart Pickup and Walmart Delivery. I talk about at least once a week because it is a dream come true for a busy mom. I’m going to sit down with each of my people and go through what they want/need and then have it sent straight to me! School supplies all taken care of without leaving the comfort of my bed?! Yes please!

We already started looking through the site and the little people are so excited because Walmart has some cute stuff this year! Like you can bet I’ll be stocking up for myself too with all the cute notebooks and binders! So check out all of our favorites for your kids as well as your tweens/teens below!


kailee wright Walmart back to school supplies

01. notebook  |  02. pencils  |  03. pencil case  |  04. backpack  |  05. crayons  |  06. lunchbox



kailee wright Walmart back to school supplies

01. planner  |  02. folders  |  03. sharpie pens  |  04. backpack  |  05. pencils  |  06. notebook


I hope our little roundup helps you prep for all your school supply needs! And don’t forget to take advantage of Walmart’s quick delivery or free pickup options to save yourself some time + stress!

in partnership with Walmart

photos : aubrey taiese 

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