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Teen Takeover: All things Cell Phone!

Kailee Wright Teen Phone Rules

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Hey Guys!  It’s Hunter, here for another Teen Takeover!!! Today we are talking all things CELL PHONES! Lots of people have been asking about my phone + if I have rules on it. And the answer is YES!! I have a lot …like so many rules. So I thought I would explain those in a little more detail and the deal I have with my parents in order to even have a phone.

Kailee Wright Teen Phone Rules

Where do I even start with the rules. There are so many! I know it is for my own good, but they are still hard! Here are the main rules:

  • I have to have my screen time tracker turned on always, and I have a time limit for different apps, music, texting, pretty much everything.  This lets my parents decide what apps I’m allowed to have, and how see how much time I am spending on them.
  • I DO NOT have internet, email or honestly any social media app AT ALL. Also, I cannot purchase or delete anything without my parents passcode. So everything I do goes through them.  I don’t even have the app store on my phone!
  • I also have “downtime” set up on my phone. Downtime is set at 9:00 pm to 9:00 am. This is when I am not able to use my phone. Sometimes when I am out with friends my mom will extend the time but for the most part those are my hours.
  • I am not allowed to take my phone downstairs in my room or use it on Sunday or during family time.
  • The phone is my “parents phones”.  They do not give us electronics as gifts. That way they have full rights to look at it and/or take it away whenever they want.

Kailee Wright Teen Phone Rules

So as you can see, although I do have a phone, it comes with a lot of rules. It makes it kind of hard sometimes, but it’s all good! My relationship with my parents is really good and I talk with them about anything + everything. We discuss rules + they are willing to see my side and adjust things sometimes too. I’m just so grateful to have a phone, but not feel like I need to be glued to it like a lot of young kids.

Another option my mom did for my brother and sister is the new Gabb phone. I wish it would’ve existed when I was younger so I didn’t have to have the embarrassing flip phone! It looks just like an iphone, but doesn’t have any internet, and can only call/text the people your parents program in. You can take pictures but not send any. My mom talks about it more on her IG, and she has a code (KAILEE45) to make it $45! Click here to check it out if you are interested. 

Kailee Wright Teen Phone Rules

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I have little ones but i love the honesty. It is great to hear from a teen’s perspective.

  2. So do just the YoUnger kids have the Gabb phones? What kind does Hunter have? Just trying to figure out what kind is best for what agr group.

    Thank you

    1. She has an iphone. It is super easy to set up the limits. Just go to screen time under settings.

  3. I love that you do a teen takeover. I have a teenager that only wants to Wear extremely short shorts. I can see in the pic that your daughter wears morE modest shorts but your links are all for realLy short shorts. Can u link the lonGer ones that your daughter wears in all her pictures? Thank you so much!


      1. They actually came out with a new phone that has GPS and Bluetooth. I don’t think they will do the $45 promo soon, but you can use code KAILEE10 for the new one


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