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Teen Takeover: Top Trending Looks

Kailee Wright Top Teen Trends

hunter’s top (on sale for $10!) + shorts + hat + belt + sandals
budget friendly dupes: shortshat

A couple of weeks ago over on Instagram, I shared what a struggle it is to shop for teen girls and actually agree on what to get!! So many of you sent in messages agreeing, and asking us to share any of our finds! So after a lot of back and forth, and a pile of returns waiting for us, we finally found some great pieces we both love!! Which kind of feels like a miracle!! Our rules were no spaghetti straps, no belly showing, and no bum showing, which was shockingly hard! But instead of me walking you through what we found, we are putting the spotlight back on Hunter with a little Teen Takeover!! She is going to highlight her top favorite trending looks for teens right now!

Kailee Wright Top Teen Trends

hunter’s tank + shorts + sandals  //  budget friendly dupes: tankshorts


I really love a good frayed short, especially with distressing. But my mom doesn’t like a ton of distressing if its too high or close to the crotch area. (which I get) They are super easy short to pair with anything. Honestly I just really like the whole look and style of them. I also own some rolled up shorts…as you’ll see below. I thought these were my favorites + looked best on me. My mom on the other hand said she liked the cut offs better and now I’m realizing she was totally right! So girls listen to your moms because know… I wish I would have listened.

. . .


These were really hard for me to find because the fact that I am a littler taller. All I see girls wearing are spaghetti strap or crop tops and I really wanted the same, but rules. After ordering from quite a few stores we finally some that both my parents and myself could agree on. These tanks aren’t too long or too short and the straps are thicker so it was a go with my mom.

. . .

Kailee Wright Top Teen Trends

hunter’s skirt + tee (both under $20)


I really love graphic tees!! I honestly loved them on my mom, so I thought I should try them and am now obsessed. You can pair them with a dressy skirt (which I learned from my mom) or leggings, jeans or cut offs. Basically anything and everything. I love that there are so many different ones to choose from. We have found a lot of cute ones here + here at really good price points. Also don’t forget you can tie them in a knot if they are too long and bulky or tuck them in all the way or do a half tuck. So play around with how you style them.

. . .

Kailee Wright Top Teen Trends

hunter’s sandals + other fun colors here + here + here  //  affordable dupe here + here


Oh my gosh!! These are my absolute favorite sandals!! They totally fit to your foot. You can get them in a regular width or narrow fit. Whatever fits your foot best. Also you can get nice leather ones, colored waterproof ones. They come in sooooo many different colors. I personally am getting the black waterproof ones for summer, because you can wear them where ever and don’t have to worry about getting them dirty or wet when you go out to the pool. They also have knock off ones at Target that my friends got last year and the white color didn’t last very long or hold up. So maybe think about getting the darker colors if you go that route.

. . .

We hope you loved this Hunter Teen Takeover! It was so much fun for us, that we are thinking about making it a more regular occurrence. If that is something you would love, let us know what topics you want her to cover in the comments or over on Instagram!

Kailee Wright Top Teen Trends

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  1. ABsolutely loved this takeover! i love old navys clothes bc They arent too revealing and Theyre also affordable

  2. i absolutely loved this teen takeover! Thank you so much! looking forward to my clothes coming soon! oooh, and shoes! Thanks again, kailee + Hunter 🙂 Have a wonderful day gorgeous 🙂

    – eve 🙂

  3. I absolutely needed this!! I forwarded to my daughter to have her read. We were going through the struggle here in minnesota. so happy to see i wasn’t the only one who was trying to have their teen be happy, and parents as well. thank you thank you for the great suggestions, and please keep sending them 😉


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