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The Kids Gift Guide: Tried + True Timeless Toys They’ll Love

hayden’s top + jeans  ||  harper’s socks + boots + bow  ||  hudson’s top + pants ||  planter

Happy Monday!! We are back at it this week with a few more Gift Guides to add to our Gift Guide Mania. If you missed out last week, you can scroll to the bottom of this post to be linked directly to all the guides we have featured so far! Trust me, you wanna check them out!! Today’s guide is one we got a ton of requests for, and was so fun to put together! We are talking all about Kids Toys. And IT IS GOOD! If you are looking for a copy + paste toy ad, you aren’t going to find it here. These are all tried + true, timeless things that will last your kids for years to come. We’ve included some of our very favorites + some new ideas the kids have on their lists this year + some amazing ideas from you guys! Check it all out below!
kailee wright baby gifts

kickee pants  |  bow  |  tubby todd set  |  cuddle blanket  |  stuffed animal  |  book  |  doll  |  moccs  |  sound machine


I’m not gonna lie, putting together this category made me a little emotional. This year feels like we don’t have a baby anymore and it’s giving me all the feels. I couldn’t quite give it up, so I still put together a little round up of our favorite baby gifts!

: Kickee Pants – Kickee pants are the comfiest, stretchiest, cutest jammies in all the land! They are the first thing I put my babies in when they come home from the hospital, and basically what they live in.

: Baby Bling Bows – These bows have been my favorite for years and the only thing Harper wore the first couple years of her life! They are so cute and come in a million colors!

: Tubby Todd – Tubby Todd is hands down the very best and only stuff I’ll use on my kids skin. It makes their skin so soft, smells amazing, and is SO great for dry skin/eczema.

: Cuddle Blanket – These blankets from Oilo are SO SO soft. Like I want one in my size!! I love gifting these for baby showers. They have the cutest soft color patterns too.

: Stuffed Animal – Typically I am not a fan of stuffed animals. They just seem to equal clutter to me. But I will always make an exception for these darling JellyCats. They have a bunch of cute animals to choose from and it just doesn’t get sweeter than seeing your baby cuddle up with it.

: Book –  We love these books for baby. They have a cute animal attached and are always the sweetest little stories.

: Doll – If you have been following along for a while, you know of Harper’s love for these baby dolls. They are a plush doll and so cute!! Nice and light so they are easy for them to carry or snuggle up with.

: Moccs –My love for all things Freshly Picked started back when Hayden was a baby and we got our first pair of these moccs. The quality is amazing and they are so soft and flexible for their tiny feet.

: Sound Machine – This last one is just as much a gift for you as it is for baby. We have had this sound machine for years and years and absolutely love it! It has made it so our babies can sleep through noisy older siblings, h0tel noise when traveling, anything!! I promise you’ll thank me.

. . .kailee wright toddler christmas gifts

balance bike  |  play kitchen + accessories  |  shopping cart  |  magformers  |  train set  |  cash register  |  plush baby doll  |  baby swing + stroller  |  magnetic blocks  |  “career” sets


Next up is the toddlers. They are so fun to shop for, because lets be honest, they get excited over EVERY LITTLE THING. When their face looks like Harper’s in these pictures over just seeing a wrapped present, you know you can’t lose. The items we picked for toddlers are truly our tried + true family favorites, some of which we have had since 13 year old Hunter was little. So you know the quality is there. I also try to get things that are open ended play and really encourage them to use their imagination.

: Balance Bike – I swear by using balance bikes to teach your kids to ride a bike. They are amazing and take so much of the stress out of it! I can’t believe Harper is already ready for this stage, but I am so excited for her to get this bike from Banwood Bikes. It is the cutest version of a balance bike I have ever seen. And the classic is to die for too!

: Play Kitchen – We absolutely LOVE this little play kitchen.The babies will play with it for hours and they love to pretend to be cooking when I am.  I love that it looks modern and matches my style because we keep it in our kitchen.

: Shopping Cart – This shopping cart is another one that has been so fun! It is worth the investment 100%. We bought it way back when Hunter was little (like 12 years ago) and it is still in amazing condition.

: Magformers – I love the creativity that these spark in my kids. They are easy to use for their little hands. I love that it encourages them to use their imaginations, practice colors, and fine motor skills. My babies love them but even the big kids still play with them.

: Career Sets – Ok I about died when I came across these and cannot wait to get them for Houston and Harper. Could you die over that little hair dresser set?! I absolutely love that these are going to spark the most fun imaginative play. They have a hair dresser, doctor, and cute mail man too.

: Train Set – I’ve always been a fan of a classic train set. It is such a great open ended toy where they just get to create the track and kind of their own little world. The kids will play with it for hours and the quality is so good it lasts for years.

: Cash Register – Another one all my kids have loved. They will pretend everything from being a grocery store, to working at Target, to having a drive thru restaurant, all because they have this little cash register. As they get older it is a great way to teach them about counting and money too.

: Baby Doll – This is has been hands down Harper’s favorite little toy since she was tiny. It is a plush baby doll that comes with little accessories so she can feel like a little mom. I love that it is lightweight for her to carry around, and soft so she can sleep with it.

: Baby Swing + Stroller – And you can’t have the cutest baby doll without the most adorable accessories. Harper LOVES this baby swing and stroller. She is such a little mama and I think being able to things just like you makes them feel so grown up. These are both super affordable and you cannot beat the quality.

: Magnetic Blocks – We just got these and all my kids love them. They are the perfect open ended blank slate toy to play with. They have used them to build little animals, buildings, even laid them out flat to drive little cars on. I love that they are magnetic so they aren’t as frustrated with things falling apart and again the quality is so good.

. . .

kailee wright gift guide for kidslaser guns  |  guitar  |  baseball mitt  |  gymnastics mat  |  projector  |  drone headphones  |  camera  |  rip stick  |  magic kit  |  spot it  |  sewing machine  electric scooter  |  gel pens  |  freshly picked bag 


Next up is kids and for some reason this year this was so much trickier for me. I think it is because my middle kids are at ages where they aren’t super little kid still, but not quite into the teen stuff either. I wanted to think of ideas that were timeless and encourage them to be active and creative. You guys had so many good ideas it was hard to narrow it down. These are our favorites BUT we’ve made a list of all your other suggestions below too!

: Laser Guns – These are so fun for the whole family! Basically an at home version of laser tag you are gonna love!

: Guitar + Lessons – This idea came from one of you and I love it!! A guitar  is such a great Christmas gift idea that they will love for years.

: Sports Gear – Gift them things they need for the sports they love. If you’ve got a baseball lover like Hudson maybe a new glove. If you’ve got a little gymnast, mats to practice at home are a great idea!

: Camera – If your kids are like mine, they love to take pictures of their little world. We love taking these cameras on trips to see things from their point of view and I think it really boosts their creativity and can encourage a love of photography down the road.

: Projector – This is a gift I’m getting for my kids this year that I’m so excited about. It is a little mini portable projector!! You can hook it up to your netflix account and stream shows, it comes with a lot of kid friendly content pre-loaded, and it even has a VR feature with games to play. They are going to love it and I love that it gets the family involved.

: Drone – These are such a fun spin on the “electronics” kids love, but getting them outside!! Hudson has his eye on one and even Joe thinks they look fun!

: Rip Stick – This one was another suggestion from you guys and looks so fun. It is like a skateboard but takes even more coordination. I love that it is something different and challenging, and that it takes them OUTSIDE!

: Headphones – You can’t go wrong with a good quality pair of headphones. We love these for traveling!

: Magic Kit – I thought this magic kit was such a fun out of the box idea. It is educational, but kind of in disguise so your kids will love it!

: Spot It – Our whole family LOVES this game! It is so simple to learn, even for toddlers and just competitive enough to make it fun. I love that it is just cards so you aren’t keeping track of a million pieces, and it makes it great for taking with you on the go.

: Sewing Machine – This sewing machine idea came from you guys and I love it!! I don’t know how I never thought of it. Learning to sew at a young age sparks so much creativity. I think it is something Hayden would love!

: Electric Scooter – My kids have these scooters and absolutely love them. It is like the grown up version of the micro scooter. They love taking them over to friends house to get their quicker and just riding around the neighborhood.

: Gel Pens – You can’t go wrong with new notebooks/coloring books and some fun gel pens. Something about having a new fresh set makes them want to color for hours!

: Freshly Picked Mini – You know my love for Freshly Picked! I love that they thought of the mini mamas out there and came out with these bags. They are the perfect size for girls to fill with all their treasures for your next shopping date and Hayden absolutely loves hers.

. . .


Tickets – Sports Event or Concert

Gift Cards – Favorite Treat, Restaurant, Store

Custom Sports Equipment or Apparel

Hover Board

Air Soft Gun

4 wheeler


Snowboard + Pass

Paintball Gun


Indoor Basketball Shooting Game

Metal Detector

Soccer Goal

Sign them up for a Sports Camp

Punch Pass to Airborne or somewhere similar

Roller Skates

Ice Cream Maker

Ballet Bar

American Girl Doll

Bead Kit

Smart Watch

Karaoke Machine


Telescope/Science Kit


. . . 

kailee wright gift guide teen boys

wallet  |  socks  |  lounger  |  gaming drone  |  skateboard  |  air pods backpack  |  hat  |  sneakers  |  apple watch

. . .

Kailee Wright Teen gifts

mascara + lip gloss  |  skincare + pmd  |  phone case  |  graphic tee  |  room decor  |  journal jewelry  |  vans  |  hydroflask  |  camera

. . .

Hopefully all these ideas help spark something perfect for all the kids on your list!! We had so much fun putting it together for you and hearing all your fun ideas!


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